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A mutant virus hits a small town.

She stood firm, doing something at shoulder height nat the shelf behind me but not moving away or discouraging me. Now that I felt her flesh with mine I slowly slipped my hand upward under her dress. Moving very slowly and not stopping I felt my way up her leg, past her knees onto her thighs, I felt her shift and spread her thighs ever so slightly. Her skin felt so very soft, warm in the way that silk or velour can, lush and inviting. She turned slightly to her right so that my hand eventually came to caress the curve of her posterior mound. She was small there but obviously nicely shaped. My pecker was firmed up fully now. She slowly turned left again and my fingers now brushed around her upper thigh until I felt my fingers in the crack of her slit. I was a little surprised that she wore no underpants. I never lifted my head to look at her, nor did I sense that she turned her head to look at me. At that point I heard the only sound she made up to that point, a very small and soft exhalation of breath, what seemed to be a sound of pleasure, almost of invitation.

The tip of my fingers felt that her wetness. I toyed lightly with her slit, moving my finger up and down the crack. At some point I must have touched her clit, because she did give a slight start, then pressed more firmly against my hand. My index finger found its way easily into the fold of her naked slit and entered her vaginal canal. I wiggled it there slowly. A moment later I pushed my middle finger in with it and wiggled both of them more or less independently. I felt her interior muscles respond. She turned more squarely to present the front of her abdomen to me. I stood, keeping my hand in place between her thighs, and looked up into her bright, honest eyes as she locked onto mine. She had a small, amused smile. I cocked my eyebrows, and she nodded. With my free hand I reached for the handful of books she was carrying and laid them on the table, then I reached down and gathered the hem of her dress in that same hand and pulled her dress up her legs, baring her almost to her navel. She made no resistance. We were fully exposed to passersby, if there happened to be any, as the table was in the front of the store by the front door. Maureen was behind the counter doing some sorting of something or other there, and I noticed she was watching us. I continued to pull the woman's dress upward, exposing more of her body slowly, demonstrating that in fact she wore nothing else at all-no panties, no bra, no slip or chemise, nothing, nor any jewelry. She had larger breasts than I'd anticipated. My impression of her was that she was nearly flat, but it seemed that she perhaps had about a 34C pair of mounds, firm, only barely drooping in a very erotic placing, with pale brown nipples beautifully centered on them showing signs of mild arousal. Her face showed no offense taken at my unexplainable boldness, but rather a welcoming demeanor.

I shook out her dress after I pulled it over her head and folded it, laying it on the table. Then I undid my trousers, unzipping my fly and exposing my pecker, which was quite rigid. She glanced down and grinned happily, then looked back into my eyes and beamed, nodding. I stripped my shirt off and now as naked as she, sat back down in my chair. I pulled her toward me, my hands around the back of her tush, and squeezed her backside with my fingers as I fastened my lips alternately on her nipples. I sucked on them. She almost mashed her breasts against my face, seemingly happy with what I was doing to her. Her arms were around my head, pulling me firmly between her breasts. After several minutes I kissed my way down her rib cage, pausing briefly at her navel, then downward to her slit, where I tongued her for several minutes. I could feel her excited tautness, her anticipation of approaching climax.

Once again I stood, facing her.

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