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He revisits his past urges and gets a pleasant surprise.

His mom came in a minute later. Her wetsuit was still dripping, and she left smudges of seawater and wet sand on the freshly swept tiles. Her fish keeper carried no less than eight beautiful white sea bass, which she hung with her spear-gun on a hook. She then hoisted Ben up and placed him on the counter. A few strategically placed kisses under his armpits and his neck were enough to restore Kevin's little brother to his usual giggling, beaming self. Only then did she squat down to Kevin's level.

"Are you hurt?"

He shook his head. "But Mom-"

"What did I tell you about fights?"

He lowered his head. "Violence is not the way. But, Mom, he...he said..."

"He said what?"

"Hate words." He didn't want to tell her that it was Justin calling Ben 'retard' that had triggered him. His little brother's Down syndrome and late development kept her awake at nights. He did not think she needed more grief on top of that. "Hurting words."

"They're just words, and they can't hurt if you don't allow them to."

"He stole candies from the bar."

"How do you know?"

"I saw the lollipops from our jar in his pocket. Everyone knows his dad is an unemployed drunk who beats him and his mom every day and never gives him any money. He always steals."

"All the more reason to be kind to him."

"But Mom-"

She kissed his forehead. "What are the three most important things in life?"

"Be kind to other people, be kind to other people, and be kind to other people."

She kissed his forehead again. "I'm going to the house to clean myself up, okay, sweetie? I'll be back in a jiffy. Clean the fish and store them in the fridge. No more fights."

"No more fights." Kevin sighed and took Ben with him to the kitchen. He knew not to argue with his mom and knew she was wrong about Justin Murphy. Kevin had tried her way against bullies, and it only made things worse. He was confident that Justin would now think twice before calling Ben a retard again.

The old clay fish pot needed scrubbing before he could rinse the fish in it. Kevin was halfway through the job when Ben curled into a little ball in the corner and fell asleep. He then heard voices coming from the restaurant.

"Is this place even open? It looks deserted."

"I don't know. Hello? Anyone here?"

"Come on, Mom. It's not enough that we got stuck in hillbilly shitsville, but you had to pick the Krasty Krab? Let's go to that big restaurant near the pier where everyone else went."

Kevin grabbed a stack of menus and ran out of the kitchen. "Please, come in. We're open."

There were three of them. Tall, taller than most adults he knew. The one who talked was a beautiful woman wearing a white twist-knot tank top and black jeans. It was a simple enough set, but she looked nothing like any women he knew. Her face was kind, and she had a constant warm smile that Kevin liked immediately. Behind the tall woman stood two tall teenage girls, a blond and a redhead.

"Oh, hello," she smiled. "So you're open?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Aren't you just the prettiest little thing."

He didn't want to give her a chance to listen to her daughter and try the O'Sullivans' restaurant down the street. His mother always said that money didn't grow on trees. "Thank you, ma'am. Please, ma'am, I'll fix your table for you in no time."

The woman laughed. "Do you work here?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"You seem a bit young."

"I'm just a little short for my age, ma'am, but I'm ten."

She laughed again. It wasn't the condescending kind of laugh, but one of joy. Kevin liked the sound of her voice and decided that Justin was just full of shit and didn't have a clue about these people or their bus. He rushed to the table beside them, cleaned it in a flash, and then pulled on an ornamented tablecloth before he laid the dishes.

"Are there any adults in, or are you the manager?"

"My mom is the manager and cook, ma'am. Please, sit down."

"What is your name, sweetie?"


"Well, Kevin.

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