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Mum finally has enough of dad's sexual torment.

l teasing me then or did you want me?

Later, the sun passed the zenith as we sat by the waters of the lake. You leaned back on your hands looking out over the water as we trailed our feet in its coolness. As I moved my leg back and forth our feet touched. You glanced my way and smiled; I grinned back and slid my toes under your foot, tickling you, feeling your foot curl as you laughed - and moved closer to me on the bank. Under water, our calves pressed close. Above the water we were hip to hip, face to face. Our lips brushed and with a sigh our kiss deepened for a moment. Slowly, together, we sank back onto the grass. Our tongues found each other, lips pressed softly together. My hand slid up your dress, over your breasts. Then we both realised where we were, opened our eyes, parting our kiss. "Not here," I breathed. Taking each other by the hand, picking up our shoes we walked barefoot into the shrubs and trees that grew nearby. Then you stopped. Against the tree. Facing me and smiling.

I moved to you my hands encircling your waist, feeling your body's heat matching that of the day. Our kiss was deep, passionate. My lips then caressed your neck, nuzzling you, deepening into a bite that made you tilt your head back, fingers raking through my hair, pulling me close. I felt your lips explore my ear, your breath on me, exciting me, making my hands wander over your dress, over your breasts, just covered by the thin fabric. I felt the full roundness of them, the nipples firming under my touch. My kiss moved to your shoulders as I felt your hands slipping under my shirt, opening it, trailing through the fine hairs on my chest.

I slipped the shoulder straps down from your dress, kissing them away. You shrugged sexily out of them and the dress fell to your middle where I held you, exposing your naked torso to me, making my erection stiffen still further in my shorts. As exciting was the touch of your fingers, tracing my nipples as you pushed the shirt from me. My lips sank to your breasts, my tongue swirling on each budded nipple, as I suckled you.

Again we stopped together, looking around through the trees where we could see the glints from the lake, hear distant laughter and voices. We looked back to each other, unspoken agreement - we could not stop.

I helped the dress over your hips, letting it slide down your long legs while you undid my shorts, slipping fingers in the waistband and pushing them down, your eyes following their fall. Eagerly we both exposed our nakedness together, you sliding down my boxers, me your panties.

Moving to you I placed my thigh between your slightly parted legs pressing my muscles against you, feeling the wetness between your legs mix with the sweat of my thigh. Your hands slid over my waist then reaching between us your nails trailed down my cock, deliciously teasing the exposed head, then further, to the base, to my scrotum.

Your hips moved against me and we looked into each others eyes; voices came near but we shut them out, not caring if eyes were on us. You cupped my balls, squeezing them softly until I groaned with pleasure; I pressed your breasts together and kissed them.

Inflamed by our passion and the excitement of the hot, open air, we pulled each other close. My fingers slid between your legs, your wetness coating them as I pressed back and forth along the outer lips of your pussy. Your fingers circled my cock, rising and falling slowly, urging my hips to push in your tightening fingers. I pressed nearer to you so you could pleasure your clit with the tip of my cock as I slipped a finger into your warm, tight pussy. We both groaned with pleasure as penis head and clitoris brushed together in your expert hands. Slowly you turned my cock against you as I slid another finger into you; your mouth opened slightly and you shuddered as I explored you deep inside, parting my fingers slightly.

Your hands moved me faster on you now; we looked at each other knowing it was time.

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