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"I do not doubt your sincerity in that regard, my Lord; but you mistake my meaning," I said. And now I had come to my moment. I was conflicted about what I would say next; I felt guilty because I knew it was driven by lust, but at the same time I felt justified because my actions could actually assist the couple.

"If you will, I should like to conduct an experiment in Psychology with Lady Palmerston," I said, clearing my throat nervously. "This will require some talking on my part to induce a state akin to day-dreaming."

"That sounds harmless enough," agreed Palmerston.

"I would also monitor the physical effects of the experiment," I continued. "And I should warn you that this would require an intimate examination not unlike that rendered by your physician." I watched Victoria as I said this and saw that she looked shyly down and away from Palmerston with that fetching smile curling again at the corner of her lips. I could not tell in the low light, but I would swear that she was blushing.

"I think we have come too far now to be discarding new ideas," she said decisively. "I place myself in your expert hands, dear Doctor." She held her arms out to me in a gesture of offering, causing the soft swell of her breasts to lift and nestle together, creating a shadowy valley in the middle that I longed to kiss.

"Would you prefer privacy, my love?" Palmerston asked tenderly.

"In this instance, you should stay, my Lord," I advised. "If this experiment is a success then you may wish to repeat it yourself." He seemed satisfied with that response and bid me to continue.

Chapter Three - The Trial

I brought my chair over to the edge of the bed and guided Victoria to lay back down. Incredibly, she chose not to pull up the sheet and left her breasts exposed for me to gaze down upon lovingly. It would have been the simplest matter to lean forwards and kiss them as I had fantasised doing; to take a nipple between my lips and feel it harden beneath my tongue while I cupped the other tenderly in my hand and teased the same response with my fingertips.

"Shut your eyes please, Lady Palmerston," I said softly in a confident but gentle tone. "I would like you to try to relax." She did as I asked. "Try to take slow, deep breaths; and concentrate on the sound of my voice."

I gave her a few extra moments to concentrate on her breathing, watching the perfection of her breasts gently rise and fall.

"Do you feel relaxed?" I asked.

"Yes, Doctor," she whispered in a soft, girlish voice that filled my heart with lust.

"I shall remove the sheet now," I warned her. Trying to avoid the eye of her husband sitting opposite, I plucked the edge of the bed linen between my fingertips and drew it slowly down to reveal her slim form in its entirety.

The flat of her stomach, the flowing curves of her waist, her hips, her wonderful thighs; they were entrancing. The blonde curls of her womanhood glowed golden in the firelight. I wanted to comb my fingers through them and feel the soft mound of flesh beneath and search for the hidden parting that guarded the gates to the paradise within.

My blood ran so hot. I had to touch her. I placed my palm flat over her lower abdomen below her navel, causing her to flinch.

"I apologise, my Lady," I said. "Is my hand cold?"
"No, Doctor," she replied kindly. "But given its location, I would feel more comfortable if you called me Victoria."

I saw that Mona Lisa smile tracing at the corner of her beautiful lips again and wondered if she had any idea the effect it had on me.

"Victoria," I said. "I understand that you enjoy riding. Is that true?"

"Is is true, Doctor," she smiled fully now, but with her eyes still closed. "Did my husband tell you?"

"It was Holmes," I said. "No doubt he saw it in your gait, or a stray horse hair, or any of a dozen other invisible signs that only he can see."

"Actually, my dear Watson," Holmes began from his position in the corner.

"Hush, Holmes," I commanded quietly, and to my great surprise, he did.

"What is her name,

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