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A beautiful Alien tells her life story to a journalist.

" Bill commanded

Lori cleaned the second load off her tits before going to bed.

The following Saturday found Lori and Gail sunbathing in the back yard once again. Bill sat and read the newspaper while discreetly leering at the two. Unbeknownst to him, Lori had formulated a plan should Joe show up today. Just as Lori had hoped, Joe showed up that afternoon. Knowing her mom certainly would not object, Lori invited him to rub suntan lotion on the both of them. Lori noticed Gail squirming as he rubbed oil on her thighs. When Gail turned over to sun her back, Joe quickly gave Lori's ass a squeeze. Joe stayed around all afternoon and into the evening. He had dinner with them once again. Gail excused herself to tuck the younger ones into bed that night. Joe figured now was his chance to get some of Lori's fine young pussy. Much to his dismay, she followed her mom downstairs with her siblings. When Lori heard Joe preparing to leave for the night, she appeared once again in her nightie at the top of the basement stairs.

"I hope I haven't done anything to make you angry." Joe said to Lori

"No nothing like that." Said Lori "I just want you horny as I am tonight!"

Joe looked at her puzzled. Lori instructed Joe to move his car from the driveway to a spot around the block. He was then to come and wait by the side door that led out into the driveway. In exactly thirty minutes, Lori would let him in and lead him to her bedroom. Joe grinned and hurriedly said his goodbyes and left. Lori rushed back to her bedroom and waited.

Exactly thirty minutes later, Lori quietly opened the side door to find Joe waiting patiently. It was here Joe got a pleasant surprise. All Lori had on was the stiletto heels Paulette had loaned her. Joe stepped in closed the door and grabbed her right there in the hallway. His hands roamed her body freely.

Lori could feel his hard cock through his pants. She pulled away long enough to take his hand and lead him silently down to her room. Joe lay Lori on her back and buried his head between her legs. He thought his cock would burst as he licked and sucked Lori's wet pussy. He twisted and pinched her nipples as he licked her from asshole to clit. When he concentrated on her hard clit, she reached an orgasm in seconds. Joe lapped up her juice like a man dying of thirst. He stood and removed all of his clothes. Before he was fully naked, Lori had devoured his cock. Joe thought; Bill is correct. This hot little babe knows how to treat a dick. There was no way he was going to come from her blowjob. He had waited too long for her hot snatch. He pulled his cock from her mouth and rolled her over on her back. Lori spread her legs wide for him and guided his cock to her wet slit.

They both groaned as he pushed it to the hilt. After three weeks of failure, he was going to ball her silly. He would hammer her hard for a while, and then fuck her slowly. After a bit Lori told him, she wanted him from behind. Joe gladly fucked her doggie style, just so he could squeeze and caress her ass. When he felt that familiar tingle deep in his balls, he asked Lori where she wanted him to cum. Lori told him to bury his cock and fill her full. One mighty pump from Joe and Lori felt his scalding jizz deep inside her pussy.

As they lay together afterward, Joe asked if he should quietly sneak out now.

Lori said, "I'm no where near through with you yet. You're spending the night."

Joe just smiled and began kissing her tits.

While Joe nibbled Lori's tits and she stroked his hardening cock, they heard the unmistakable moan coming from above her bedroom.

Lori said, "Sounds like Bill is giving mom what she wants tonight too. Let's sneak up and watch!"

Joe couldn't believe his ears.

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