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A date for Bethany!


I put on a tight sheer, low-cut tank top too, with no bra since my tits are so firm now and I wanted her to get aroused looking at me. My parents have a chain link fence in the back since it is a new development and they haven't built a wooden fence yet -- I was so glad. Perfect unblocked view of neighbor and her of me. The sun was at the right angle that she had her lawn chair facing my yard. I got so wet thinking about exposing myself to her. I could feel the wet spot spreading on the dark fabric between my legs.

I found my mother's hand held gardening tools and went to dig weeds in the raised flower beds. I pretended to pay the neighbor no mind as I set the sprinkle in one area of the lawn and climbed up into the flower bed. I put my sunglasses on to shield my eyes. I didn't want her to notice me checking her out. I went right to business and bent over. I knew my panty-less pussy was on full display and I began to wiggle my ass from side to side as I pretended to be working. After a few minutes I slanted a glance her way and I noticed she had moved her shades down and was peering over them at me. Her legs were now tightly crossed and I knew she was getting horny too.

By now I am so wet; I can feel a drip run down my thigh. It tickled and made me desperate to rub myself but I couldn't, at least not yet. I stood up and covertly pulled the inside of my skort to one side of my swollen pussy lips so I could show her more. Then I bent over again. There was a light breeze and I felt it on the sticky wetness covering my dripping pussy. I clenched my pussy with excitement and wiggled my ass some more.

I heard a little moan escape her lips next door and I knew I had her full attention. I was getting so turned on and my cunt was throbbing so bad. I looked at my little tank top and my nipples were hard and sticking out like little pebbles in my tight top. I secretly brought one hand up and flicked my left nipple a few times. It was beautiful agony! I decided to go even further with my show. I "let" my left nipple slip out the neckline of my top. Then I pretended not to notice as I walked around the yard, making the pretense of moving the sprinkler. I got another naughty idea then and acted like I was so hot from the sun that I needed to cool down. Well, I was hot, but it wasn't from the sun! Anyway, I cupped my hands under the sprinkler and splashed some water on my arms "accidentally" getting it on my tank top -- oops! Now the sheer fabric is wet and here I am without a bra. Oh my. I walked around the yard so she could get a good look and then as I passed the reflective surface of the patio doors I got a great view of my tits. I might as well have been topless since the outline of my round tits and the full nipple was showing.

Between this hot woman checking me out and my own sexy reflection I almost couldn't take it anymore. I let my hand rub across my pussy a couple of times, pretending I forgot I wasn't alone outside. I could hear her gasp from where she sat. I peeked at her sideways and to my wonderful surprise, she had turned on her side with her legs bent and her arm between her legs, trying to pretend she wasn't grinding on her wrist with her own dripping puss.

So I openly admired my reflection in the glass. Grazing my hands along the sides of my tits then flicking each hard nip a thumb. It sent a shock wave straight to my clit! I slipped my hand across my hungry clit another time and when I turned around, she was gone. My heart sank from disappointment but I was still so horny, so I went and soaked myself under the sprinkler full out. I made no secret of rubbing my titties or my pussy since I figured I was alone now.

Then I heard this soft sexy moaning.

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