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Wendy must do a nude walk through a tourist area.

One of your hands moves to rest on my lower back, I can feel the warmth of it through my robe. Your other hand covers mine that's still resting on your chest.

You gently urge me closer still to you, until my hips are fully touching yours. I look up at you and lick my lips..... you kiss me softly and I let my tongue flick and play with yours. Our kiss deepens then and I press as close as I can. I wrap both my arms around your waist, underneath your suit jacket.

You move both your hands now, one to either side of my face, holding me for your kisses. I tilt my hips against you, in little pulsing movements. You moan softly against my lips and say .. "Lucy, what are you trying to do to me?" I smile and say... "I'm only just getting started Mark, want me to stop?" You shake your head ... "no don't stop Lucy"

I pull away from your arms and lead you further into the room, when we get near the bed I stop you by putting one hand firmly on your chest. You see, I know your secret fantasy..."you want to watch me pleasure myself don't you Mark?"

Taking a step or two further back from you I lower my hands to the tie of my robe, undoing it and slowly letting it slip from my shoulders to land in a puddle of silk around my feet. Watching your gaze the while time as my body is exposed to you for the very first time, I can see your eyes darken..... "Do you like what you see?" I cup my breasts in my hands and slowly flick my thumbs across my nipples.

You start to take a step towards me and I shake my head......"no you stay right there, just for the moment." Now I move to lay on the bed, laying back on the pillows, my eyes never leaving yours. My hand starts to trail down my body, I can see you follow its path with your eyes.

I let my legs fall apart just a little, as my fingers slip between my legs and start to trace my pussy lips. Now that does feel good......I'm greedy though, I want more. I open my legs wider, so you can see me start to tease my clit. Its hiding but soon starts to swell and throb as I rub in little circles around it, just barely touching it. I can hear your breathing and I know you're becoming aroused, I can see it in your eyes. "Can you see how wet I'm getting Mark? you like what you see?"

You groan loudly and say......"God Lucy, you're driving me insane!" I can see you are just dying to touch but I'm not going to let you, not this time anyway. I smile and you and say..."You have far too many clothes on Mark, take them off for me?" You immediately undress, tie thrown down followed by your suit jacket and shirt, your eyes never leaving me. You kick off your shoes. Socks, pants and underwear follow quickly, until you are standing naked in front of me. Your gloriously erect cock just begging to be touched.

I lick my lips and whisper..... "touch yourself for me Mark" I watch as you circle your cock with your fingers, you moan as you start to stroke just how you like it. God that looks so damn good Mark. I know it feels good too, by the expression on your face. The fingers of your other hand start to tease your balls, just like I want to do.

You are making me so hot, watching you. I open my legs still wider and start to rub my clit firmly, in little circles still, occasionally slipping my fingers lower to drag some moisture to my clit. It feels like its on fire! I start to move my hips uncontrollably, I slip two fingers into my pussy, in and out.....fucking myself with them. My thumb rubbing my clit firmly.

I cant move my gaze from you, watching you, feeling what your feeling and moving ever closer to that point where I know we'll both lose total control. You move to kneel between my spread legs, I can see your face is flushed with arousal, the same as I know mine is.

You aren't touching me but I can feel your body heat. I can hear your breathing becoming faster and more labored. Your hand is moving so fast on your cock. Precum clearly visible at the little slit.

I'm moaning loudly now,

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