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Erotic/comedy satire about the celebrity couple.

That stopped and I knew just enough about the birds and bees to know what was coming next.

I felt a pressure at the opening of my pussy so I moved my hands between my legs and touched my pussy. I was shocked to feel something soft but hard about the size of a plum lay between my palm and my pussy lips. I shook in fear of thinking something that big was going to enter me and rip away my virginity.

I used my two hands to pull my pussy lips apart. My fingers got soaked with my own moisture and his plum slid between my pussy lips to soak up that honey. I then felt his plum push between my pussy lips and begin to enter me. It both hurt and drove me onward with pleasure.

More and more of his cock entered me. 'Cock', again I had never used that word before but cock was the right word for what was pushing my 'cunt' wide open.

"Oh my, I said 'cunt' for the first time" I thought in shock but 'cunt' was the right word for that part of me that was being ravished.

His cock stopped when it hit my hymen, my maidenhood, my virginity barrier. I felt his cock slide backwards till it was almost out of my pussy and then without warning he slammed his cock down hard and tore through that barrier and slammed against the back of my womb. I almost fainted away. He pulled his cock out and I moaned its loss.

I next felt his tongue enter my pussy and realized he was feeding on my virginity blood. He pushed his tongue deep into my pussy and touched me deep then lapped up the pussy moisture pooling inside me. He slowly slid his long tongue out of my pussy and touched his cockhead against my dripping pussy lips. His cock entered me again and he quickly began to stroke his cock out and in my cunt driving me to heights of sexual pleasure I had never felt before.

All at once I knew to find that something at the top of my pussy lips and rub it. My 'clit' became as large as a pea and very sensitive. I rubbed harder as he worked his cock in my cunt. The sensations throughout my body and centered in my pussy became very intense and I knew I was in for a new experience. As I pulled on my clit and pinched real hard I felt my demon lover's cock begin to grow inside my cunt then it pulsed eight, nine, ten times filling my cunt and womb with his juice, his cum.

That did it as I came for the very first time in my young life, but cum I did as my body shook from intense waves of pleasure sweeping across my body. I could not hold myself up and as I slid off the bed onto my knees and breasts I felt my lover slide out of my pussy and all our fluids run down my inner thighs and soak the sides of my sheets.

I immediately felt so empty and wanted desperately to be filled up again. I lay like that on my bed for several minutes and wondered what was next. I did not have long to wait.

I felt my demon lover's dickhead right in the center of my ass then up against my asshole. His plum sized cockhead pushed against me back there and slowly opened my ass. Suddenly his cockhead popped through and I felt him begin to slide down my ass chute. "Ooh it felt so good, so big filling me up back there" I moaned.

I knew he was fully in my ass when I felt his huge balls push against my pussy lips. I felt the pressure in my bowels pushing out my tummy. My lover then began an attack on my ass that soared me into heights of sexual arousal I had never felt.

I slid my hand down and onto my cunt and I attacked my clit. After a minute or two of my lover pounding his cock in and out of ass I felt his large balls begin to tighten then pulse six, seven, eight times. What felt like hot honey shot down my ass and coated my insides.

I chose then to squeeze and tug my clit and shook into a very intense orgasm and screamed, "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming." I bit down on my covers to muffle my yells and moaned through several orgasms as my lover continued to saw in and out of my ass.

At last he stopped and slid slowly out of my ass.

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