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Especially in a place where the ongoing sounds of sex remained part of what was going on. Men were moving around, my right hand having found more than one cock to explore while being sucked. At least one man had played with my nipple before moving on, and another man stopped next to me as I jacked him off. My cock had reached a certain plateau, the hand on my back no longer so forceful as his blow job slowed.

Offering the chance to finally open the poppers bottle and take a long hit, feeling my cock grow immense in his mouth before breathing out, saying 'oh fuck, go slow, cock suck slow.' A request he honored to perfection, making my length feel infinite as it went deeper before he reversed direction, his tongue running along my shaft until his lips reached the flared bottom of my cockhead. I could not stop moving my ass as his finger began to touch it more gently than before.

Words kept pouring out, things like 'fuck yes' and 'cocksucker' along with 'sex with men' and 'I love slow.' Like so many men at the baths, he was an expert cocksucker, a fact that my bi friend has asked about, when talking about the experiences of being sucked by several men during a visit, and how fantastically irresistible a stranger giving head can be. A friend who has deep throated me in the past, swallowing all the resulting load, allowing me to have at least a basis for comparison.

One reason is likely practice, I told her, along with the cliche that those of the same sex have a deeper insight about that sex's pleasures. She has possibly had oral sex with 30 women, starting with a woman twice her age, getting off repeatedly while straddling that first lover's face. And probably oral sex with twice as many men, leading to her experience based judgment that the best oral sex comes those most skilled in providing it, without a recognizable distinction between men and women. Which is fair enough, as my sample is much, much more skewed - 5 women, and literally uncounted men, though more than a hundred is likely an underestimate by a large margin.

Another true distinction between men and women, I did add, is that men can provide stronger suction, and that in my experience, all men swallow - and a number try to keep sucking even after that first orgasm. Of the women who gone down on me, only her and my first girlfriend seemed to enjoy cocksucking as much as a typical bathhouse visitor. Admittedly, we've never discussed poppers, which made a life long impression on me since using them with my first girlfriend.

In the baths, many men know exactly what poppers are like, providing an additional level of experience in creating pure lust between horny partners. Soon, my hands found his head, holding it steady as my cock started pumping into his beckoning mouth. An unlubricated finger began pressing too hard, causing me to shift position enough to make it obvious that I was not interested. Followed by a finger starting to slide over my nipple, making me moan "I fucking .. sex with men .. love." Hearing the words, and the broken grammar, made plain that my enveloped cock was in complete control.

Decades of experience have provided the ability needed to not cum during that deliriously delicious interval of pure sexual sensation, to stay on the edge as long as possible. However, this time, the cocksucker had returned his hand to the small of my back, preventing me from withdrawing. His strength provided a sufficient excuse to keep face fucking him, only slowly realizing the fingers caressing my nipple were from another man, still hidden in the dark.

The kneeling man began to fondle my balls, prompting me to put my right hand down to the base of my horny rod, moving it in his mouth, letting my circled thumb and finger ride up to his lips.

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