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A fantasy fulfilled.

To her delight Ashley didn't hesitate to kiss back, even pushing her tongue into Vanessa's mouth so she could get a really good taste of her own cum and pussy cream. Which was definitely promising for the future, although it had little to do with what Vanessa wanted right now.

Ashley assumed that Vanessa would just want her to return the favour, so it seemed a good idea to test the waters by kissing Vanessa back. Besides, she desperately wanted to thank her for the ecstasy she had just given her, and kissing her seemed like such a small thing, even though it proved difficult given how exhausted she felt right now.

The kissing somewhat helped with that, as did tasting herself, which Ashley had never done before but like with everything else she found it bizarrely enjoyable, at least in this context. Especially as Vanessa's equally naked body was pressing down on top of hers, and she could feel just how wet her best friend was from everything they had done, but probably particularly from eating her out, which was an incredibly thrilling thought.

When she finally broke the kiss Vanessa asked huskily, "Did you mean it?"

"Huh?" Ashley frowned, and hoarsely added, "What?"

"Did you mean it when you said you'd do anything?" Vanessa clarified.

"Oh." Ashley blushed slightly, "Yes."

Vanessa hesitated briefly, then asked, "Have you ever tried anal?"

"What? No, gross." Ashley replied automatically, before her eyes went wide, "What? Really?"

"Yeah." Vanessa replied sheepishly.

After a pause Ashley pushed, "With a finger or..."

"With a strap-on." Vanessa clarified, quickly adding when she saw the look on her friend's face, "I know that might sound scary, but nothing made Ashley Benson cum harder then when I fucked her up the butt with a strap-on. Or the other PLLs. And God Ash, have you seen your ass? It's like it was made to be fucked. It's... it's perfect. And like the most fuck-able thing ever. So please Ashley, give me your ass cherry. You didn't think you'd like girl on girl so much, and it totally just made you cum so hard you almost forgot your name. Don't lie, the proof of it is all over my face. And I think... I know I could do the same if you give me your ass. So please, do this for me Ash. I'll do anything if you just give this a try for me."

If she was being truly honest with herself Ashley figured she would always try anal, but it would be with her husband, or someone she was sure was the one. Even then only if they pushed her for it, but now she was genuinely considering doing something she had always considered gross and weird, and they weren't even dating. But this was more than that.

This was her best friend, Vanessa. She couldn't imagine loving anyone more, especially after what Vanessa had just done for her, which definitely should be rewarded. And besides, she had promised Vanessa, and more importantly herself, that she would do anything her best friend wanted because of those incredible orgasms.

So against her better judgement Ashley cautiously murmured, "If, if I wanna stop-"

"We'll stop. I promise." Vanessa swore gleefully, "And I'll spend like an hour making sure you're totally ready for it."

Ashley bit her lip and then blushed, "And, and you'll be gentle."

"Absolutely." Vanessa quickly agreed.

"And you won't tell anyone about this." Ashley pushed.

Vanessa hesitated, and then clarified, "If when I'm done with your cute little butt hole, you don't want me to tell anyone, I won't. But, the thing is Ash, I think you will. I think you'll want me to tell my friends all about the fun we had tonight, so they can fuck you too. Ooooooh yeah, when I'm done with you you're going to want to meet my new friends, and you'll want me to tell them all about what we did tonight, so they can do it to you."

Blushing even more at that Ashley admitted, "Maybe.

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