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She's used in a fight between werewolves.


Your return from the bathroom was met with smiles. You weren't aware (so I thought) of Alan's comments as you were in the bathroom.

'Man, you have a mighty fine lady there' he said to me. I, naturally, agrees and thanked him for the comment. As I did for the next one too. The mixture of the wine and the cocktails affecting us both. 'Hey, she has a mighty fine pair of tits too' he said. We both laughed out loud. 'Yes, she sure does Alan' I replied to him, joining in with his loud laugh.

'My wife is so fucking boring, she would never wear anything like Miranda wears' he commented as he took another large gulp of his drink. I made a comment that you wore very raunchy outfits, never wore panties, not even in the shortest of dresses.

His eyes lit up at that comment. 'You mean she isn't wearing anything under that leather dress?'

'No Sir, she isn't' I told him as I filled his glass up again.

''Fuck' was all he said to my answer as he took another gulp of his drink.


Unbeknown to me, you had overheard every word. It excited you to know that we were discussing you, that Alan now knew that underneath that black leather, your were totally naked, free, unhindered.

As you walked back down the stairs, our eyes turned to you. You smiled as you approached. The zipper to the leather dress appeared to have been moved down a little more. Certainly the fresh scent was evident, as was the new application of your lipstick. As you leaned over to pick up your glass, the top parted. Both Alan and I saw that indeed the zipper had been lowered, certainly more cleavage and certainly both nipples were showing to us. Lingering, you allowed us both sight of your hard nipples.

'How is it going guys?' you asked as you reached over for a strawberry. So seductively, sexually you ate the strawberry. Your tongue licking the red fruit before, teasingly, sucking it into your mouth.

'Darling, Alan says his wife is boring and would never wear anything like that' I say to you with a smile. You smile back. You know that I want you to fuck him, that I want you to ride his cock, you know that I need this alliance, this deal, badly. Not just for my future, but for ours.

I followed you to the kitchen. 'Darling, I need you to help me'. You looked at me, a quizzical look. 'More tit?' you asked tugging the zipper down further stopping as the zip passed your breasts, opening the top. 'More than that honey' I say to you, my face showing my nerves at what I was about to ask you to do for me.

You looked. 'More?' the zipper reached your navel. You were misunderstanding me. I wasn't quite explaining it very well was I?

'I want you to fuck him' I said to you as I saw the zipper stopping at your navel, exposing your dark skin.

'You want me to do what?' you said in a surprised voice. 'You want me to fuck him?' you asked. I nodded, weakly nodded. You looked at me, seeing the pain at my request, the courage that it took me to ask you to do such a thing. Exposure was one thing, but to ask you to open your body for his pleasure, to allow him to slide his cock into your pussy, for his pleasure and my ultimate conquest in securing the alliance. Was it too much? I thought to myself. Had I pushed the boundary too far? I though to myself. You hand reached out, touched mine. I raised my face, looking into you eyes. Eyes that smiled, lips that smiled. You kissed me, a gentle kiss.

'Darling, for you, I will fuck him. I will fuck him good and hard, I will ride his cock, but let me decide when and how' you said to me.

Stepping back, you parted the leather dress, exposing your breasts to me, exposing your nipples to me. I saw that they were hard and erect. Yes, you were excited at the thought of having his cock inside your pussy, inside your mouth. Yes, you were excited.

I smiled at you, kissed your lips. My fingers touched your nipples. You stepped back. That smile, wicked smile.

Rezipping the dress a little covering a little of your breasts and nipples, but not much.

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