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Sister returns home to find what she was missing.

It seemed that those Middle-Eastern guys, many of whom had black girlfriends, white girlfriends and Latin girlfriends, objected to seeing a non-Arab man with one of 'their' ladies.

Never one to be intimidated, Stephenson would stare down any man, pale or dark, who seemed to have a problem with him and Fawziyyah being together. As far as he was concerned, Fawziyyah chose to be with him, and no one had the right to object to their union. In this world, women choose their men, and not the other way around, Stephenson thought. It was astonishing that they'd stuck together for so long, and now the fates were conspiring to tear them apart once again...

"You're going to make a kick-ass doctor," Stephenson said, and Fawziyyah nodded, and then impulsively took his face into her hands. Fawziyyah leaned closer, and smiled, her face inches from Stephenson's. Taking a deep breath, Stephenson closed the gap between them and kissed Fawziyyah. As usual, her lips tasted sweet, plus a hint of those icy mints she was also chewing on. Love my lady and all her quirks, Stephenson thought as he swiftly slid his tongue down Fawziyyah's throat.

"Stephenson, you are so easy to fool, you're going to need me by your side when you start your law practice," Fawziyyah said, grinning mischievously, and she looked at a very flabbergasted Stephenson, who gawked at her. Rolling her eyes and shaking her head, Fawziyyah pulled an envelope out of her hand, and all but brandished it in her lover's face. Laughing, she ripped the envelope open, then deposited it in Stephenson's lap.

"What is this, my love?" Stephenson asked, as he looked at the envelope, which contained a letter from McGill University. Fawziyyah smiled and watched as Stephenson read the letter, his facial expression shifting from anxious, to surprised, to relief, and back to surprised. He looked up at her, his lips trembling, unable to speak. Looks like I finally shut up my favorite future attorney, Fawziyyah thought, grinning wickedly.

"McGill University is opening a new satellite medical school in Gatineau, Quebec, opening next year, and I've already gotten accepted, admit it, stud, I got you good," Fawziyyah said, laughing. Stephenson gasped, and then laughed nervously. Fawziyyah grinned, and laid her hand on his lap, nodding firmly. I can't believe this handsome fool thought I'd go study all the way in the frigging Caribbean and leave his ass behind, Fawziyyah thought slyly.

"Oh wow, Fawziyyah, you got me good," Stephenson replied, and he laughed, still shaken by the news. Fawziyyah hugged him fiercely, and he kissed her forehead. Relief washed over Stephenson in an awesome way. I can't believe I fell for that, he thought. Fawziyyah had always been slick, but today, she'd really gotten him in a major way. Her moving to the island of Dominica, it was all a frigging prank...

"You totally fell for it, Stephenson," Fawziyyah teased, and she poked Stephenson on the nose, something he was fond of doing to her, in the early days of their relationship. Stephenson blinked, and shot her a look. Fawziyyah shrugged, and was still grinning when he grabbed her and propped her on his lap. Fawziyyah crossed her arms over her chest and looked into Stephenson's eyes, smirking all the way.

"You do that to me again, lady, and I'll spank you," Stephenson retorted, and Fawziyyah laughed, and poked his nose again. Stephenson shook his head, then grabbed Fawziyyah's big round butt, which was bulging out of her dark blue jeans, giving it a firm squeeze. Fawziyyah's derriere was one of her best features, thick and round, and looking almost two damn big for her five-foot-six, 120-pound, curvy frame. The feisty young woman locked eyes with her boyfriend, defiant and sexy and oh-so tempting at the same time.

"Stephenson, I double dog dare you to spank me," Fawziyyah said, and with that, she shoved her hands against his chest, and then vaulted off his lap.

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