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Gavin's college roommate likes to watch.

The one thing I cannot remember is how my clothes came off so quickly or where they went. Before I knew it I was naked and laying on the bed looking up at my husband. I noticed that he was still completely dressed. I felt kind of silly lying there, every inch of my sun kissed skin exposed.

He just stood there looking down at me smiling. He took my breast into his hands and began to kiss my nipples. He had done this to me many times but this time it was different. I could feel everything in my breast and between my legs I could tell I was getting moist.

He was sitting on the bed looking down at me playing with my body when he told me to grab my ankles. I shivered and bent my legs until my heels were touching my butt and then realized this made me more exposed than I had been two seconds ago. He pulled two scarves out of his pocked and tied my ankles to my wrists. My heart was racing and I was getting wetter by the minute. I had never felt so exposed or such a desire to have a man inside me. I was moaning like I had never done before, every touch sent electricity through me.

Cameron looked at my exposed mound and asked me why I was so wet. He placed his finger in me and stopped when he touched my virginity. When he removed his fingers he held them up for me to see. I was actually embarrassed at the sticky wet mess I had made. He held his fingers to my mouth and told me to clean him. I was shocked and disgusted. I told him "NO!" That was the last time I said no to him.

He smiled and said "Obey! Remember?"

He put his fingers in my mouth roughly. Instantly I could taste a salty musky taste, my mouth started watering. I began to suck his fingers. He took them out of my mouth and dipped them back into my pussy. I was surprised when he held them back at my mouth for me to clean them. He expressed to me that we could do this all night. I sucked his fingers and licked them clean. When he said "That's right, That's a good doggie" He touched my choker and smiled. I instantly felt humiliated -I realized over and over that I was immobile and my desire for his cock was growing with every dominate move he made.

He told me that I would now get on my stomach. He helped me roll over still tied. This was much more difficult to bear. As soon as I was on my knees my full breasts and my face were forced to the mattress. I could instantly tell how exposed I was the cool air from the room instantly chilled my pussy and my ass. My wetness was on full display.

"Are you ready to lose your virginity?" he asked.

I thought "Not like this." He fingered me again just brushing against the wall I had kept intact for so many years. I was at his mercy. He placed his finger against my other tiny hole. I clinched my teeth, humiliated. He sat beside me and slowly pressed his finger into my ass. I didn't know what to do or think.

He smiled down at me "You will lose this one first." I lay there tied like a farm animal while my new husband had his finger in my ass. He moved it in and out. He told me that I was too tight for his dick and I felt him put a second finger in. He told me to relax. I began to whimper, it was painful and humiliating. He got up retrieved something from his bag. I tried to see what it was. He positioned himself behind me, I felt him pressing something cold and hard against me.

"This is the last time I will tell you to relax" He said.

He pushed against my hole. I could tell I had to relax. I could feel my ass spreading - bigger and bigger- I began to beg. "Please stop."

He promised thirty more seconds and I would feel better. I began counting in my head. Then there was a feeling of release and I could feel my ass pull tight around the device. It was over I felt uncomfortable but better. I got wetter with every minute that passed.

"Your ass is hungry! One down one to go." He said.

He pulled an oversized life like penis out of his bag, showed it to me then went behind me.

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