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Hubby begins to assert more control.

She played up for them for a few seconds and then deftly made her way off the stage, hoping that her new hairdo and makeup had fooled them for the moment.

* * * *

Ted saw her coming out onto the stage. "I must be dreaming," he thought, "because that looks just like Stacey....nah, can't be her. But that chick is totally hot!"

Through the course of the night, and many wet beauties later, Ted found himself intoxicated, totally turned on, but totally without the barrage of horny women Eddie had promised. Eddie and Rob, of course, found some willing and able-bodies to take them home that night. "Oh well," thought Ted, "I'll just go back to the room and beat off." After all, he had a big meeting with an auditor in the morning, that alone could make him go limp.

* * * *

Christy came to tell Stacey that her and Kim would be leaving -- they'd met these two incredibly hot, rich guys and they were going back to their hotel rooms with them. Of course, when Stacey saw who they were referring to, she noticed that it was Rob and Eddie, respectively.

"I'll call a cab, no big deal," Stacey said.

"Are you sure? We can give you a ride."

"No, I'll be fine."

With that, she walked outside to the parking lot. She found a cab, and walked over to see if he was waiting for a fare.

"I am actually waiting for someone. Where are you headed, maybe I can take you too?" he asked, with a smile that indicated he thought he'd get more out of it.

"The Hilton on West Elm."

"Oh well, that's where my fare is headed. You can ride together."

At this point, she didn't care. Her buzz was definitely killed when she saw Ted in the crowd, and then again when her friends went home with Rob and Eddie. "This has been such a great night -- for everyone else!" she thought. "Maybe it's just as well -- I should get some sleep -- I have a long day ahead of me in the morning," she mused as she propped her head up against the window and drifted to sleep. This didn't last very long -- 2 minutes later another person was in the back seat with her -- it was Ted!

They rode to the hotel in silence, paid the cabbie and she walk/sprinted into the hotel, hoping Ted wouldn't see her face. She made it to her room -- and noticed the half bottle of wine still chilling. She got an idea -- but she needed to get her buzz on again!

* * * *

Ted couldn't tell if the woman in the cab was hot or not -- she didn't say anything, and she'd run away before he could see. Oh well! Maybe he would purchase some in-room entertainment and take care of himself tonight -- who needs a woman, when you have five friends?

* * * *

Stacey polished off the bottle of wine, gussied up and headed up to the 8th floor, specifically to room 828. She had a small bag with her, containing her tools for seduction this evening...

She checked herself in the hallway mirror outside his room before knocking. Her blonde wig in place, her sunglasses on... she was ready!

(Knock, knock)

* * * *

Ted had just begun to search for an adult program to indulge in when he heard the knock at the door. He looked out the peephole -- he couldn't believe what he saw! A totally hot blonde chick was standing at his door... she must be lost...

"Can I help you?" Ted asked.

"I'm looking for Ted?" she asked in such a seductive way.

"I'm Ted."

At that, this strange yet sexy woman pushed Ted back into his room, up against the wall and forcibly kissed him. This wasn't what he'd bargained for, but he'd take it!

* * * * As Stacey forcibly kissed Ted, she remembered not to get too wrapped up in it -- she didn't want to give herself away! She backed him up towards the bed, kissing him the entire way there, then pushed him down onto it. As he laid flat on his back, she took out a blindfold and waved it up in the air.

"What's that for?" Ted asked, with a hint of nervousness.

"Close your eyes," Stacey ordered him.

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