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Fran promises a special surprise for Allen when he get home.

"Oh! Oh God!" she said shakily. "I never thought anyone could have an orgasm from having their breasts fondled!" She was still shaking when Alfie rose swiftly and removed all his clothes before settling his body over hers.

"First time in a bed, baby!" he observed, kissing her mouth. "First time in a room!" he added, deepening the kiss. Eva let him touch her and fondle her wherever he liked, and she reveled in the feel of his mouth on her skin, everywhere he touched her. When he sucked on her belly, she smiled, and when he tickled her navel, she laughed out loud. When he scraped her mound gently with his teeth, she arched her back and opened her legs, and he immediately sucked on her clit, then licked her up and down the slit without touching her there again, until she was wild for him.

"Alfie!" she begged, "please!"

He didn't answer her, except to push one finger into her weeping center. Eva cried out, and as he pumped in and out of her, she moved her hips to his rhythm. When he inserted a second finger, she groaned arched her back again,. Alfie didn't let up, but kept fucking her with his fingers, winding her tighter and tighter, until she came, hard, gushing over his fingers. She was trembling, and unable to control it, and when she felt Alfie lift her legs, she opened heavy eyes to watch him push his throbbing member into the aching heart of her desire.

"Alfie!" she called his name again as he loved her, in, out, in out...over and over, kissing her as he loved, her, and when she squeezed him with her tight cunt, he stiffened, and a harsh sound escaped his throat as he came, pulsing into her, over and over, and eh pushed against him, making him keep pumping into her. They ground against each other as he came, and she hugged him tightly to her till the throes of his passion subsided, and he collapsed against her.

Eva held him in her arms, not wanting him to move, but knowing he would. She felt tears welling up again, and fought to keep them at bay. She didn't want Alfie to think she was unhappy, because she wasn't.

"Maybe I'd better let you breathe, hun!" he said, slowly rolling off her.

Eva smiled at his humor, and turned her head to look at him. He pulled her into his arms, and she snuggled against him, feeling his heartbeat, and the warmth of his breath on her cheek.

"I love you, Miss America!" he said, and kissed her, hard, slow, wet, deep. "With all of me!"

He rubbed his hand over her back, then down on her buttocks and thighs, and she tingled all over. Sighing, she relaxed, her hand rubbing his back. Suddenly she sat up, he wasn't beside her, but looking out the third storey window... out over the harbour, naked. She looked at his silhouette in the moonlight, and smiled to herself, for soon, she was going to be Alfie's wife. During the time she spent looking after her ailing parents, she had come to believe she'd never be fortunate to find a husband, especially one like him.

She giggled to herself, at the naughty thought that crossed her mind, then snake-like, slithered off the bed over to him, and while on her hands and knees, took his limp cock in her mouth, laughing as he jumped in surprise, then began sucking him into life again. He stood there, a groan escaping his lips. She kept sucking him as he moved his hips, in rhythm to her head.

Too soon, he thought, she stopped, and went and lay on the bed, waiting for him. As he climbed on the bed, she rolled on her side, and said, "Just snuggle in behind me, hun. I want you to just cuddle me."

He complied with her request, his cock nestling in the crack of her bottom. She moved and opened her legs, and reached through, grabbing him, and laid his cock along her slit, then closed her legs.

"That feels nice hun," she said, wriggling her bottom a bit. "Comfy!"

"Yair, it does," he said, moving in and out, just once.

Soon, she was asleep in his arms, and he dozed off, too, hard cock still in between her thighs.

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