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A Journey to remember.

" I said laughing as I pulled the bill free of her fingers. My hand brushed her thigh as I grabbed my purse and pulled out my money.

"What job do you have?" Pam asked.

"Ummmmm we can talk about it later." I said as I stood and grabbed Pam's hand and pulled her off her bar stool.

We walked out of the bar; the night air was heavy with an approaching storm. We quickly got to Pam's car and got inside.

"Kathy - thanks for the drinks. Do you want to go back to my place for a few more? The tow truck company hasn't called back yet has it?" Pam asked.

I looked at my phone. "Nope. No call back yet."

"So, my husband is out of town and you have nothing else to do, so why don't you come to my place and we will have a few more drinks." Pam pleaded.

"I am up for it I think." I watched Pam's silhouette against the lightening outside the car. Big, fat rain drops began to hit the windshield as we pulled into Pam's driveway.

We ran from the car to the house as a large bolt of lightening, followed by a loud clap of thunder, hit. We stood in the kitchen, dripping on the floor, laughing.

"Come upstairs and we can dry off." Pam said as she grabbed two wine glasses and a bottle of wine from the fridge. The house was a very nice single family home. The kitchen opened up to a formal dining room and then the stairs separated the living room and dining room. I followed Pam up the stairs, watching the way her skirt clung to her hips and ass as she moved up the stairs. A thin stream of water ran down the back of her leg.

"This is our bedroom she said as she flicked on the light." She walked to the master bathroom off the bedroom and turned on the light there as well. She walked back in and threw me a towel.

"Your bedroom is beautiful." I said as I looked at the king size canopy bed with the peach satin cover. I wiped my face with the towel.

Pam opened the bottle of wine and poured us each a glass. "Here, a drink first and then we can get situated. Do you just want to stay the night here? I mean its getting late and with the storm and they haven't called you back yet." She trailed off.

Just then another bolt of lightening and the lights went off. I froze, not knowing where I was in a strange house.

Pam had let out a yelp. "Give me a second Kathy, I have matches somewhere." A few minutes later a candle flickered on her dresser. As she lit a few more candles, I noticed light bouncing off the mirrors in the ceiling of the bed.

"I guess that was my answer. Yes, I will stay as long as I am not inconveniencing you." I said as I toweled off my damp hair. I brought my head up and stared as Pam unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

"I will get cleaned up and then the bathroom is all yours. Help yourself to whatever clothes you want. We are about the same size so I think it will all fit you." Pam told me as I watched her peel her black, wet stockings down her legs. Her matching black lace panties clung to her pussy lips, taunting me. She unbuttoned her shirt and it joined her skirt in a wet pile on the floor. She unhooked her black lace bra and let it fall on top of the clothes. She walked to the bathroom, unaware of my stare as I watched her lace panties plastered to her taut ass.

I stripped off all my wet clothes and dried off. I pulled open the drawer Pam told me to get clothes out of. It was an entire drawer full of lingerie. Lace and silk and satin. I fingered the items in her drawer, lifted out a silk and lace nightgown and held it to my face. Smelling her and feeling the silk on my skin. As I went to close the drawer, I had to rearrange the lingerie. I heard something shift in the bottom as I tucked Pam's lingerie back in. I ran my hand under her clothes and hit something hard. I lifted up the lingerie and realized I had discovered her sex toys as well.

A rather large vibrator, as well as two smaller dildos were nestled in the pile of lingerie. I slipped Pam's silk lingerie over my head, liking the way it hugged my body. I ran my hands over myself enjoying the feeling under my fingers.

I looked at myself

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