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Woman shows off in restaurant and has sex in alley.


"Yeah. I don't remember Mom and Dad having any arguments about her, maybe they did a good job hiding it, I don't know. But Dad must've figured it out somehow, because a year later, when his doctor was telling him to get his affairs in order, his first call was to Becca."

"I can't imagine...any of that. I mean, I believe you, I just...I honestly can't even."

"None of us could, Mom especially. She tells me that's why she left Becca with me and locked herself in here for a week and a half after he died." Caleb walked to the middle bookshelf and pulled the third book off the "YOU DID THIS" shelf. "Getting it on paper was the only way she could work through it."

The book was called Critical Care; the jacket was a beautiful illustration of three hands resting on each other for comfort. According to the inside jacket, it was the story of an at-home nurse, hired to watch over a once-proud working mother with end-stage ALS, who falls in love with her patient's husband.

"What's crazy is, it ended up putting her on the map," explained Caleb. "I think Mom kind of resents it; I once heard her complain about it being her 'Tears in Heaven,' whatever that means. But I read it a couple of years ago, and I dunno, I think it's great. There's this one thing the mother says late in the book, about how she wasn't really afraid of dying, but that she hated causing so much pain for the people she loved, and that she thought she could die in peace if, like, she knew that her tragedy led to something beautiful. Obviously Mom said it a lot better, but that always stuck with me."

"You're a romantic," said Penny.

"Think I'm a little too perverted to be a romantic," he shrugged.

"Trust me," said Penny, "you're a romantic."

Caleb nodded. They remained silent for a minute, basking in the afterglow of his story. They both knew what was supposed to come next, but neither one seemed to be in any rush to get there. In other words, "I totally killed the mood, didn't I?"

"It died for a good cause," assured Penny.

Caleb shrugged and slid the book back into its rightful space. " what?"

* * * * *

"Ah," sighed the bottle blonde, seated behind a desk in a cheap drywall set made to look like a classroom, "I thought this day would never end."

"Wow," said Penny, swallowing a bite of her ham sandwich as she watched it happen on-screen, "right off the bat, stellar production values. You can just tell they cared so much."

Penny and Caleb figured that if they were going to use the gym, even just to roleplay, they should at least eat something first, food being fuel and all that. They quietly figured that while they ate, they'd need something to clear the slate; it was tricky to go from a deeply personal story about love and triumph in the wake of heart-rending tragedy to "pound that sweet pussy, baby." Caleb's wild idea was to sling some porn from his iPad to the TV, "even though I probably sound like a weirdo for suggesting it," and Penny amended that to bad porn to keep them from getting too turned on and going at each other on the couch.

Finding bad free porn was harder than finding good free porn. Most bad porn is depressing, amounting to blurry footage of two worn out bodies bumping against each other until one of them sputters to an inevitability. It can ruin the very concept of sex if you watch too much of it. The key to entertainingly bad porn was on-camera talent that still looked good and seemed into what they were doing, while being incompetently conceived and executed in every other respect. It was a tall order, but thanks to their morning conversation, Penny and Caleb had a good idea of where to start.

"Anybody still here?" chirped the teacher, looking around a classroom that should have clearly been empty at this point.

"I gotta be honest," said Caleb, "she's pretty hot."

"She really is," said Penny, "and she's costumed sensibly too. Nothing too revealing, yet still hot enough that you want to see more. That goes a long way."

After a couple of moments, the teacher stood an

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