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Husband stumbles onto his wife's public showing.

I moved closer to her and slid sideways so I could clearly see up her dress at the next gust of wind.

"Yes." she said scanning the lake edge "I can see where we've walked from."

I said "Oh really," in excited tones, my penis beginning to stiffen.

The third gust of wind blew her dress wide open and my eyes feasted on pure white cotton panties with a lace trim. She seemed unaware of my presence beneath her.

"Goodness I can even see our holiday cottage," she said in excited tones. "Cynthia, come over here, you can see our cottage," she yelled.

Cynthia appeared at her side and I shifted position so I could see up Cynthia's skirt if the wind got up. Phoebe handed her my binoculars. She moved nearer, looked down at me, and asked about focussing which I explained.

As she was using it she seemed to lose her balance slightly and stepped back. For some reason she had placed her foot on the other side of my head and ended up straddling my face. I could not believe my luck. From out of nowhere two attractive, slim middle aged women were giving me upskirt views of their knickers. My penis again stiffened.

Cynthia became quite animated as she worked out where they had walked from and she transferred her weight from one leg to another. At each movement her legs opened and closed and I noticed she wore a pair of cream coloured lacy panties. She seemed unaware of me between her feet, staring up her skirt as the two women passed the binoculars one to the other.

Cynthia, at one point, stared down at me, pulling her skirt in so she could see my face, and asked what sort of a duck had mainly grey plumage. I replied that it was probably a male Gadwall.

She let go of her skirt which flared out above me and continued with her search. She stood in this position for about fifteen minutes. Sometimes she looked down at me, asking me questions, while pulling in her dress; other times she'd stand above me, legs apart, with the wind blowing her skirt from side to side.

If I wasn't a gentleman I would have been wanking furiously beneath her dress staring up at her beautiful rounded buttocks and singing bawdy sea shanties at the top of my voice.

Phoebe said it was time for some sandwiches. I asked if they wanted any help, as Cynthia stepped off me, and they told me that everything was in hand.

I remained lying on my back absorbing the sunlight which appeared more intense than ever. A flock of Lapwings flew over, buffeted by the breeze. I was aware of paper bags being opened noisily behind me. Phoebe and Cynthia had established their 'base camp' immediately uphill from where I was lying.

After five minutes they announced "Grub up."

I turned over and lay on my stomach and was greeted with a rather 'unusual' sight.

The sandwiches had been arranged on two plastic plates. A small container full of carrot and celery pieces was close by and mugs of hot tea had been poured. I was handed a mug by Phoebe who was sitting next to Cynthia. Both women sat immediately upslope from me and their alfresco meal.

"Those are fish paste and these are cheese and chutney," announced Phoebe smiling at me.

I said, "Thanks very much and I do hope that I am not robbing you."

What was so unusual about the view, from where I was lying, was that instead of sitting demurely with their legs tucked behind them out of sight, both ladies sat with their knees drawn up together and their feet apart.

They had covered their knees with their summer dresses but clearly were unaware that their thighs and panties were on full view. They were either unaware or didn't care.

"Help yourself David. We've got more food in the other day sack." Said Cynthia.

Each of the two plates lay between each of their feet. They leant forward and helped themselves. I slid further towards them so my face was almost at plate level.

I had a fish paste sandwich and an excellent view of Cynthia's knickers. Both women appeared to be dazzled by the sun as they surveyed the view across the valley.

They were enjoying a long leisurely conversation about their

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