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Seeing the forest in a new light.

The next day Tom sat in the guard shack as the red Explorer pulled up to the gate, Tom pushed the button and stepped outside fully expecting to see Faith, he was surprised when the drivers window rolled down and Tim McGraw sat there.

"Mr. McGraw, welcome home." Tom said putting on his best smile to hide his disappointment.

"Thanks, hear I owe you a big thank you." Tim said looking over at his wife.

"No you don't just doing what you pay me to do." Tom said trying to sound like it was no big deal.

"Any man who makes my wife feel better deserves a big thank you, and you will get one here real soon. I will do something nice for you."

"That isn't necessary." Tom assured him.

"How did your test go?" Faith asked from the passengers seat. Tom looked at her and almost lost his breath.

"It went well, I think, I really won't know for a couple of days." Tom's eyes shifted toward the road.

"Reporters, you guys better get inside so I can close the gate." Tim and Faith left Tom to deal with the reporters.

Making his rounds later that evening Tom made a startling discovery, another person was outside Faith's window, Tom approached cautiously, when he was close enough to see who it was he let out a sigh of relief, it was Nancy the nanny. She saw him coming but made no move to get away from the window. When he got to her, she pressed one finger to her lips for him to be quiet. She pointed at the window for him to look, Tom did so, what he saw made his cock lurch. There on the bed was Faith and Tim making love.

Tim was covering her with his body, his cock deeply buried inside of her, her legs wrapped around his waist her heels resting against his tight buttocks, Gently spurring him on, Tom could hear her moans, as Tim shoved his cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy. Their lips caught in a passionate lock.

Tom felt Nancy's hand on his now throbbing member. She stroked it through the material. Tom looked at her, her dark hair tied up in a tight bun on top of her head. Her lips were being wetted by her tongue as she watched Tom's eyes for reaction. Tom turned his attention back to the show inside the bedroom, Faith was on top now, She began to turn herself away from Tim to where they were both facing the same direction, she did this without taking Tim's cock out, her feet firmly planted on either side of his hips her hands on his thighs for balance, she began to squat up and down on his cock, Tom could see it gleam with wetness in the light as she would pull all the way up to the purplish head of his cock then she would thrust herself down, impaling herself with his cock. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying out too loud as she began to ride him with wild abandon, She arched backwards her body making a "C" shape as Tim held her by her waist, she became very still and the only motion was Tim's hips pressing upward into her as her orgasm released all over his cock, which did not slow. Her yells of passion could be heard clearly now through the widow, she recovered form her orgasm and Tim flipped her over into the "doggie" position.

Tom felt the zipper and button on his pants come undone, he looked down at Nancy who had positioned herself in front of him. His cock sprang free and she took it with one hand and began to stroke it.

"Watch the show.

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