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Housewife gets unwanted attention at department store.

Now I don't give a shit that you think you're right and you think I'm wrong, or that our friends and family are standing five feet outside this door or that every fucking one of them can hear the shit that's been coming out of your mouth. You need to shut the fuck up and control yourself. You're acting like a spoiled bitch and as much as I love you, I'm not putting up with this shit."

He stands there, not moving, barely breathing. My eyes move from his eyes to his mouth, my hand moves from his wrist to his chest, and I gather some of his shirt in my hand. I've never seen him this angry. I let go of his shirt and move my hand to his neck, moving the tips of my fingers along his skin.

"I'm sorry," I whisper, looking back up at him.

With his hand still holding my face, he pulls me to him, his kiss angry and hard as it is needing and gentle. The suddenness of it takes my breath away and I can still feel the adrenaline moving through my body; my legs are shaking, my hand returns to his wrist where I squeeze him hard, wanting him, hating him, loving him all at once. He pulls back for a second, taking me in with his eyes, his hand still on my mouth when his grip softens and instead of holding me back, he's drawing me in again. I can still feel the tension in his body as he lets my arm go and I can feel him with my hands; his arms and back, even his mouth is tensed as if he's still restraining his anger. It's alarming and exciting all at the same time.

His one hand is still on my face and he pushes me harder into the door as his kiss becomes deeper. I feel his other hand move to my ass and then lift me up, pinning me off the ground against his body and the door, his dick hard through his pants. His mouth is hungry for mine and he alternates between soft and slow and hard and deep; our tongues move between playing with each other and fighting with each other, his hands mimicking his emotions. I bite his lips and he pulls back for a second to look at me; he moves to kiss me again and I bite him again. Then he buries his face in my neck, biting, nibbling, kissing, biting. I feel his hand move from my face and slide up my back, his other hand holding my ass as he moves me from the wall and carries me over to the bed. He drops me down and his face pulls away from mine, his eyes travelling all over my body, taking in the way my skirt is scrunched up around my thighs, the way my hair is tangled and messy. The muscles in his jaw flex again and I can no longer tell if it's anger or lust that I'm seeing.

He gets onto the bed, laying himself on top of me as he grabs both my wrists and pins them above my head.

"You're going to be quiet. I don't want to hear a fucking sound out of you right now."

I blink and nod my head.

Still looking me in the eye, he pins both my hands underneath his one hand while the other hand reaches underneath my skirt, grabs my underwear at one side and pulls; I hear a ripping sound and I gasp.

He moves his face closer to mine, those blue eyes boring into me and says "Not a fucking sound."

He pauses a second before bringing his mouth to mine, slow at first, his lips grazing my lips, his tongue searching my mouth for a second and then disappearing. I feel his hand moving to the other side of my hips, his fingers hooking around the other side of my underwear, another pull and a tear. My sound this time is lost in his mouth as I feel him pull my underwear away from me entirely. He moves my hands down to his pants, where I pull at his belt and the button and zipper on his cackies. I can feel his dick pushing through his boxers as I go to push his pants away. I get everything off of him and he sits back on his legs, pulling his shirt over his head. His body is lean and strong and I can see him glistening with sweat already, a green shamrock on his shoulder the only color on his beautiful Irish body.

"Come here," he says and I sit up, closer to him. He pulls my shirt over my head and stares at me, my body for a minute. He still looks angry.

"Go," he says.

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