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They all started waving their arms and clanging their bells.

"If you could just help me find my way ... ."

Their bells easily drowned me out. Before I could say anything else they stopped shaking their bells and one of the Kukeri spoke.

"Natisnete go v Laneway."

"I don't speak Bularian ..." was all I could get out when they started clanging their bells and walking towards me, forcing me into the laneway. I stumbled backwards and tried to turn around and run but two of the taller Kukeri with the high fur heads had already gotten behind me blocked my exit.

"Nego d__rzhat vse oshte!"

I didn't need to understand Bulgarian by then as two of the Kukeri with wooden masks were holding my arms and the two taller ones that had blocked my way were now standing right in front of me. The other two tall Kukeri were pressed up behind me. I tried yelling but they immediately started clanging their bells again and swaying back-and-forth. To anyone passing by us in the street they would have looked like any other Kukeri dancing and making noise well into the night.

The tall Kuker behind me spoke again but I think by then everyone knew what their roles were.

"Poluchite si svali drekhite!"

I watched as my camera slipped from around and next, and in spite of my struggling I could only stare at my clothes as they were pulled off of me and disappeared behind the mass of fur and limbs in front of me.

I felt tiny surrounded by the oversized fur costumes; the tops of some of the goat fur clad outfits seemed like they were another five feet above my head. I was a small and powerless man surrounded by huge columns of fur, unable to shake free of the Kukeri, and unable to prevent whatever it was they were going to do to me.

There was a lull in the clanging of the cowbells so I tried one last time to speak to them.

"Why are you doing this? Please, let me go!"

One of the Kuker with the tall heads in front of me moved forward and was soon pressed right up against me, so much so that I had to turn my head and close my eyes so that the thick, shaggy fur of his costume didn't poke me in the face. The soft goat pelts spread over my skin; across my chest, my neck, and swelled into my crotch. I hadn't noticed until that point but my penis had firmed up just a little during the struggle, and as the Kuker leaned into me, I could feel my cock find reluctant succor in the deep pile of the man's traditional dress.

He rocked side-to-side on his feet almost imperceptibly, swiping the fur over me, mopping my bare torso, coaching my penis further into the soft folds of his outfit. I kept my eyes closed, not sure of what he was going to do next.

I had almost lost myself in the swaying column of fur in front of my when I suddenly felt the dancer's hands grab the cheeks of my ass and pull them apart.

I only hesitated slightly before I blurted out "Wait, ... no, wait!"

It was too late. The Kuker behind me had already slipped his cock into my ass and had put his hands around my waist, holding me firmly as the fur of his costume pressed up against my back and down the sides of my torso where his arms flexed around me, and puffing over the back of my legs and flooding into the ticklish space in behind my knee caps.

He slid himself in and out of me slowly several times to make sure the lubricant was all over him and well as inside of me before what I could only imagine would turn into a serious fucking. The Kuker who had been holding my cheeks open released his grip, and while I still felt the thick fur of his costume inching methodically over my bare, exposed flesh, I hadn't noticed that he was now kneeling in front of me because the top of his costume was still tall enough to reach over my head by several inches.

With precise timing, the Kuker behind me plunged his cock into me as far as he could at the exact same moment the one kneeling in front of me engulfed my penis in his mouth.

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