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A young man in the west lives up to a famous ancestor.

Also, she had a teaching position at the local community college and if pics got out it could be a bit of a mess.

"Would it make you feel any better if I told you that most likely the guy was gay?" I said. "From what I hear many of them are."

She laughed then said "Well, that could explain why it took him so long to get excited. I would have thought that with all those women touching him he would have gotten hard pretty quickly, but it took a while."

"It could also be that he was a 'professional' and had a lot of self-control," I said which got another laugh from Cindy. "I'm not a professional; I know I'd have issues right away."

I was enjoying driving Cindy. She had a very easy relaxed attitude and I found it interesting that we were able to talk openly about, well, to talk openly about strippers and cocks and erections. I had originally pegged her as being shy, but now that it was just the two of us I realized I was probably wrong about that.

I offered to turn off the Uber app for the rest of the ride; a freebie because I was enjoying the conversation and because it was my last ride of a long day. Cindy told me not to because Sue is paying for it and 'she can afford it'. Also if Sue looked into the billing she might question why the ride ended short of the final destination, her house.

I said, "I take it that Sue was pretty proud of herself for taking the initiative tonight."

Cindy replied, "Yeah; not exactly anything to be proud of."

She continued. "I actually would have liked to participate in the action. I think they thought I was being a prude, but I had my reasons for abstaining. If they only knew."

There was a moment of silence, as I didn't know how to respond. Then, before I could think of something clever to say, she asked if I could do her a favor. I said "Possibly. What is it?"

Again there was a moment of silence from her. I sensed she was hesitant; undecided if she wanted to ask the favor. I tried to ease it from her. "It's ok to ask. I'll answer honestly, one way or the other."

Cindy looked over at me and blurted it out. "Can you be my stripper?"

I was shocked and again I didn't know how to respond. I realized that I had been wrong in my evaluation of her. She might have been shy at first, perhaps hesitant, but now she was definitely asserting herself. Perhaps that was because she hadn't asserted herself earlier in the evening.

Before I could think of anything to say she reached over and put her hand on my thigh. She said "I have to let you know that I lied earlier to Sue, just to shut her up. I actually do like whipped cream; I love whipped cream!" And then she asked again "Will you be my stripper tonight?

I understood what she was asking. I felt like I had to put up at least a mild protest, though truth be told I was warming pretty quickly to the idea. I told her "I'm not a stripper and not even close to stripper material." Cindy moved her hand further up my thigh, cupping my crotch, and said: "I bet you'll be just fine." It's hard to argue with a woman when she's got your balls in her hand. Smiling, I said "OK - I'll give it a try." She returned my smile.

She dropped her hand back down to my thigh as I continued to drive. We were already in her neighborhood; the app actually said we had arrived. Cindy reached into her purse and came out with the garage door remote. I saw the house ahead and turned into the driveway just as the garage door was opening. And as soon as I had pulled all the way in, Cindy hit the remote again to close the door behind us. I turned the app off, finishing the ride, and Cindy led the way into her house.

We stopped in the living room. I took in the d__cor; based on what was in the house, as well as the size of the house and the neighborhood we were in, I had to assume that either she or her husband, or both, had money. She noticed me looking around. "He doesn't live here any longer. I assume that he's shacking up with his secretary. How much of a clich__ is that?"

I didn't respond, just turned toward her and asked: "So, how

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