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Younger man entertains angry older woman.

He was hard by the time his underwear cleared his hips and he closed his eyes in anticipation of another incredible blow job. She stroked his cock and teased it with her tongue before she engulfed it in her sweet mouth. Delia was an expert in oral sex and she knew just how to bring him along. She would intentionally slow her pace and speed up to keep him on the edge without cumming too soon. Dustin suspected they would be in for a long night but right then, he was enjoying Delia's oral skills.
Dustin then heard the bathroom door open again and he couldn't believe his eyes. Chole came out of the bathroom naked and walked over to where Dustin was seated. She stood there and watched as Delia continued to suck on his cock. The two sisters were built almost identical and he was looking at two fantastic bodies. Delia tilted her head slightly and looked up at her sister. Delia removed her mouth and continued stroking Dustin's cock as she smiled at Chole. Not a word was spoken by anyone. Dustin was in disbelief but his cock remained hard in Delia's hand.

Delia stood up and moved close to Chole and then Dustin watched in amazement as they kissed. It wasn't a tender kiss but a very erotic one where they sucked on each other's lower lip. They kissed several times pulling on their lower lips, their naked bodies pressing together. His cock throbbed at the sight of the beautiful naked women.

Chole was guided closer to Dustin and she leaned over and took his cock in her hand. She stroked in briefly and then covered it with her mouth. Dustin gasped when his cock entered her beautiful mouth. She started sucking on his dick. Delia dropped to her knees again and took Dustin's balls in her mouth. She sucked on his testicles as Chole continued to suck his cock. Dustin was in a quandary. They were so damn beautiful and looked incredibly erotic sucking his cock and balls.

Dustin reached down and caressed Chole's superfine ass. His hand moved over her smooth firm buttock squeezing it gently. Delia then released his testicles from her mouth and moved behind her sister. Dustin watched as Delia dropped to her knees and began to lick her sister's pussy from behind. Chole moaned onto Dustin's cock as Delia worked her magic. Delia pulled Chole's buttocks apart and slipped her tongue between them. Dustin couldn't see but he was sure that Delia was rimming her sister.

The sight before him was mind blowing. The two women matched in skin and hair color with magnificent bodies were totally consumed by the eroticism. He knew that he could not last much longer and he announced that he was about to cum. Delia moved back alongside Chole who continued to suck his cock. Dustin felt the first shot leave his cock and Chole felt the jolt at the back of her throat. She pulled the cock from her mouth and jerked on it as he ejaculated on both women's faces. He had never experienced anything like this and he had never expected such sluty behavior from the sisters.

Dustin stopped shooting and the sisters took turns sucking his cock dry. Then the two beauties kissed again and lick the semen from their faces. Dustin was lost for words as he watched them. It was obvious to him that this was not their first time doing this and Dustin wondered who else had been so lucky. The sisters proceeded to remove the rest of Dustin's clothes.

Delia moved over to the bed and lay on her back across it. Chole moved between Delia legs and began kissing her inner thighs working her way up to the pussy. Dustin looked at Chole bending over and he moved behind her and slid his cock into her wet pussy. He caressed the marvelous ass as he fucked her from behind. It didn't take Delia long to cum as she was very turned on. She reached down to cradle Chole's head and caress her face. Dustin watched the look on Delia's face and he knew she was close.

"Oh Chole, I'm going to cum. Stay with me."

Chole did just that and stayed with her sister who experienced an intense orgasm.

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