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A new girl to prostitution.

I looked back down as I spread my legs wider & humped into her mouth which was working its magic more fully as she got into a deeper rhythm; leaning in to fill her mouth & work the rapidly melting ice over my cock. I felt her hair tickling my inner thighs while her mouth opened to take me ever deeper, gurgling with approval on my cock that throbbed in her throat, pushing

herself down the last inch to take me in completely while she held herself down on the root until the ice melted onto my hot balls that seethed with a fresh load of creamy juice.

"That - feels - in-fucking-credible" I managed to gasp while her throat swallowed my cock in gulps that made my body shake with intensity & I nearly lost it totally when her tongue managed to snake down to lap at my balls as one of her hands slid under my ass to squeeze it lustily, beginning to suck my turgid length passionately, slipping her lips along every inch while her tongue slithered up the underside before reaching the tip to swirl around before sliding back down, then up, then down again in an ever increasing rhythm that made the hair at the back of my neck stand up as her moans sent ripples of indescribable pleasure coursing along my spine. Her oral acrobatics leapt into higher drive as she drove her mouth down to my balls then back up to the tip again & again until I could feel her drooling onto them. My hips matched her rhythm as I began to fuck that hot mouth while feeling her nails digging into the cheeks of my ass; urging me on to lewdly use her throat as she gobbled every inch greedily while I held rigidly in place for her to feed upon, grunting in surprise at the questing fingertip over my asshole while her tongue flickered over the tip to gather the pre-cumm. She pushed into the tight muscle slightly & crooned happily as she was rewarded with a fresh pearl of love juice that smeared across her lips as she kissed it off the swollen glans while I felt my head spinning with the erotic stimulus.

"Time out!" I gasped desperately, "don't make me cum before I can taste you again love."

She lifted her head as I leant up to kiss her moist lips. Our tongues danced back & forth as I savoured the salty taste of my flesh on hers as it darted around my mouth. Looking deep into each others eyes to find our desires reflected there, licking, kissing & nibbling our lips until we briefly parted to suck in air before returning to the feast. Lying back on the bed with my feet on the floor while she knelt either side of my chest to give me a grandstand view of her magnificent arse.

"Fuck, that's a beautiful sight" I breathed, kissing each cheek lovingly as my hands caressed her hips, then ran down to rub all over the soft, sweet curves as she pushed it back into my face until she filled my world with her sex. I heard her moan in recognition of the compliment as she concentrated on feeding me back into her mouth once more; taking it by the root to hold it still while her tongue swished back & forth over the tip. Taking a firm grip on her love handles I pulled her magnificent arse back until the tip of my tongue brushed the dripping lips of her sex which felt flush with desire; kissing alongside the pendulous folds of her hairy pussy as I dug my fingers into her voluptuous flesh, passionately pulling her back harder as she ran her nails along the sensitive underside of my shaft to tease behind the glans of my cock while her tongue tip wriggled into the seeping slit as more spittle dripped from her watering mouth which then began to suckle harder on my pulsing cock.

The sound of our growing pleasure harmonised with the smacking of lips & the slurping of tongues as we dined on each others lust; wrapping my arms across her waist, I buried my face into her soaking crack to dart my tongue up her juicy channel, feeling her cunt lips wrap around mine in an obscene kiss while I breathed her musky aroma, drinking her cr__me & savouring each drop on my tongue like a connoisseur of the finest wine before letting it slip down

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