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Jack and Kelly's story continues.

I wanted to hear that heartbeat. I wept quietly in the night.

I told him nothing of what was in my heart. I believed he knew it though, and it struck a chord in him too. I didn't know what to do but to string things out as long as I could. When you live forever you tend to look far ahead. I just looked forward to the next time I saw him.

One evening we returned to the restaurant where we had had our first real date. His tour was going short and I knew that soon a decision of some kind would have to be made. We stood on the veranda, enjoying the night air as we waited for our table.

I turned my head and saw a familiar face dropping off the side of the porch. Recognition dawned as I realized he was a VC sapper I had seen once while interviewing a senior member of that organization. I inhaled deeply, through my nose, to catch the variety of smells in the direction of the restaurant. Mingled with the ever present nuc-mong sauce and a number of other scents was an acrid smell. I froze for one long instant as I realized it was a fuse burning.

I turned and grabbed Myron and pitched him down the steps away from the doorway. "Get down," I screamed. I should have followed my own advice. Instead, I flung myself in the door. If I could just get to the bomb I knew was there...

I didn't. I never even heard the explosion. I just saw the fireball coming towards me, and then nothing at all.

Consciousness returned. Where the hell was I? I asked myself that question when I woke up in a mausoleum in 1573 and it seems to keep coming back to me every so often. I very rarely like the answer. This time was one of the worst ones.

I groaned. I seemed to be lying on a steel plate, or slab of sometime. I was nude too. Now I've often awoken that way, but I didn't like the implications of that at all this time. I hurt all over, as bad or worse than I ever have in 4 plus centuries.

It sure was dark in here. I felt around me with my hands. Oh shit, metal surrounding me very closely on all sides. Very reminiscent of a coffin in fact. I was hyperventilating, even though I don't need to breathe. Buried alive doesn't do much for a vampire. Kind of hard to feed 6 feet under.

My hands shoved against the confining walls and suddenly I moved. There was the faint squeak of wheels and I felt colder air blow across my body. I knew I was in a larger room. I swung my legs over the side of the whatever-the-hell I was on and dropped to the floor. Actually, I fell very ungracefully to the floor. I didn't expect to be 5 feet up in the air.

The clatter I made gave rise to rapid footsteps in what I guessed was an outside hallway. I heard a door open, and my ears caught the sound of a switch being thrown. I was hoping for lights, but nothing penetrated my darkness.

"Who's there?" called a shaky male voice. There was a pause and he must have seen me crouched on the floor because he added, "Oh My GOD." I heard him retreat from the room, screaming for a Doctor Johnston as he did.

I tried to push myself up on my feet. Wherever the hell I was and whatever the hell was going on, I knew I would be safer if I was standing. I managed to get up by holding on to the handles of a series of what seemed to be cabinet drawers.

Footsteps. All I could tell was it was more than one man. Why the hell couldn't I see who it was? I passed my arm across my eyes to no avail.

"Look Doctor Johnston. Right there!" I was sure I was some kind of sight, particularly since I realized I was nude, but damn, why was he in such a panic? I didn't think I could look that bad.

"Mary Mother of God," I heard one of the newer arrival say. Well, another Catholic. That was encouraging in a way. "Miss, I'm Doctor Johnston."

"Great, nice to meet you Doctor Johnston. I'm Bridget and where the hell am I and where are my clothes?" I stiffened as I sensed two men trying to close in on me, one from each side. They probably thought they were being silent. They weren't.

"Tell me what you remember."

Great, guessing games.

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