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Jenny likes what he is doing to her.


Raising an eyebrow, Simone shook her head, "so you found another guy last night?"

"Another and he must have been a good inch bigger, I'm never giving up black cock."

"You're never going to grow up," said Simone as she took another mouthful of food and thought about how much more of a slut 'Tash was than she had ever been.

"Why have a boyfriend when they just get in the way of another cock."

Turning away from 'Tash, Simone let out a sigh, "well I don't know about you but I want to be happy with my husband and right now all I have proved is I'm a bit of a slut."

Reaching out a hand, 'Tash took hold of Simone's and pulled it towards her. Holding the hand between her own palms she kissed it gently. "You're different, you need to have a man in your life but you also know that you need to have more than just one in the bedroom." Staying silent, Simone just stared at 'Tash before pulling away altogether. Standing she threw down her napkin and headed for the pool.

"I'm going to wait until Mike is ready to see me."

Alone again, Simone felt relief as she saw Mike in the distance as he headed up towards the room that she had hoped to share with him. "Maybe he is getting over it all, maybe he will come and see me soon," she thought to herself as she took up a position on a sun lounger, pushing her skirt to the floor as she did so. Undoing her bikini top, Simone released her breasts and lay back, letting the sun bless her skin with its warmth.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Simone let the warmth of the sun warm her skin and she felt her body relax for the first time in days. Her mind went blank as she was finally able to forget about not only the build up to the wedding but also the anger of the days that had followed. Suddenly a long shadow fell over her as something blocked out the sun. Opening her eyes, Simone saw the silhouette of two tall, well-toned men standing over her. It took a moment for her to focus her eyes as they struggled to cope with the sudden changes in light levels.

As her vision finally adjusted to the circumstances, Simone realised that she was staring at the two brothers who had rescued her the day before. The one stood on her right, had a wry smile on his face as he studied the curves of her nearly naked frame. Meanwhile to the left the younger looking of the two brothers openly grinned as if his birthday and Christmas had come at once. Glancing up at the elder one, his eyes settled back onto Simone and she could see the open lust that was clearly flooding his mind. He held out a hand, inviting Simone to take it with a flirtatious wink and a knowing look.

"I think I've already caused enough problems by hanging out with black guys this week."

The older brother pointed with an index finger towards the block of the hotel that Simone's room was in. Slowly turning her head to see what the brother was trying to say, Simone noticed that Mike was stood on the balcony of her room. "He sent us, we're to take you to your room," he said, turning his attention back to Simone and proffering his hand one more time. Simone continued to look up at the balcony and as she watched the man she loved, he waved his arm, beckoning her towards the room.

"Really?" exclaimed Simone as she turned her attention back to the two brothers, looking from one to the other.

"Your man promised," squeaked the now over excited younger brother as he attempted to replicate his calmer and more serious sibling in offering Simone a hand. She pushed herself up on the sun lounger slightly and carefully scanned the area around the pool. The three of them would have been completely alone if it was not for 'Tash who was watching from the doorway to her hotel block. On seeing 'Tash, Simone caught her eye and then shrugged her shoulders hoping for some signal as to what to do. In response, 'Tash, slowly raised her right hand to her mouth and blew a gentle kiss in her direction.
To Simone it felt like the two most important people in her life were giving her a blessing, permission to do as she pleased in a moment like this.

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