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America doesn't understand what perversion is.

"It's nice that summer is around the corner," Martin suddenly laughed, "Sorry, as if you ever think that down in Florida."

Annie laughed, "Yeah, we pretty much think the opposite, I mean, it's great getting out to the beach, head to the keys and scuba, but doing the day-to-day things are really hot. You've never felt real heat until you've crossed a hundred yards of asphalt in a parking lot in July." She took a deep breath, "You're right though, I used to absolutely love this first warm day of the year." She stopped, seeing her nephew pause.

"Annie, um, I know it's short notice, but the prom is next week and I'd really love to have you go with me, I mean I'll understand if you don't want to..."

Annie threw her arms around the boy, "Are you kidding? Getting dressed up, riding in a limo and having eye-candy like you on my arm entering the dance? I'd love to!" She said happily.

Martin was thrilled at how happy Annie was to accept. He worried she'd be upset that she was his second choice...check that, had he but known, he never would have asked Katerina. Then he had a thought, "Maybe I'd better reconsider." He looked into the cute blonde's eyes, "When did you last have your eyes checked, I mean I'd hate for you to run into a table or something. Eye-candy?"

Annie punched him and pulled on his hand heading back, "Come on. Let's get your mom's car. We have to go dress shopping."


Martin looked back at Katerina and Craig as he headed out of the room and ran smack into Drew. "Sorry, hey Drew, What's up?"

"Dude, check this out." He held up his phone showing Annie pulling her purple bag through the airport.

Martin was confused, how did Drew know his aunt, then it hit him. "So? Who's that? She is really pretty, but don't tell me you're stalking cute girls at the airport."

Drew punched him in the arm "Don't you know who this is? This is Penny Nichols. Christ! Here." He opened another page showing a video of his aunt riding a guy's cock.

"I don't know. I mean, she looks almost like her, but I'm sure there're a ton of girls who look like her. Anyhow, think about it. Why would a world-class porn star come to Smithfield?" He looked at his friend, "But you never know, maybe she's here to go to the prom with me."

Drew laughed, "Yeah, right, that'll happen." He slapped his friend on the shoulder laughing and headed to class.

Martin turned the other way and was slammed into the locker behind him, "Get the fuck out of my way, loser." Craig hissed, as he strutted down the hall. He rubbed his shoulder and continued to class. He looked around seeing all the boys showing each other their phones and hurried on hearing Penny's name mentioned over and over. 'Oh Christ, I'd better tell Annie we have to make different plans.' He felt like crying thinking he was cursed.


"So? This is my demographic." Annie laughed, "You seriously think there's a high school in the country with guys who haven't jerked off to me?" She looked at him, "Ok, have you?"

Martin blushed, "Um, I mean never until mom told me why you disappeared. I mean, I had to look up your videos and I might have..."

Annie laughed, "Oh good. I'd hate to think all my work isn't exciting." She put down her water, "Let's hop on the bikes. Mal kept my mountain bike and I really want to check out the woods."

Martin headed to his room to change into his biking shorts. As he was pulling on his tee shirt, he heard a knocking, "Come in."

"Hey, you don't have an extra pair of biking shorts, do you?" Annie asked as she stepped in, "Nice, Ok, I'm totally looking forward to the after-prom." She giggled looking at the snake in her nephew's Lycra shorts.

Martin blushed and headed over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts, "Here you go, oh!" He looked quickly away seeing Annie pull off the jeans and thong.

"What's wrong? I thought you'd already seen me naked.

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