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Hannah's quest for breasts gets her in a bit of a mess.

"Okay but I'll have to be convinced."

Immediately Kelly's body language altered, her former slumped shoulders perked up and her eyes glimmered with a hint of mischief. "Just tell me what I need to do to convince you Peter." Her hands finished their long slow journey to his groin closing around his shaft. "I'm sure we can work something out."

Kelly swallowed slightly when her grip tightened around Peter's penis. She'd never suspected that he was so well equipped. For a moment she regretted that she'd offered herself to him. From the feel of things he was a good bit larger than her boyfriend had been. "Well you can start with a lap dance." Peter said.

"Can I get some music?" Kelly asked and Peter clicked onto a website and clicked on slow rock tune.

Rising to her feet Kelly closed her eyes and let the music start to flow through her. After a few seconds she could feel the drums commanding her hips to rock back and forth. Her hands started down at her thighs and glided up rising with the tempo until they were over head twisting around each other. An about face was followed quickly by her bending at the waist thrust her ass only a few inches from his face.

Peter had only been to one strip club in his life and the stripper wasn't nearly as attractive as Kelly. Having her ass only scant inches from his face was a trouser tightening experience. That was before she reached back and grabbed the zipper key on her skirt. Each beat of the drum drove it another inch lower until it was low enough to let the rolling of her hips start driving the slip of fabric floorward.

Each inch the skirt dropped revealed a little more of her pastel yellow garter belt and matching garter belt. He hadn't noticed until then that her stockings weren't actually white but were instead a pale yellow that contrasted well against her lightly bronzed flesh. As soon as her skirt touched the floor she spun in place a second time lifting her leg and dumping the square of fabric on his crotch. Kelly rested her foot on the armrest narrowly missing his arm and rolled her hips suggestively towards him. At the same time her nimble fingers unfastened the buttons of her coat tossing that to the floor, then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

Peter was completely mesmerized Kelly. He knew this wasn't the first time she'd danced. The serpentine roll of her belly was hypnotic. She came so close that his nose brushed against her naval. and up her chest always just behind the last unfastened button until the last one conspicuously beneath her breasts was undone and she smothered him playfully between them. "You like that?" Peter said he did prompting the redhead to repeat it. "Good."

Kelly straddled her subordinate and ground her hips against his groin. A genuine gasp escaped her lips when she felt his manhood lurch at her touch. She was certain now that it was a good bit larger than her ex's. Kelly placed her hands on top of his lacing their fingers together and bringing their now combined hands to her breasts with an excited moan. Peter let Kelly guide his hands over her breasts expertly undoing the front clasp allowing the fabric to fall away. Still in control of Kelly slide Peter's hand down into her underwear. Another gasp burst from her lips when his rough fingers touched across her clit. Taking the lead Peter slid a pair of their fingers into Kelly's slick hole.

Together the two of them worked Kelly up to the very edge of her climax.

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