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Masa is sent to train with a new master, not to her liking.

I have pulled my hair to one side to dry the tips some more, leaving the back of my neck exposed. You creep up and wrap your arms around my waist. Before I have a moment to react, you kiss the side of my neck, eventually letting the kiss flow into a long lick up to my ear. I giggle as it sends tingling sensations up and down my back.

I drop the towel and turn to you, your arms still around me. I wrap one arm around the back of your neck and place my other hand softly on your cheek. I stand on my toes and give you a long, passionate kiss, my arm pulling you in closer to me. You can tell I have something in mind. I break the kiss, but keep my eyes locked with yours. I give you a new look you have not seen before, one of power and dominance. I slowly and surely move you to the metal deck chair to one side of the balcony. The backs of your knees against the heavy chair and my arms laying heavily on your shoulders, you have no choice but to sit down. The absence of arms on the chair make it easy for me to straddle you and sit on your lap. As I sit down, you are able to catch a peek at my young slit, slightly damp in anticipation.

I begin by pulling off your t-shirt. Once your strong chest is completely availed to me, I begin to lick and suck your left nipple. You can feel the warmth of my mouth pulling at you. I move to the right nipple as I slide my hands down your sides and slip them under the elastic of your underwear and sweat pants. You emit a low groan of complete happiness as I slide your clothing down over your hips. You are only too eager to lift your butt from the chair as I pull your pants all the way off and toss them inside the door with your shirt. Completely naked, you suddenly realize that you are surrounded by the cool night air, exposed for anyone in the neighboring balconies to look over and see. You suddenly seem a little apprehensive as you glance around, and I giggle as I bring your attention back to the matter at hand.

I loosen the cord around my waist , unveiling my creamy white breasts to you, as I continue to kiss you and slide further up your legs until my mound is pressed against you. I feel your mouth groan against mine as I pull on your lips with mine. I begin to move in a circular motion, first rubbing against the straining head of your cock, then pressing my mound and stomach against you, then back and down to start all over again. You seem to be almost unable to take much more of this, and put your hands on my sides, trying to push me down onto your cock. I resist as I lean back from you to give you a seductive look of mild disapproval. I'm in control here, you must sit back and take whatever I choose to give you.

Deciding upon a change of pace, I dismount you. You try to protest, but I tell you to stop as I kneel in front of you. Realizing what is happening, you are quiet again. I put my hands on your knees and slide them up to your very hard member. I wrap one hand around your cock and begin to stroke up and down as my other hand cups your balls and begins to massage them. You begin to groan, once again. I lean close and lick the tip of your cock with a quick flick of my tongue. I then envelop the head of your cock in my warm mouth and begin to swirl my tongue around it as I continue to pump and massage with my hands. You place your hands rather heavily on the back of my damp head, trying to get me to take more of you in my mouth. I resist again. Feeling that you are about to climax, I suddenly stop. You remove your hands and give me a questioning look. I merely smile seductively, once again, as I get up and sit on your lap, just as I had been before.

I can tell you are in complete erotic agony, and I decide to finally give you release.

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