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We kiss again, your lips caressing my neck in that irresistibly maddening way as your arms tighten around me. You lift me out of the chair and carry me to the bed. I realize I'm defenseless in your arms, and my heart pounds as I wonder how I can trust and be scared of being hurt again simultaneously.

"You look so beautiful." you whisper, as you place me on the bed and stare. I see a tinge of regret in your eyes and swallow around the lump in my throat. For a moment, I remember the loneliness of the last few months, how I wish you'd never left, and wonder why things fell apart. I have missed you, and now that you're here, I just want to cherish the time we have and enjoy each other for as long as we can.

"Thank you." My words are barely audible, but I can't take my eyes off you. You lie down next to me, take me in your arms, and suddenly my stomach is in knots.

"Relax. It's going to be okay." you assure, as you kiss me again and your hands melt into my soft skin.

I close my eyes and sigh as you begin to slowly undress me. You untie and remove my emerald colored satin robe to reveal the shorter matching baby doll nightie underneath, which accents my breasts and waistline. I bought it especially to entice you on our first night together.

Your breath catches as you run your hands slowly over the smooth fabric, reverently tracing the contours of my body underneath. Bringing the thin straps down off my shoulders, you kiss my lips and slowly inch your way down, peeling away the garment as you go. You cup my breasts, and they are so sensitive the nipples pucker at your slightest touch. Your fingers move slowly in a circle around each mound, then play with the erect nipples at the top. I shiver, liking this too much. Just when I think it can't get any better, your tongue takes over where your hands left off. It glides over my flesh endlessly until finally you suck and nibble on each nipple in turn. Intense waves of pleasure rush through me as you alternate between breasts. You do this until my breathing comes in gasps, and when I feel your fingers moving in and out of me, I cry out and run my fingers through your hair. My climax is brief but intense, and I can hardly wait to feel you cum inside me.

Untucking your shirt from your jeans, I unsnap them and help you out of your clothes. Your hair is slightly mussed, and intense passion floods your expression as you kiss me deeply and roughly this time. You've barely scratched the surface of the raging desire inside us both as your mouth and hands continue savoring my body. I feel your hardening cock against me, and you suck in your breath when I reach down to stroke it, bringing your mouth to mine and kissing softly this time. Your lips graze my ears, and you moan as they linger in my floral scented hair. "Mmmmm....You smell so good!"

I laugh seductively, stroking and kissing you at the same time, then get on top of you and fondle your cock in my hands. "And I want to make you feel good, too!"

Your moans and exclamations of pleasure intensify my arousal as I softly kiss the insides of your thighs, smile, and rub your cock up and down. I start slowly at first, then increase friction, speed and pressure gradually. I kiss and lick the sensitive underside of it, then grace the top and front with kisses, too. Your breathing is erratic now, and you cry out as I change the motion from side to side, wanting to prolong your pleasure and delay your orgasm as long as I can. I put a condom on you, finally pleasuring you with my mouth as you laugh in relief. "Yes, oh please, yes!"

My tongue caresses your hardness slowly and thoroughly, each skillful glide bringing you closer to bliss and delirium.

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