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They were both just glad it was over.

It was brighter than I remembered. Almost painful.

I took a deep breath and then fixed my gaze on the king's men, standing by a wagon.

I walked over to them and handed them the pouch Bologal had given to me. The one I gave it to looked inside, seeming disappointed.

"This is it?" he asked in an angry tone. Now was my time.

"Better than nothing like last time, right?" I said. "If you want more, then go tell the king we need more workers in here!"

The two men looked suspicious. "Things seemed to go fine a while back, and you've only gotten more workers since. Just say it, the mine is drying out."

"Not at all. But the mine is getting unstable, and the risk of a tunnel falling in is keeping the workers from mining. We've already lost several in collapses! So we've got to focus more on supporting the tunnels, and guess what? You don't find a lot of silver when doing that. Though we would be done with it sooner if we had more people who could work on it."

"What do you expect us to do?" the other man asked. "We don't decide who ends up here!"

"Just go tell whoever does decide it that if they don't want to wait for weeks, maybe months, for better results, then they better get more friendly with the thought of sending criminals here. Alright?"

One of the men grunted. "Fine. We'll make sure that message reaches them."

Then they both got into the carriage and turned the horses around, driving off the way they came.

One of the bandit guards turned to me, looking at me with his eyes concealed by the helmet. "If this works, you've done good, kid. The keyword here is if, though."

"Even if they don't give us more workers we at least have a valid excuse for barely giving them anything for a while," I responded and went back into the cave.

The armor must be boosting my confidence; I just talked back to one of the bandits.

Bologal was waiting for me, hands on her hips. "Did it work?"

"They bought the lie, at least. Now we'll have to wait and see if they send us more prisoners."

A tiny bit of me felt bad for encouraging that more people were sent here. But they were bad people, right? They probably deserved it.

I followed Bologal to the armory where I was going to return the armor. But as I began removing the helmet, she grabbed my hand.

"Keep it on for a little longer, slave. We never got to finish before, so I wanna fuck you while you wear it."

Well, that was a bit weird... I guess. Though I put the helmet back in place and waited for her to do her thing.

She pushed me backwards and I landed on my back. Then she lifted my legs up and removed a few armor pieces to give her access to my ass.

She stroked her hard cock and positioned it right in front of my ass.

"Look at me, I'm fucking one of the king's guards," she said with a grin and pushed her dick inside.

As she began humping me, I felt my penis harden and press against the armor. It was happening more and more often that my body seemed aroused by this, but I still refused to tolerate it in my mind. And something that took away from the pleasure this time was the heavy armor that was getting really uncomfortable as I began sweating.

Bologal grabbed my hips and lifted my lower body as well, leaving only my back on the ground as she moved my body to match her thrusts. It was a pretty uncomfortable position, but at least she seemed to like it.

I felt her dick pump in and out and heard her moans. My attention returned to my own penis and I caught myself wishing Bologal would jerk me off or something. I knocked those thoughts out of my head and instead focused on how uncomfortable the armor was.

After a few minutes Bologal came, moaning loudly and shooting cum from her throbbing dick. Then she let go of me and my lower half fell to the floor.

After my armor was removed and the collar was back around my neck, the rest of the day passed by quite uneventful.

When we entered her room for the evening after a recent dinner, I suddenly said something without really thinking it through.


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