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They check the second story, and she checks the dirty story.

Once again, I was keeping her waiting, this time because I was staring at my bleeding hand. Tentatively, I extended my bloody hand towards the girl. She grabbed my hand and placed it between both of hers.

The possibilities of who she might actually be ran through my head. I had very little friends, so it was unlikely that she was being sent here as a practical joke. It was possible that Matt sent her here to screw with me some more. No, if he had somehow encountered someone of this angelic caliber he would likely be the one screwing her instead of wasting screwing time to screw around with me.

A radiant golden flash snapped me back to attention. I looked up. It was lit between her hands, and immediately the pain in my hands began to fade. She lifted her hands away. The blood remained, but the holes in my skin were completely gone. Even the scar on the back of my hand that I had gotten from falling off my bike back when I was four was gone. Seeing me at a complete lost for words (once again), she smiled, but continued.

"Eleven minor genies were created along with the creation of the universe. After creation, we were sealed into psiandrals, that golden sphere you slipped on yesterday."

Recollection of the past events yesterday began to come back to me, from the finding of the golden sphere to the sharp pain that had attacked my arm when I was examining it.

"Of the eleven psiandrals assigned to this universe, three fell into the earth and were found and sealed by a group of people that you would refer to as the Greeks. A man named Archimedes was able to discover the true purpose of the psiandrals, as a vessel that contained us. Unfortunately, after the discovery was publicized, wars began to break out in order to claim the vessels. The Greeks ended up losing two of the psiandrals. One to a group called the Persians, another to a civilization called the Romans. They knew that their empire was on the verge of falling, so as a last attempt to conserve their honor, the last psiandral-mine, was sealed into an underground temple shortly before their empire fell."

"But wait," I said. "Why couldn't the Greeks just release you guys and wish the wars to be won, or just wished their enemies away or something?"

"Releasing a genie from her psiandral is not an easy feat. First of all, a psiandral will only release to certain individuals with very specific attributes. It will scan any person that touches it and will judge whether that person is suited for and capable of handling the powers of a genie. What it searches for exactly is not known to me, but that information is only known to the Greater Genie that created me."

"Well if your... siandrul was sealed away, then how did I find you in the middle of the sidewalk? And where are the other two that were taken by the Romans?" I asked. She frowned.

"I am not exactly sure. We have very little knowledge on what goes on with the world outside of us after we have been sealed inside. The information that I relayed to you was knowledge that I acquired through a collaboration of manuscripts written from different perspectives of those involved in those wars. That is one thing that I am able to do, by the way. If outside knowledge exists, whether in a book or even in somebody else's thoughts, then it is mine for accessing."

I took note of it.

"However, I do share a link between the other minor genies in their psiandrals so I can tell you what happened after the fall of Greece. The first psiandral was in fact destroyed by the Romans when they attempted to use heavy force to release the genie inside. Yes, it is possible for us to die. The second was shortly taken back from the Persians and from Earth by a Greater Genie after realizing how treacherous mankind was. Why my psiandral remained, I do not know."

"So I'm the only one that has ever released you from your sphere?" I asked, skeptical again.

"Yes," She answered.

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