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Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique.

During this time, Roxana slid her foot across, her eyes never leaving David and Raine, and rested it on my crotch. Gently massaging my ever growing erection, she gave me a wink as she proceeded to give me a foot job of unbelievable proportions.

A few minutes of this strange tableau later, Raine and David broke away from each other, breathless.

"So, what do you think?" Roxana asked devilishly.

"Definitely better than mine," Raine answered with glee.

Roxana stood up and then said in a sultry whisper, "I am even better" and drew Raine's mouth to her own, kissing her deeply and passionately.

Needless to say, David and I were on edge. Roxana broke away and sat herself next to David, Raine still straddling his lap. Wordlessly, David and Raine go back to making out, while Roxana has her hand down near David's waist.

David then broke away from Raine and goes to kiss Roxana.

"I can't believe you just did that," Raine said playfully.

David pauses from kissing Roxana for a moment, "What?"

"I can't believe you broke away to kiss her, that's just so rude!" Raine replied with a laugh.

As the conversation took place, I stood up and went behind Raine.

"Don't worry about that," I said.

I then slipped my hands from behind under her shirt and massage her marvelous tear-drop shaped B-cup breasts as I kissed her neck, then nibbled her ears, and then we were deep-tonguing each other.

After what seemed like an hour, Roxana broke away from David and gently pried me away from Raine. With a single move, she removed Raine's shirt and began to play with Raine's breasts as I had done.

David grinned like an idiot as he had the best seats to the show that was being on display. Raine tilted her head back in wordless moan and slipped a hand down the front of her sweat pants.

Roxana broke away and Raine collapsed forward, mashing her breasts against David, kissing his neck as she plunged her fingers further into herself. David takes over for her, his hand reaching into her pants as well as he brings his lips and tongue in contact with hers.

Meanwhile, Roxana and I decided to have our own little fun. I pulled off the shirt that she was wearing and suckled her perfectly shaped C-cup breasts. She ran her fingers in my hair as I trailed kisses from her breasts down to her pants, which I promptly took off.

She stood before me only wearing a turquoise thong and a big smile as I moved the tiny material that was covering her wetness to the side and began to lap at her flowing juices. She held my head close to her as I continued to take her all in, my tongue delving further into her, my lips sucking her engorged hood.

She sat back down on the sofa, her legs open wide as she urged me to continue. I paused for a moment to take off my own shirt and see that Raine had dropped her sweat pants around her ankles and had David's long, thin 8-inch cock into her. I got down onto my knees and dive back into Roxana.

Her thighs clamp around my head as I bring her to the first orgasm of the night. From the sounds of Raine and David, they were joining her in that feeling, though I was beginning to feel extremely frustrated at the lack of attention I was getting at that point.

Roxana fixed that as she gave me her trademark devil grin, despite being more than a little-starry eyed after that orgasm, as she undoes my pants and takes my thick, engorged cock into her hand. She lovingly squeezes it and strokes it a little before she pulls it towards Raine.

She paused for a moment to suck on her middle finger all the way to the knuckle and then inserted it into Raine's ass, then brings my cock towards the lubricated orifice. She holds Raine as she guides me to between the tight butt-cheeks of Raine. Raine gave out a long groan as she took me in to her other orifice.

It took only a few thrusts before David and I set up a rhythm between ourselves as we hump Raine.

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