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Stepdaughter helps frustrated dad.

"Going someplace, honey?" Frank laughed. "You're not going anyplace till I'm finished with you." Frank said as he placed his hand on Spence's throbbing prick and squeezed.

"Ohhhh, Yesss!" Spence moaned and arched his back to increase the contact of his cock with Frank's hand.

"That's it. Moan like the little bitch you are." Frank hissed as he unzipped Spence's pants.

He quickly removed Spence's shoes and socks and stripped him of his pants and briefs. Spence's cock stood hard and throbbing and pointing at the ceiling.

"Oh, please! Yes, please!" Spence begged as Frank wrapped his hand around his hard rod and slowly jerked him off.

"That's it, baby. Beg Frank for it. Beg like the little slut you're becoming. " Frank urged as he pulled Spence's foreskin down, exposing the slick, sensitive head of Spence's cock.

Spence had never been this hard in his life. His heart was pounding madly in his chest as he felt himself losing control. His hips began to shake and buck as Frank pulled his spunk higher and higher towards his cock head. Then Spence cried out, a huge, animal cry of pleasure as the sperm erupted from his cock in long ropes that hit the cocktail table, the couch, Spence's chest and legs. He came and came and came again as Frank expertly milked the juice out his hard, throbbing penis.

Then it was over. The orgasm subsided. Spence felt spent and used. Frank was still working Spence's cock; slowly, now, with gentle squeezing and stroking. Spence's cock usually went flaccid right after ejaculation, but it was still hard and stiff as a board. Spence was afraid. Something was going on here; something more than just the response of his body to Frank's touch. It was almost as if Frank was assaulting his mental and emotional defenses and making him pliant and helpless. He couldn't surrender to Frank. He must resist and get away!

"Be my baby." Frank whispered in his ear. "Surrender to Frank and be my little bitch."

Then Frank's lips covered his. Spence clenched his teeth tightly closed as Frank's tongue licked his lips and teeth seeking entry to his mouth. Spence stubbornly denied him entry. But Frank moved his hand from Spence's throbbing cock to Spence's chest. Spence gasped and his lips and teeth parted as Frank roughly squeezed his nipple. The minute Spence's mouth opened, Frank plunged his tongue inside. New waves of pleasure coursed through Spence's body as Frank's tongue massaged his tongue. Spence opened his mouth wider and Frank plunged his tongue as far as he could into Spence's mouth. Now their tongues were lapping together wildly, saliva dripping down the sides of Spence's mouth. Frank's hand was back on Spence's stiff, pulsing cock. Frank began jacking him wildly as Spence moaned and hungrily licked at Frank's tongue. Then the spasms coursed through Spence's body again. He was cumming and cumming and cumming! Sperm ejaculated wildly onto his torso and the couch and the floor. Spence cried out in ecstasy as Frank's mouth released him. His body was shaking as the orgasm subsided. He clung to Frank for a few moments, until Frank released him. Frank looked down at his new boy and smiled triumphantly.

"Now I'm going to make you my little pussy-boy." Frank said. He stood up and then swept Spence into his arms and carried him into the bedroom.


The bedcovers were already drawn back. Frank dropped his naked prey onto the bed and quickly shed his own clothes. Spence's eyes grew wide as he looked at Frank's large, erect cock. It was much bigger than his own, maybe nine inches long and thick with a large mushroom head. It throbbed and pulsed as Frank crawled onto the bed next to Spence.

"How are you feeling, baby?" Frank cooed as he wrapped his hand around Spence's still-hard cock.

"Please, no more." Spence pleaded weakly.

"Don't you like the way I make you feel, honey?" Frank asked as he alternately stroked Spence's cock and fondled his balls.

"I'm afraid.

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