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Sarah and Terrie tie the Knot for the first time.

"Well, not that good of news," she said. "But we have upgraded the two of you to first class, and you're the only two in that section."

"Really?" I asked, surprised and excited.

"Yes, Angela made it happen," she said.

Laura finally spoke, her tone strangely ominous, "Well, Natalie and I will definitely have to thank her personally."

"Definitely," I agreed, oblivious to Laura's wicked intent.

She checked our passports, and she let us board the plane... first!!!

Laura took my hand, as if we were a couple, and said, "Now the fun really begins."

"Your tone scares me," I giggled slightly.

"Oh it shouldn't scare you," she said, giving my hand a squeeze. And it should have scared me, how natural it felt to have her hand in mine. She added, "It should make you feel alive."

Before I could respond, we were at the airplane and being greeted by Angela.

"Welcome, ladies," she greeted warmly.

"Thank you so much," I gushed. "I don't know how I can ever thank you."

"Oh, I imagine we can find a few ways," she smiled. If it hadn't been for Laura's earlier tone I likely wouldn't have thought about it... yet, her tone seemed to be similarly ominous... just like Laura's. She also smiled secretively and gave Laura a significant look.

Laura added, "Yes, it was very gracious of you."

"No problem," Angela smiled warmly, grasping Laura's upper arm familiarly.

Laura then added to my suspicions of naughty innuendo when she said, "Yes, my pet will be more than willing to repay you."

"I can't wait," Angela said, leading us to two seats in the front.

"Wow!" Was all I could muster as I stared at the big comfy chairs and leg room, already forgetting Laura's ominous promise.

"Well, enjoy," Angela smiled, "I need to deal with the rest of the passengers."

"See you soon," Laura smiled, as she offered me the window seat to the right of the aisle, "Go ahead, my pet."

"You sure, Mistress?" I questioned, thoroughly enjoying the sexual tension, playful banter and submissive hierarchy.

"Yes, my pet, I need you to be my right hand gal," she said.

That had me curious, but like in the many online stories I'd read, I didn't question the Mistress.

Once seated, Laura sat beside me as other passengers began walking past us.

Everyone, without exception, checking me out.

And getting past the reality I looked like a cheap Supergirl skank, I began to enjoy it, smiling at the men and women and winking at the college boys.

Once everyone was seated, and another stewardess was making the generic safety announcements that no one ever listened to (I always wonder if anyone would actually know what to do if there was a crisis), Laura whispered, "Ready for take-off?"

She knew I hated take-off, and I nodded, "As good as I can be."

"I have something to keep you distracted," she said, reaching into her purse.

"Drugs?" I joked.

"Better," she smiled, before I watched her move her hand beneath my skirt and order, "Open up."

I was shocked, as I obeyed, and she asked, moving my knickers aside and sliding something inside my wet cunny, "When did you get panties?"

"When I went to the bathroom," I moaned, as something round was now inside me.

"Very well, you will be punished for that disobedience," she said, moving her hand away and putting her fingers, wet with my pussy juice, in my open mouth.

"Sorry," I apologized, thinking how strange it was I was apologizing for wearing panties. I had tasted my pussy on my own fingers many times, but somehow it tasted better and sexier when it was on Laura's.

"Take them off," she ordered.

"Really?" I asked, Angela sitting down near the cockpit door as we got ready for take-off.

"Now!" she almost shouted. It was low volume, but her intensity was startling.

I felt compelled to obey, especially since I was the one who hadn't obeyed in the first place, I lifted my ass up, making the thing inside me move around, as I awkwardly pulled my new panties off.

Once they were off, Laura ordered, "Give them to me."

As I grabbed them, I realized how wet they were.

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