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Young lad suits her needs.

She walked behind me, reached her hands around my chest, and began rubbing the sharp little nubs across my nipples, gently but persistently, with a circular motion. It was just a little painful, at first, but as she continued to glide the sharp points across my lubricated nipples, I began to experience a burning sensation that got worse by the moment.

"Owww! Maggie, please stop. My nipples feel like they're being burned off!"

"Kinda neat, huh?" she responded, continuing to torment my nipples as she spoke. "This was also my little gay friend's idea. He said it not only hurts like crazy, but it will make your nipples very sensitive to the little clips I'm going to be putting on them in just a few more minutes."

"Please, Maggie. I'm not sure I can take much more of this!"

"What a silly thing for you to say," she giggled, pressing her soft breasts into the small of my back as she continued her relentless, painful massage of my nipples. "As long as I've got you tied up like this, you'll take as much of anything as I care to provide. Your saying you can't take much more is just an opinion, nothing more. It's not even a very good one, if the hardness of your cock is any indication. Anyway, I think we're about ready to put the clips on." Mercifully, she ceased my torment, putting down the plastic torture tools and coming up with the promised nipple clips. She showed them to me with a smile. They were a pair of small, silver colored clips, with very sharp-looking teeth across their gripping edge. A sturdy silver chain, about a foot long connected them.

"My friend from the store said that these are very painful clips, particularly after a good 'tenderizing' like your nipples have just had. He said to be sure to put them out near the tips of the nipples for the best effect. Your nipples are just perfect for this, like little pencil erasers."

She fastened them to both of my nipples, simultaneously releasing them quickly to allow the teeth to bite into the soft flesh. They were brutally painful! I felt as though both my nipples were being burned with hot coals and said as much, quite loudly.

"Yes," she agreed, watching my eyes as I struggled to deal with the pain, "they do burn. I tried them on myself the other day, so I would know just what you are experiencing. We just need one more little thing for you and then we'll be ready to have a little talk." Her voice as so soft and coquettish it was difficult for me to relate it to the imaginative sadism she was enthusiastically demonstrating.

She dug into the tote bag, once more, and came up with about a three-foot length of very thin cord. She doubled it, made a loop in the center, and then carefully placed the loop around my penis, pulling it snugly into the groove just behind its engorged crown. She pulled the loose ends of the rope over the chain connecting my nipple clips and drew sharply upward until my cock was held, nearly flat against my belly, pointing toward my navel, its sensitive underside exposed to her view. She tied the thin cord snugly, pulling painfully on the chain between the clips, forcing my brutalized nipples to hold my cock up in that helpless position. I was breathing very hard, by now, because I was in a good deal of discomfort. Pulling my cock up towards my nipples had caused the spikes digging into my balls to cause pain that I was unable to relieve by raising my feet. She tugged on the cord, making sure it was secure in my cock-head's groove and causing my nipples to feel even more pain. Next, she scoured one of her fingernails lightly over and around my cock's head, still watching my eyes.

"This little groove around your cock is just perfect, huh? It's almost like it was designed so your cock could be tightly tied with no danger of slippage," She mused.

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