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On day described, you were to be alone together.

It felt dirty to look at them, but I just couldn't stop. I want to fuck you until I pass out."

As she said this, she was walking towards him. She pulled her shirt over her head and threw it across the room. Shawn hadn't known until just now that she wasn't wearing a bra. He just smiled and said "You dirty girl, I wish I had known that before, I would have had some fun with you. You know how it turns me on to see you without it." He walked up to her, unbuttoned her shorts and they dropped to the floor. She said "Hey I still have my panties on, see? I know they are your favorite."

He didn't answer, but moved her face to his and kissed her deeply. He stood a little sideways to her, and lightly grabbed one breast, slowly moving his hand around, just missing touching the nipple. His other hand was on her ass, moving from one cheek to another, pulling her closer to him.

Moving his hand further down her ass, he could feel the heat from her pussy even before he could feel how wet she was. As he moved has fingers to her clit, he felt her hand on his. She was actually stopping him! Pushing him back, she caught her breath, then said "Dammit, you have no idea how much I don't want to stop you. But I have to stop for a minute. I have to go to the restroom before we get back to this."

Shawn stepped back, just grinning, and said she was allowed to go, but she didn't leave quite yet. She wanted a little show too. She leaned back on the wall to watch. His shirt was gone in a second, joining hers on the floor. "Do you like what you see?" he asked as he caught her staring. All she did was nod 'yes' to him. She was staring at him, imagining her hands running down his tanned muscular chest and stomach. She pointed at his lower body, then pointed at the floor. "What" he said, " did you want my pants off too?" Again, she just nodded. "Fine then, off they come. But first I want to see you playing with your pussy. I like seeing your face when you do that."

She bit her lip, and moved her hands up to her shoulders. Moving them down, she caressed her breasts a little, tweaking her nipples and making herself gasp. Her hand moved further down, and disappeared down the front of her panties. Still squeezing one boob, she started rubbing her clit. As her breathing got faster, he pulled his pants off, tossing them to the side. She was just staring at his boxers. It was obvious that he was just as turned on as she was. His cock wasn't exactly small in the first place, but now it looked more impressive as it strained against the fabric, trying to break out to get to her.

He went to her, and she immediately reached for him. He let her grab ahold of his cock, but he pulled her other hand out of her panties. He told her to get into the bathroom now before she wasn't allowed to leave him.

Her face was flushed, she was breathing hard, and she did not want to move. As she stood there for a minute, she started swaying a bit more, then realized that she should move. Holding onto the wall as a guide, she got to the door. As she reached the handle, Shawn remembered that the bathroom was shared with the other room. He whispered loudly to tell her to stop, but she was already turning the handle. Before she could stop herself, she had pushed the door open a little bit. Shawn had now reached her, and put out his hand to close the door, and they both looked in at the same time.

He whispered to her "Umm, the rooms share the bathroom. They have a door too. I guess they forgot to lock this one" but he wasn't sure if she heard him. Not five feet from them Susie was on her knees in front of Jason, and her mouth was full of his cock. Her arms were behind her back, tied at the wrist. Her head started slowly moving back and forth. Pulling far enough back to rub her lips across the head of his cock, then going forward until her forehead was up against his stomach. Shawn was impressed, he had an average sized cock, and she took it all like it was nothing.

Realizing he was staring at her mouth and at her boobs bouncing as she moved her body, he bro

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