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When attending a masked ball, sometimes "less" is "more."

Are you ready to watch it?"

"Wait," she said, now naked. "I have a confession to make."

"I'm listening," he said.

"I didn't exactly behave myself tonight."

"Meaning what?" Greg asked.

"Well, we had all been drinking and I started to dance with this guy. He was grinding up against me and I could feel his cock against my thigh. All I could think about was that you were back here fucking our daughter, showing her what a real man can do. Thinking about it made me so horny that I needed some sort of release."

As she told her story, Greg started rubbing his cock. She followed his lead, spreading her legs and fingering her pussy.

"He started feeling my tits and my ass and then reached his hand under my skirt. He rubbed my pussy through my panties and I'm sure he could feel how wet I was. He pulled them to the side and started to finger my pussy right there on the dance floor. He kept fingering me harder and harder until I came all over his hand. I pulled his hand away from me and told him to follow me so I could return the favour. We went outside and into the alley behind the club. I undid his pants, pulled out his cock and then squatted down and took it in my mouth."

The thought of Wendy sucking some strange guy's cock had Greg ready to explode, but he managed to hold off his orgasm.

"I sucked his dick for a couple of minutes, but he came fast. I swallowed all of his cum, thanked him, and then caught a cab home."

"You kissed me after swallowing another guy's cum?" he asked, a bit surprised.

"Yeah, and now I'm going to fuck you after you fucked my eighteen-year-old daughter," she said with a smile. "Let's watch the tape."

Greg hooked the camera up to the wall-mounted television and turned it on. He turned the volume all the way down and started the tape playing, gradually turning the volume back up. He knew that it didn't matter if Serena heard the tape playing, but Wendy didn't know that.

As the action on the screen started, Greg began to eat Wendy's pussy, keeping her on an angle where she could still see the action on the screen.

"I'm so fucking wet!" she said softly.

"You're going to love watching this," he said to her.

"Oh my god!" she said as she watched her daughter's legs spread for the camera. "She shaves her pussy! What a slut!" It only took a couple of short minutes before she came hard, covering his face with her juices. "Is it my turn yet?" she asked when she had calmed down. He sat up against the headboard and she got on her side beside him, facing the television as she took his cock into her mouth. "Oh wow! I can taste her juices! I can't believe she let you fuck her!"

"You said it yourself," he said, "she's a slut." He groaned as she took his cock deeper. "Just like her mom. A dirty, cocksucking slut!"

"I need to get fucked so bad!" she said. She sucked him for a few minutes, then he pulled her away from his cock. He stood up and pulled her off the bed, standing her in front of the television and bending her over the dresser below it. As she watched him fuck Serena on the video, he pushed his cock into her from behind. "Look at that!" she said. "She loves your fucking cock! I bet you made her cum so hard! This feels so good! Take my pussy baby!"

"I'm going to make you cum so fucking hard!" he said as she reached back and rubbed her clit. "You look just like your daughter did with my dick inside her!" A couple of minutes later she cried out with another orgasm, her screams certainly loud enough for Serena to hear from her bedroom. When she was done he pulled out and stuffed his cock into her ass.

"Take my fucking ass, Greg!" she cried. "Fill it with that fat cock!" He started spanking her and then he pulled on her hair. Her eyes were riveted to the action on-screen as Greg fucked her ass hard from behind. "It feels so fucking good! Dear god, I'm cumming!"

He pulled out of her ass and dragged her over to the bed, putting her face down on the mattress before straddling her and shoving his dick back into her pussy from behind.

"It feels fucking incredible!" she g

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