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"So your name's Masami Hitsuguri? That defiantly fits you better than Masa." He rolled up the scroll. "Well Masami, from this day forward I will be your master. Our Master has commanded it."

Masa was at a loss. "No," she said grabbing the scroll. "No that can't be!" But there it was in black and white that she was to train under Zionica's tutelage. 'I have done all I can with her. The rest is up to you. If anyone can get through to her, you can.' Masa just couldn't believe it. She glared at Zionica as if it was his fault.

"Now," Zionica said rubbing his hands together. "How about that lunch?" Masa suddenly felt a pressure all around her. Next thing she knew her and Zionica were standing in front of a fancy looking restaurant .

Doing a total 180 Masa looked around her surroundings. They had moved and she was pretty sure why. "That was a flash step wasn't it?" She asked Zionica excitedly. "I've only read about them in books, but I had no idea you could take someone with you! That's so cool. You have to teach me how to do that." It was only then that Masa realized that she had followed him into the restaurant and was sitting across from him holding a menu. She took one look at the menu then leaned over to Zionica and whispered. "This is too expensive. I can't pay for this."

"It's on me." The waitress came up the them. "I'll have the usual and get one for my friend here but get her the mild one." The waitress nodded with a smile and left. "I'll teach you to flash step and many other things. But first you must learn control, focus, and acceptance."

"Pfft, is that all. I can have those mastered in a week." Masa said leaning back in her chair.

Zionica sighed. "You don't understand. You cannot master one without the other two. If you have control you have no focus or acceptance of your abilities. If you have focus you have no control or acceptance of what needs to be done. You have the understanding, but no power to do anything. If you have acceptance but not focus or control you are only trying to maintain who you are. When you master all three, no amount of power, no great enemy will be able to defeat you."

Letting this all sink in Masa thought about all of this and wondered what she would have to do to get all of those mastered. It was then that their food arrived. Masa's was green and Zionica's was red. Other than that they looked the same. In the green food Masa recognized four different types of meat and two that she couldn't. Either way she took her chopsticks and began eating.

Normally Masa ate silently and slowly. But since she's been posing as a boy her eating habits had to change. She picked up her plate and began eating fast. Zionica sighed again. "You have to incorporate control, focus, and acceptance in all things you do. This includes eating."

Masa looked up at Zionica, her mouth full of food. She swallowed her food and put the plate down. She copied Zionica's pace in eating. It was still a little faster than she normally ate, so to show her control she ate the way she normally ate. Zionica was finished before her, still she continued eating. "That's better." He said watching her eat.

Turning her head away from him with her chopsticks still in her mouth she muttered, "Will you stop watching me eat? It's creepy." But he didn't. He stared at her as she ate slowly. Finally she was finished. No check was sent to their table, yet Zionica stood up and looked at Masa waiting for her to get up. She stood. "What about the bill?" She asked not wanting to dine and dash.

Waving dismissively Zionica started walking away. "Don't worry about it. I own the place so they never charge me." Masa was impressed. She didn't think that he could keep a restaurant up and running, not with all his training and Guardian duties.

"So where do we start?" Masa asked following Zionica. "Flash stepping? Barriers?"

Zionica sighed. "I told you. We're starting with control, focus, and acceptance."

Looking confused Masa came up beside him. "How are we going to do that?"

"Well Masami," Zionica sai

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