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Indian man recalls his sexual experiences.

The laundry room was small and dark, as it was in the basement of his dorm. I was wearing what any college girl wore at two in the morning - plaid pajama pants, with no panties underneath, and a tank top. With no bra, of course. He took notice of that almost immediately when I walked into the room as my D-cups were staring up at him, longing for his touch. My erect nipples from the cold, and from the sight of him in only in his boxers, almost popped out of my shirt and as his gaze traveled upwards to my eyes, I saw that he knew what I was hoping for that night.

And then it was like a switch was flipped, as he quickly moved towards me and grabbed my back, pressing my body tight against his. I sharply inhaled his cologne as I felt something hard press against my stomach. I looked down to see a bulge popping out of his boxers. I went to say something, and he pressed his lips hard against my mouth. I slightly opened my mouth, not knowing what to expect, and his tongue started sucking my lips.

I had no idea what to do, or how to do it. I absently fumbled as if I knew what I was doing, running my hands along his body, his lean and fit body. Were they abs? Oh yes. They were. I kept moving my hands down towards his boxers, and stopped. I didn't know what to do. Do I touch it? Do I not? Do I wait for a signal? I tried to remember what I learned from Google the night before. Don't bite. Be gentle.

His hands were now massaging my breasts, and he soon lifted my shirt up and over my head. I was now topless. As I reached for the light, to turn it off, he stopped me. I had never before let anyone see me naked.

"Leave the light on. You're perfect, and I want you to see everything," he said. They were the first words he spoke, and I melted hearing them.

"But, I look horrible. You don't want to see me. No one has ever seen me naked."

"I know. I want to be the first," he muttered as he slowly tugged at my pants. I smiled and decided to follow his lead. I let him pull them down, and when I stepped out of them I heard him exhale as I turned around to place them on the washer.

He then took my hand, and placed it directly on top of his hard, and large,

cock. He looked up to see the surprise in my eyes, and started moving my hand along his long shaft.

I started to protest, "seriously, I've never done this before. What if I'm horrible? What if you hate th-..."

He cut me off by pressing his lips against mine. "I won't hate it. And you'll be fine."

"So what should I do? Tell me, and I'll do it," I told him, staring down at my hands cradling his huge cock.

"Get on your knees."

This seemed an odd request to me, but I dutifully did. I was now eye-level with his cock, and I knew what he wanted me to do. Without being directed I hungrily grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. My eyes gazed upwards as he let out a gasp of surprise and I saw a smile play upon his lips.

His hand started rubbing the top of my head, then started pushing my head down, further, so that my mouth went down the full length of his shaft. He did this several times, then stopped and let me continue at my own pace.

I suddenly tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum, so I knew he was enjoying it. I pretended like I was licking the largest and tastiest lollipop I had ever had, and I was enjoying running my tongue all over. He suddenly pushed me back and told me to stop.

I immediately thought I had done something wrong, but he pulled me up and then lifted me on the running dryer. He looked me in the eyes and told me to spread my legs. I did, and he placed a finger in my dripping wet pussy. He thrust it in, deep, and my body shuddered. His other hand found my breasts, and started massaging them.

I couldn't help it, I moaned, loudly and he glanced at the door that had no lock and went "shhh!"

"I'm sorry - it just, it just felt really good!"

"It's going to feel even better, but you have to be quiet, ok?"

I couldn't imagine how it could possibly feel any better, but I

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