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Nancy meets a fan.

Surely a muscular black Adonis could cum in her mouth and still have enough left over for a lengthy, satisfying fuck?

"That's enough," William said, softly. "It's time." Bummer, she thought. Right now a cum-blast on her face sounded very good. But that was before William's cock introduced itself to her vagina.

Arlene screamed, but more in pleasure than in pain, as the trophy penis penetrated, making its way to her holiest of holies. Soon they were grunting in unison, her more so than him. From the living room Jane and Rodney could hear their passion, and they walked towards the open bedroom door to see what the hullabaloo was about.

Herman felt a firm grip on his shoulder. "What the fuck you doing here? Beat it," Jane said. But Herman didn't; instead he got on his knees and started to fellate Rodney. "I'll deal with you later," she warned.

Arlene was feverish; she felt like she was losing her mind. It had gone numb, and she was running on pure instinct. They had switched positions, and she rode him like a cowgirl. It felt like she was being ripped in half by his massive spear, yet it still wasn't enough.

"Fuck me," she implored. "Fuck me, harder!" Her cunt ached, but in a good way, and her body tingled and radiated. Waves of passions flowed and receded in a steady rhythm. Each time she came down hard on his shaft she grunted, and her grunts were increasing in volume. She leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders.

The slapping noise caused by her bouncing up and down on William's cock resonated through the room, unable to be drowned out by her screams of passion, then, just for a change, she slowed things down, riding his flagpole in a more sensual way, letting it massage every crevice her vagina had available, every hidden nook. Her high-pitched yelping had long since become a constant soundtrack to the fucking action. Even when she was grunting and groaning and screaming she was still emitting a high-pitched yelp.

William brought her closer to him and whispered in her ear. "Turn over. Doggy-style time. Lets get on the floor." Using his signature move, William stood upright and lowered himself just enough to insert his sword into Arlene, who was on all fours. She rested her head on her arms, which were on the floor, giving him easy access to her backside, and from this angle he entered her via a downward trajectory. There is a special spot, scientifically proven, that is like a female nirvana. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a cock to reach. But by changing the angle of insertion, and having twelve inches of raw material to work with, he was able to get to the secret spot, the special location, a guaranteed orgasm-inducer, and now Arlene was about to discover the power of King William.

She was completely drenched in sweat. Her mind was vacant, having long since submitted to his penis. She continued to moan and pant and cry in ecstasy, except now William was groaning as well. He pounded her as hard as he could; he held nothing back in reserve. Arlene felt the cock go deep inside; so deep the penetration she half-thought it would go through her and exit out the other side, through her mouth. Her inner core shook and vibrated, and she began to scream loudly and utter words that only she could decipher. She was making so much noise that it became a sideshow. Her body was convulsing in short spasms, and it sounded like she was crying.

"She is having one motherfucking, good time," Jane observed.

So am I," Rodney answered, for Herman was still sucking his cock.

Arlene's eyes were closed and her mouth was ajar. Her grunts were softer now, less delirious. She stopped shaking. William could feel her body going limp, which was a good sign; it meant that she had orgasmed. His cock was now slipping and sliding too much, having been over-lubricated by her love juices.

He paused. "Want me to jerk it," he asked? Not waiting for an answer, he pulled his cock out of her cunt. He rolled her on to her back and knelt in front of her.

Arlene looked up and saw a black anaconda so large that it blocked out

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