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The slave is used repeatedly till the hunters are tired.

He pulled away from her with lust in his golden eyes.
The older drow met the yuan-ti's enthusiasm with surprise. A muffled, strangled noise hummed in her throat. She was entirely unprepared for the male's immensely favorable reaction to her suggestion. Of all drow, Ashyr was probably the most accustomed to males being so bold, but not quite on this level, and definitely not coming from a male whose interest in her had been tepid at best before that moment. She was extremely quick to catch up, though, and responded with at least as much enthusiasm as he gave her. The ranger always did like a bit of initiative in her partners. One arm twisted around to take hold of his head, the other pressed against the small of his back to hold his body close to hers. Ashyr found that his tongue was exactly as delightful as she thought it would be. She was going to enjoy this.

As Ashyr met his lips, the Yuan-ti's agile fingers played over her frame, moving from her rear up her body to her arms, and then one hand down her arm to take hold of her ring finger. With a squeeze, he temporarily deactivated the ring, leaving her naked in his arms. His hands, slightly cool and silky hard, moved back to her rear, picking her up and carrying her over to one of those rugs.

Surprise made her temporarily break their kiss. "Hey! I thought those weren't supposed to be removed by anyone else! Oh. Right. Forgot who I was talking to." She grinned at the libidinous snake man who had by that time carried her to some particularly luxurious piles of fabric. Ashyr seemed quite pleased with his attention, though she could only verbalize her enjoyment with another happy hum. What happened to gathering loot as quickly as they could? The thought entered her mind, and was justified just as quickly. She needed a morale boost; that was sort of part of the treasure this room offered, since Slas said himself that he wasn't in the mood anywhere else.

"I did not remove it. Though I could." Slasjowskew said boastfully. After setting her down, he slithered out of his own clothing surprisingly quickly, then resumed kissing her, starting with her mouth then down to her breasts, his dexterous tongue twisting around her nipples. Then, without asking if she was ready, he inserted himself between her legs and thrust his slightly cold, scale-hard cock forward into her womanhood.

"You are the best-" Ashyr began to agree before feeling herself impaled. It was an unexpectedly quick insertion. Thankfully, though her mind hadn't been quite prepared, her body was more than ready. She arched her back and moaned the rest of what she was going to say. "-the best thief I've ever met." And that was saying something.

"Of coursse I am." Slasjowskew said dismissively.

She chuckled at his confidence. Then her legs wrapped around his hips a pulled him into her, trying to set the pace of his thrusting. He was stronger than he looked, and very forceful, not seeming to cooperate with her attempt to control the pace. He was also not the most generous of lovers, mostly just seeming to ignore the woman underneath him in favor of pounding her while looking around at the treasure. He closed his eyes and mouthed something incomprehensible in his native tongue. Meanwhile, her hands took that opportunity to explore every inch of his body that she could reach. She had a feeling that she might not get another chance at this. Another woman may have been annoyed at Slas' treatment of her. Another drow would have been furious. She was pretty much a toy, a substitution for the treasure that surrounded them. Ashyr didn't care. Even without being able to control the pace - or perhaps because of it - her body was beginning to surrender to pleasure. The warmth built in her body until she was just at the edge, and-

"Stupid adventurers, thinking that they can loot the hoard before they face the final boss."

When the sound of the ghost's voice came, Sla

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