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What if you gained the power to grant other people's wishes?


Ernie and Joanne kissed each other a congratulatory kiss and shook hands with their new employers. Their nakedness was momentarily forgotten; it was only when Joanne hugged Jill in thanks that she suddenly remembered how exposed she was.

"Oh please," Jill told her, "there's no need to be shy. After all, you've seen what I get up too," meaning that Joanne had seen Jill and Dave on the video and website pictures.

Joanne burst out laughing. Soon all four were laughing at the weird situation they were in.

After giving the new employees instructions on how to find Jill and Dave's place, and agreeing a start date of the following Monday, they packed up / dressed and left for a drink in the hotel bar.

"I wouldn't mind putting my cock in Joanne's pussy," Dave told his wife that night, as they laid in bed reflecting on the productive day they'd had.

"Yeah, I bet her pussy tastes sweet too. And that Ernie isn't bad with his thing either," Jill added as she touched her clitoris.

Dave pressed the play button and let the video play for the second time. They watched as Ernie's cock slid in and out of Joanne's moist, clean-shaven pussy. The sexual act was a little boring as far as video sex was concerned, but seeing the couple still made Jill and Dave want to fuck hard. And they did. Expressing their fantasies to each other. How Dave was going to lick Jill's pussy as Joanne was going to ride on his cock. And Jill, how she was going to eat Joann's pussy after Dave had deposited his cum inside her, and at the same time, Ernie was going to take Jill from behind. It was past 2am before they drifted off to sleep.

Monday dawned and Jill and Dave put on a fresh coffee brew, ready to welcome their new employees. There were twenty large boxes containing 50 copies of Jill & Dave videos. In another box, hundreds of still photographs were ready to be packed for posting to admirers. By the end of their first day, Ernie and Joanne had completed the parcelling and posting of the merchandise.

"I think we should celebrate," Dave announced as he loaded the last of the boxes into the van. "How about a couple of beers in the local pub?"

All agreed to the suggestion and by 8pm, all were extremely merry.

"Chinese anyone?" Jill asked.

"Sure," Joanne replied for everyone.

Jill rang the local take-away and ordered a meal for delivery by 9pm. The group finished their drinks and headed back to the house. After the meal, and several more drinks, Dave announced a surprise, "Here it is. The finished product; 'Ernie & Joanne Gets The Job'," Dave slipped the tape into the VCR and pressed play.

The four watched as carefully edited clips from Ernie and Joanne's interview were interspersed with sexy scenes from their demonstration on the sofa. These were augmented with several close-up outtakes from Jill and Dave's older video recordings. All in all the tape lasted 45minutes. The finished product was good enough to market as an amateur video, and Dave told the couple that they would be entitled to 33% of profit from video sales.

Ernie and Joanne were excited at the prospect and happy at the quality of the video. "But what if one of the neighbours gets to see it?" Joanne asked, a little sheepishly.

"Don't worry, honey," Jill told her, "If they do, it just means that they are into porno vids just like us. And the chances are they'll either congratulate you or say nothing at all."

"Okay, let's go for it," Ernie said after several moment's thought.

"Are you sure, babe?" Joanne asked.

Ernie nodded, "Yep, I'm sure. This is what we've talked about since last week. This is a new break, a change in direction for us, and besides, we agreed to explore, remember?"

Joanne smiled and nodded agreement, "Okay, let's do it!"

Dave and Jill took their employees to the computer room and the three looked on as Dave uploaded the advert for the new video product onto 'Jill & Dave's Homemade Pie'.

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