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"Mom is insecure?" repeated Gwen. "She's always been the steady, solid one that kept us grounded. Why do you think she feels that way?"

"Pretty much because she's always been just what you said. She doesn't flirt, she doesn't dress too provocatively, she acts like a mother, and now a grandmother. She's fine with being a grandmother, but not with being Diane's less sexy older sister. She loves you and your sisters, but she's beginning to feel that you girls define her life. She's seen as a mom, not an attractive, strong, sexy woman."

"Is that why you stripped and spanked her?" quizzed Gwen with a grin. "I never expected her to say something like that. What brought that on?"

"That was Paula not acting like a mother and grandmother. She's trying to be more spontaneous and interesting. We need to encourage her to take chances and do things that make her happy instead of always trying to make everyone else comfortable and safe. That was a great idea that Kate had, by the way. Paula was caught by surprise, but I know she was really pleased to be asked to take a major role in a movie. I think she'll do great."

"I bet you do!" retorted Gwen. "Love scenes with Mom and Kate? You'll be like a kid turned loose in a candy store."

"That's another thing," replied Steve. "I told your mom that I'd stop acting like I wasn't crazy about her. I told her that everyone seems to know how we feel about each other, but from now on, I'm not going to shy away from it."

"Exactly how do you feel about Mom? Is there something I need to know?" wondered Gwen.

"You already know everything. I adore your mom. I think she's beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and desirable. I'm going to treat her more like I do Jordan, Lisa, Kate, Naomi, and the rest of our lady friends, and less like a mother. Are you going to be okay with that?"

"As long as we're clear," affirmed Gwen. "We all know that you carry a bit of a torch for her and that's always been okay. Just don't hurt her, or Dad, okay? I know you won't make love to her or anything, but don't make Dad resent you or feel like he has to compete with you. As long as you and Dad have a strong, respectful relationship, like you have with Jason, it'll be fine. Jason knows that Lisa loves you dearly, but he's smart enough to understand that neither of you will ever act on it, so he's fine with it. He really admires and respects you, Steve. Be sure that you never give Dad reason to be jealous or angry at you."

"I'll speak with Ted to see what he thinks," agreed Steve. "I respect him way too much to risk losing his friendship and support."

The day before the New Year's show, Steve found himself sitting next to Ted as the two men relaxed in lounge chairs on a beach in Maui. "Ted, I need to discuss something personal with you. If you feel I'm out of line, just let me know. I don't want to upset or embarrass you in any way."

"I imagine this will involve women?" responded Ted. "I'm a lot more comfortable with that subject than I used to be. Fire away."

"It's about Paula. She's indicated that she feels like she's older and undesirable. She envies the nerve and great figure that Diane displayed in our movie. You've heard how impressed people were with Diane's acting and her figure. Everyone agrees that she looks like she's in her thirties.

"Paula feels unappreciated. Diane has taken some chances and they have paid off for her and Will. I think Paula is second guessing herself. She's always been the calming voice of reason and now she equates that with boring."

"I've pretty much come to the same conclusion with Paula," revealed Ted. "I feel some guilt that I married her and tied her down with kids when she could have been so much more. I'm afraid she blames me, at least in part for life passing her by.

"I don't know if you realize it, but Paula has been using our home gym religiously since we've moved to Asgard.

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