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Sun, sex, and the sea.


"I would say, yes," I replied.

The elevator must have heard us, the doors opened. He turns toward me and hovers his hand over the small of my back and stretches one out toward the elevator, motioning, after you.

We walk to his car in the parking garage together, making small talk. He's very respectful, courteous, engaged and listening to what I'm saying. Being a man...doing his job, taking the reins, and I'm letting him.

We get to his car; he opens the passenger door for me. I take my time getting in, my legs are last, taking my time, I'm glad I wore the A-line wrap dress today. As I pull my legs into the passenger seat, the edge of my dress falls open, revealing my thigh up to my hip. He sees it and pauses for a moment.

With a smile, he says, "You dropped something."

He reaches to pull up the edge of my dress and hands it to me, to cover up my exposed thigh.

I smile and say, "Thank you."

Grab it from him and fold my hands together in my lap. He closes the passenger door and walks around the rear of the car; I reach over and open his door for him. He slips into the driver's seat, black leather seats, manual transmission, and he looks fine in his car.

"Goddamn," my eyes say. "Goddamn," I say to myself inside.

This man is fine. My breath picks up from what's in my sight. Not looking at me, but smiling as he reverses, he picked up on the shift in my breath.

"You're breathing heavy, Kelly," he says to me.

I let out a sigh. I'm busted. My super slut, snuck out of the closet. My head falls back to the head rest, in disappointment with myself. Dammit. He's only going to give me so many chances to be his good girl, and I'm at strike two. He knows every trick, a trick can play, and he does not tolerate games.

He's giving me an opportunity; he's really pulling for me to be his good girl. He's laughing at me. He genuinely finds amusement in it. At least I made him laugh. He wants to give me an opportunity; he wants to let me in. He wants to trust me with the reins, he knows I understand he owns me and my little pussy, and will fuck me up, if needed. He wants to trust me because he recognizes strength and needs someone to catch him when he falls on occasion, he would let me catch him.

We make small talk on the way to his house, hashing through our work week, shop talk. The conversation falls and he looks over at me. Locks his eyes on, and runs them down my body, studying...conformation, curves, lines. Examining and exploring with his eyes. No words, and I'm watching his eyes, and he knows it. It's intentional, studying every inch; he's not discreet or trying to be. He wants me to see what his eyes are doing, where they're going. It's a long silence.

And then he says to me, "You know I've been saving you, right?"

Staring at him, I didn't respond. Assuming there was more to that.

He says it again, firmer this time, "You know I've been saving you, right?"

Or, maybe I just wanted to hear him say it again, so he could hear himself saying it again.

I responded this time, "No." "I didn't know that."

"I've been saving you to make sure that it's hot for me." "On reserve, for me." "You knew I was coming for you."

I'm flattered, he thinks so highly of me. I just stared back at him. He's been reserving my pretty little pussy this whole time...just sitting on it. I'm his Ace. Making sure it's hot for Daddy's horse cock. He knew what he was doing to me.

We pull up to his house. He gets out of the drivers seat, walks around the car and opens my door, reaches for my hand to help me up. It is a nice night, early spring. The air is still and perfect. It tickles and whispers on the skin. He walks up to his house and I follow behind him. He checks the mailbox and unlocks the front door, reaches his arm out.

"After you," he says

I walk into his house, he has a nice home, it even smells like home to me. He pauses, watches me meandering for a moment.

Says, "Make yourself at home." "Red or white?"


He disappears for a few minutes and I do make myself at home, slip off my heels, set dow

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