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We fulfill a fantasy in Amsterdam.

"Good. She has a fasten show."

"You mean a fashion show, muchacha?" Oscar laughed. He loved kids, and wished he had siblings.

"Si, a fasten show. Ayuda me, por favor."

Oscar sat down on the ground, then laughed as Anjelica grabbed the suitcase of doll clothes and marched over to sit on his lap. Together, they undressed and dressed Juana until the fashion show was finished and dinner was ready. After dinner, Anjelica played with two of her brothers, leaving Oscar free to play video games with Carlos. After an hour or two of gaming, Carlos threw in a movie, and the boys relaxed with a couple of beers. By the time the movie finished, night had fallen and it was time to get Oscar home.

"You okay to drive, Carlos? Or do you want me to call mi padre?"

"Nah, it's fine dude. I drive buzzed all the time, and have never gotten so much as a speeding ticket."

"If you say so." Oscar always refused to drive if he had anything to drink, but as he wasn't thinking too clearly at the moment, he allowed Carlos to lead him to his car.

After driving for five minutes, Oscar concluded that Carlos was still a fairly safe driver when buzzed, but was definitely impatient. He sped up at yellow lights, and crossed even if they turned red. It scared Oscar, but Carlos seemed confident. They drove past the mall, which was closing, and were still a block away from an intersection when the light turned yellow. Carlos gunned the engine, accelerating.

"Dude, there is no way you'll make this light. Just slow down, man."

"It's fine, Oscar. You worry too much, mi amigo." Carlos looked over at Oscar as he said this, and therefore missed seeing that the light had turned red and a car was crossing the intersection.

"Look out!"

"Shit!" Carlos slammed on his breaks, but the car kept going forward even as it slowed. The car crashed into the side of the other car, pushing it for some yards before coming to a stop.

"Holy shit, Carlos. You hit the driver's side. We could have killed them!" Oscar was freaking out. Somehow, someone would tell him that this was all his fault. That he should have taken Carlos's keys or called up his parents for a ride instead. Shit. Shit shit shit. He called 911 as he unfastened his seatbelt and opened the car door. Luckily he could get out. When the operator answered, he told her they had been in a t-bone collision and at which intersection the crash had occurred.

"I'm walking over to the other car now," he stated. The operator told him she had already sent an ambulance there, and that help would be there soon. She asked him if he was showing any shock symptoms, to which he answered no. He reached the car. It looked familiar, and had a Bloomfeld High Honor Student sticker on the bumper. Oh no, this was someone from school, he thought. It could be someone we know.

He went around to the passenger side of the car and opened the door. Inside...inside was...oh God. It was Mellie. And there was blood. It seemed like it was everywhere. In a choked voice, he told the operator what he was seeing. She told him not to move the victim, but that if he knew how to check her pulse, to do so. With shaking hands, Oscar reached out to her wrist, and with a huge surge of relief and joy, felt a pulse.

"She has a pulse! It's still strong and everything," he told the operator. After hanging up and calming down a bit, he stopped shaking and really assessed her appearance. She looked somewhat battered from the airbags going off, and had a bad cut on her head. He knew that her head wound was the reason for the blood, but he was still freaked.

He grabbed for her hand again. "Mellie! Mellie, please be okay. Please answer. I'm so sorry. I'm Please. Mellie." He was begging, and he recognized it in the back of his head, but a different part of him was in control now, and this part had to know she was okay before it made him go insane. Oh Mellie, he thought. He knew now that he could not ignore how he felt about her anymore.

The ambulance arrived, and Oscar told the paramedi

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