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When she got there he was alone in the office, surrounded by paperwork and what looked like a picnic lunch. "I took the liberty of bringing some lunch, I thought we could eat as we go over all this" he said, motioning towards the piles of paper on the desk.

"That's fine, I'm OK actually," she said dismissively, "let's just get started shall we?" They worked almost in silence, going over the documents and making notes or corrections and without noticing they had moved closer together, so that when she looked up she was staring right into his eyes. His pupils were huge, she tried to look away, at the desk, the paperwork, anything but those blue eyes kept bringing her back each time. She could hear herself starting to breathe more heavily, the room closed in on them and he was all she could see.

Her skin tingled at the thought of their hands touching, she could feel her heart racing as he leant towards her, and as his fingers brushed over hers she shuddered, the feeling was electrifying. The simplest of touches made her want more, her hand gently moved along his and she moved his hand onto her waist, her mouth opened and she gasped slightly at his touch.

He put his other hand on her waist and gently pulled her closer to him, their mouths inches apart now, heart pounding in her chest and a deep longing taking over every part of her body. She slid her hand down his body, running her fingers over the buttons on his shirt until she got to his jeans and she hesitated for a moment, and looking deep into his eyes she moved her hand down a little more.

Through his jeans she could feel how hard he was, and she teased at him with her finger nails through his clothes, now it was his turn to gasp slightly, his eyelids fluttered a little with each brush of her fingers. She ran a finger along his zip and he quivered as the intense feeling washed over him.

She could feel herself getting wetter and her nipples were so hard, she could feel his chest against them as she moved a little closer, just as his hands moved from her waist, behind her, feeling the line of her bottom, then slowly back up to the zip on her skirt.

Her skirt fell to the floor, she was aware of how wet she was now, her delicate lace underwear completely see through, her shaved pussy almost visible, swollen and tingling with desire. She unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers up and down his chest, she could feel his heart beating, sweat already forming, and she moved her hands back down, down to his zip.

She hesitated again, feeling how hard he was then slowly unzipped his jeans, undoing the button and letting them fall. His boxers could hardly contain him, he was harder than he could ever remember being, as she slid her hand inside, feeling his smooth cock. Her fingers ran along his shaft, down to his balls, gently squeezing and then she dragged her nails along him, pulling him towards her. He nearly tore her blouse off, just able to undo the buttons and threw it to the floor, then in one quick move he removed her bra, her breasts were in his hands now, her nipples hard against his fingers, she nearly cried out as he moved so their bodies were touching, his hard cock now pressing against her pussy, just a thin layer of wet lace between them.

Their lips met in a kiss so passionate it nearly knocked her of her feet, she was breathless and wanted to consume him, their tongues together before he spun her around and in one move pushed her against the desk and pulled her thong away, his powerful hands around her, one cupping her breasts, her nipples sending waves of ecstasy through her body, the other slid down her and found her pussy, swollen and wet.

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