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Rose's encounter with young Cory climaxes.

As I watched her eat, I realized I was completely taken by this crazy girl. I told her I'd like to take care of her while she waited to be bred. I could tell she liked this idea and then she asked if I would like to spend the night with her. Once we got to her place, she allowed me to help her off with her clothes. She allowed me to put my face between her thunderous thighs to please her to a climax with my tongue until her juices gushed all over my face, but when I pulled my pants down she laughed at my 'little white worm' as she called it. I ended up cuddled between her pendulous breasts falling asleep to erotic dreams.

I awoke to the sensation of flying and opened my eyes just before I crashed into the wall. I jumped up to see a naked man crawling onto Lilith's bed. He had to be at least six foot five and his erection sticking out before him was at least thirteen inches. Yet what shocked me the most was his color, he was dark blue almost black. I watched him mount Lilith as she moaned in anticipation of his giant machine. As he plunged inside her, she wrapped her legs around his magnificent body. I was stunned at his prowess and heard him laugh as she begged him for more. I could only watch in awe as he pistoned faster, faster, and just as Lilith's eyes began to roll up inside her head, he shoved deep inside her as he came. He pulled out of her with a plop, her vagina was gaped wide and full of his light blue seed. She begged him to let her clean him off; he said nothing but allowed her to lick him clean of his spunk and her juices.

The alien looked at me,

"I am giving you to her, you are to care for her and do her biding. You may start now by cleaning my issue from her canal."

Then right in front of my eyes, he just vanished. Lilith was still on her back with her legs spread obscenely and the blue creature's spunk dribbling out of her still gaping pussy. As in a trance, I crawled between her legs and put my face in the middle of her fresh cream pie. I could see she was bruised and sore from the assault I had just witnessed so I was very gentle as I lapped at the strange blue splurge. She began to brush her fingers through my hair,

"Oh Tim he so completes me yet once he leaves I immediately start wanting more of him. He is so masterful, he tells me his kind will breed us into submission and then take over our planet. I hope it's soon just to look at him makes me wet."

I was beginning to think she couldn't even feel my tonguing and then suddenly her thighs clamped shut against my head as she screamed she was cumming.

Lilith told me to go home and get my things and then come back to live with her. All my life I had dreamed of a woman who would control my life while allowing me to wait on her as my queen. To be truthful I had long given up hope of finding such a situation and yet almost by accident here I was in heaven. She was fulfilling every fantasy I'd ever had and now if I could just find a way to talk her into a little sex every so often my life would be perfect.

After moving my gear into her spare bedroom, she instructed me to get undressed and come into her room. I stood before my new fully clothed mistress naked and my erection sticking lewdly before me. She grasped my balls in one hand and my dick in the other and began rubbing me.

"Your little dick is of no use to me and as soon as I make you cum I am going to lock it up in this cock cage I have here."

I looked down to see a CB2000 chastity device beside her and felt a panic growing inside me.

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