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Collecting and freezing cum for my wife to feed me.

I let him have a good long look.

"Naughty boys might steal treats, but they also receive punishments," I said, and I put the toe of my stiletto on the seat just between his thighs. "Do you want to be punished?"

"Maybe," he said, still drinking in the sight of me. "Show me what else you got."

"Uh uh uh," I said again, wagging my finger at him. "Naughty boys are in no position to make demands. Naughty boys accept what they are given."

"Then give me more," he growled.

"Naughty boys should be careful what they wish for," I murmured.

I let the bra fall to the floor and, with excruciating slowness, started to peel down the tops of my stockings. The guy was practically vibrating with the desire to pull his hands free and use them. I ignored him while I carefully stepped out of my shoes and garters, though I did it all with an erotic sway of the hips and a well-placed ass just out of reach. This dude was eating it up.

I could see the erection tenting the front of his denim jeans, and was careful to remain above it, but without ever touching him: not a single accidental brush or stroke. I was a goddamn professional, here. And knowing that I was doing my job well, that I was capable of servicing this asshole even while I planned to ruin him, only increased my feelings of empowerment. I was enjoying myself.

When I faced him again, I was topless, and clad in only bikini-style bottoms and a skirt: a tight one with a slit up both sides all the way to the hip, barely bigger than a loincloth. I flipped the skirt up to let him see the black lacy panties I wore underneath, and he growled.

"Come back," he said.

"Didn't I tell you naughty boys are in no position to make demands?" I scolded, keeping a distance.

"Besides...I think your half hour is almost up."

"Extend it," he said. "I'll pay more."

I smiled brilliantly at him and came a little closer. "That's what I like to hear."

I shimmied out of the skirt, standing in front of him wearing only my panties.

"However..." I pouted at him. "There is one small issue."

"What?" he said. He never even looked at my eyes; he never looked at my face. He just greedily drank in the sight of my near-naked body.

"I'm supposed to start my break now," I sighed. "I've been on stage dancing, and then I got pulled back here, and I have to bladder is feeling a little tight and uncomfortable right now." I indicated the empty champagne glass under his chair.

"Hold it," he said, still staring intently.

"I don't think I'll be able to," I whimpered. I did have to piss, but the whimpering was absolutely an act.

"But luckily..."

"What?" he said, finally looking up to me.

"There's a toilet in this room," I said, smiling broadly.

"Huh?" he said, looking around. I stepped closer to him. I straddled his denim-clad lap and his tenting erection.

"You, John," I said, still smiling. "Can I call you John?"

"That is my name," he said, bewildered.

"Yes," I said. "And you're my john, now."

"What?" He still looked confused, poor thing. It would sink in.

I leaned forward to whisper intimately in his ear. "I really, really, desperately have to piss, John. And there's no way that I'll be able to make it to a toilet in time. Luckily I have a human toilet right here, and I'm going to make use of it."

I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the look on his face. More than anything, his expression -- the dawning of comprehension, mixed with the horror of realizing his own powerlessness -- satisfied me on a practically spiritual level.

"Mmmm, doesn't this feel right, John?" I said, hooking aside the crotch of my panties with one finger. I kept them on, but I didn't want to soak them. "Isn't this just so come here thinking that you will use us, all of these ladies in employment here, but it turns out that you are the one who gets used. Oh, John, I am going to make such good use of you."

He still said nothing; he didn't even move or struggle, but looked frozen in place.

"Ahhh, thank you, John," I said, putting a hand on my lower back for support while I leane

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