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She met him online.


And with that Christine let go of Rad, sighed out and stretched herself as Rad let out a deep moan and fell completely top of her. He quickly started swaying back and forth, pushing his sneakers against the backside of the bed and holding Christine's hair as only his lower back drilled against her ass. The slapping of skin filled the room.

Christine started a moan and as Red increased his pace, the moan went higher and longer. Red couldn't keep up the pace and pushed himself on his knees. He grabbed Christine's thighs and pulled her ass higher up. He started slamming against her as she moaned high and low into her bed. Red wouldn't have it. He pulled her head up and fucked her asshole with hard slaps and grunts.

Mo was looking at it all. How his brother with his muscled tightened and his pants on his ankles, moved his raw dick in and out of Christine's backside. How Christine flipped her head up and seemed to be completely devoted in taking his brother's dick. She pushed herself up and Rad held her entire frail body as he kept on drilling it. They made out before they both fell back onto the bed.

Rad kept pounding away until he suddenly stopped completely. He pushed deeper into her, clutching his butt cheeks. He didn't make a sound as he pumped his seed in her asshole. They both only breathed really deep. Rad slammed against her two times before he pulled his cock out and got off the bed. Christine laid on the bed, completely spent. Mo watched his brother's cum dripping out of an open asshole.

Rad walked to Christine's face and she didn't think twice before sucking his cum coated dick clean. Rad gave her a sloppy kiss, mixing the cum with their spit, which grossed Mo a bit out. But Rad got up, pulled his pants up and looked Mo straight in the eye as he swallowed.

"That's how you pleasure a woman little brother," he said before falling onto the chair. Sighing deeply and wiping sweat off his face.

"Go," he said after a while, when Mo was unsure of what to do. His dick was still hard but Mo wasn't unsure if he could fuck Christine the way Rad had. He edged towards the bed and Christine responded by lifting her ass up.

Mo looked at her, but she still had her eyes closed. So he got up on the bed and laid next to her.

"What are you doing, bitch, put it in!" Rad yelled, but Mo didn't listen. He kissed Christine's cheek and touched her back. Feeling another person's naked skin like this was deeply erotic to him. He shuddered from excitement. Christine noticed this and turned to him. She looked at him with a gentle smile and kissed his arm.

Mo lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. It was short, but soft and warm. They both looked at each other, scanning the other's mood. Christine laid her hand on Mo's short trimmed hair on the backside of his head and pulled him close. The sank into a deep, slow, wet kiss. Mo could taste a bitterness which was without a doubt his brother's cum but it didn't matter. Christine's lips were so soft and warm and sweet, he never wanted anything else.

Without any effort, as he had been doing it for years, Mo unclipped Christine's bra and her boobs jiggled free as he took it off. Christine lay on her back and started breathing deeply in anticipation. Mo's fingers traced over het flat stomach to her thong. He grabbed it by the band and pulled it strongly down over her thighs and knees and off her heels. He looked at the hard, throbbing dick in her crotch and lowered to give it a kiss. Behind him his brother sighed. When he looked, Mo saw Rad already pulling his hard dick with his tongue out and one hand massaging his own nipple as he looked at them.

Mo got up and took off his clothes.

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