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Executive Vice President continues her descent.

"Thanks, it just seems so hot in here all of a sudden."

Zac's position was doing nothing to lower Wendy's temperature. He was directly behind her with his hand pressed against her bare midriff, just below her breasts. But that wasn't nearly as distracting as the hard-on pressed firmly against her ass.

Wendy ran her tongue across her dry lips, fighting the temptation to slide her fingers down to his cock. "Did you like the dance?" she whispered, as if the thick length wedged between her cheeks wasn't enough of an answer.

He tightened his grip around her waist, pulling her closer. And while he kept her ass pinned against his erection Randy stepped close, his own hard-on now only inches away from Wendy.

He brushed his fingers against her stiff nipple again, teasing it through the thin fabric, and Wendy trembled at the touch. He grinned. "I think it's time to really get this party started. There's just one other stag tradition I hope you can, umm, help us out with."

He leaned close and whispered in Wendy's ear.

Her eyes went wide. "How many cases of cookies will you buy if I do that?!"

* * *

Wendy stood in the center of the room with Randy beside her. Pete and the rest of the stag were circled around them. If she'd been surprised when she'd agreed to give the groom a lap dance, that was nothing compared to how she felt now.

"Gentlemen," Randy announced, "I want to thank each and every one of you for staying to help celebrate my good friend Pete's upcoming nuptials. And as part of the celebration, Wendy here has graciously agreed to perform one last vital task. Pete, buddy, you're about to get your last blowjob as a single man."

The hoots and whistles that erupted from the small group flustered Wendy. She was already embarrassed at what she'd agreed to do and their enthusiasm turned her cheeks even redder.

Randy had insisted the blowjob was a stag tradition, like a last cigarette for a condemned man. The details had already been worked out with the original stripper, who had also offered to suck off anyone else who might be interested for fifty bucks a pop.

Randy wasn't asking Wendy to do that but he had offered, if she agreed to take care of the groom, to buy four cases of cookies in return for the favor.

Wendy had been hesitant at first. She couldn't even remember the last time her husband had wanted oral. So why would a guy as young as Pete be interested in a blowjob from her? He was about to marry a beautiful blonde half Wendy's age.

But then she remembered the lap dance; his hands beneath her skirt; his mouth on her breast. His cock had been so stiff. So she'd agreed to suck him off. After all, it was a tradition. There was only one problem.

"No way," Pete said, stepping back from his friends as if worried they might try to grab him. "Not a chance. Not happening."

"Come on," Randy said. "She's already agreed!"

Pete laughed and shook his head. "There is no way I'm letting her give me a blowjob. No offense, Wendy, you're a beautiful woman and that lap dance But if I do what Randy is asking...believe me, we won't need a wedding; we'll need a funeral.

"I warned Lori there was going to be a stripper, and I know I might have got carried away during the lap dance - by the way, thanks for all those shots, guys - but there's no way I'm letting you give me a blowjob. I won't do that to Lori a week before our wedding."

Randy rolled his eyes. "Pete, buddy, no one's ever going to know!"

"I'll know," Pete said. "Sorry, Wendy."

She wrung her hands behind her back, embarrassed at having even agreed to go along with Randy's plan. "Don't apologize, I completely understand. Believe me, I know from firsthand experience your fianc__e's lucky to be marrying a guy like you."

"Thanks," Pete said, "and I appreciate the offer. It's just that, like I said I can't accept it. That's why my best man is going to have to take the bullet for me."

A roar of approval exploded from Randy and the rest of the stag.

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