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She wants to give her husband a good night's sleep.

The fingers left, only to return with moisture and played again with her ever increasing hard nipple. He began to breathe heavy and his hand began to shake ever so slightly. A mouth, then tongue, touched her shoulder so lightly she could not tell when it began or ended. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and it was getting harder to remain motionless. The mouth now caressed her throat and then her ear. The moist hot breath caused an involuntary movement of pleasure. He paused, then moved on toward her breast, dragging his tongue across the nipple and finally closing around the now hard pink bud. He began to suck ever so softly but as he continued his control was becoming undone and his intensity increased.

His hand now moved along her leg and up her thigh, pausing for a brief moment then proceeded to move into the area of her soft fleece-like golden hair, which was now moist from her body heat. Her breathing was no longer under her control, her rhythm changed to irregular gasps and her body would no longer listen to her mind but to the sensation it was receiving. His hand moved to the very edge of her now wet cunt, paused for a moment, and slowly traced the slit of her lips. A finger pushed its way into her wet cavity and then two fingers worked silently moving deeper and filling her cunt. He then used his thumb to stimulate her clit as he slowly moved in and out with his fingers.

Mary was fighting to remain still, as desire surged throughout her young body. Her hips rose ever so slightly to allow a deeper penetration of his fingers. His breathing was getting louder and faster. His hands were applying more pressure and he decided to take a change and pulled her over onto her back, so she was totally available to him. She felt the bed move as he got up to walk around to the foot of the bed to face her, now on her back.

It was dark in her room but Mary's eyes were accustomed to the darkness and could see his form with her eyes only slightly open. Her lover was young and lean, this much the silhouette showed. She also noted his large cock was rigid and stood at attention. He was ready, and Mary wanted to reach out and pull him down upon her and push her hard hot nipples into his chest as he took her warm moist channel.

This was not permitted, however, she must continue to play the game, to follow the rules. She could moan softly and even move her hips as if to be dreaming but her hands must remain still, no words could come from her mouth. She must appear to be sleeping or her lover would leave.

He placed both hands on the bed, one on each side of her exposed body. He was straddling her with his legs straight out between her legs. He hovered over her for a second and then lowered himself down to her. His rock hard cock floating just above her wet cunt and then he entered her with a gentle push. His cock had entered just beyond the head but Mary felt as if a hot pole had penetrated her. Her cunt walls clung to this hard invader. His control lasted only a few seconds and he pushed into her until he was buried and she was filled with his hard meat. His balls lay against her ass checks and her body had spasms of pleasure. He began to pump into her, slowly at first and then with increasing speed and force. His task was made easy due to the wetness between her legs. Her cunt was flowing and a smaller cock might have slipped out. Her lover, however, filled her up with little danger of that. Mary wanted to scream with pleasure, to grab him, to kiss and love him for the pleasure he was giving her. She took all that was left of her will power and forced the energy into her hips. She tightened her cunt to help feel even more pleasure from his cock.

Soon the fire which was burning in her stomach began to flow throughout her body. She was going to cum and it would be hard to cover this up. He body was shaking and her breathing was loud and filled with short gasps.

Her lover was also reaching the point of no return.

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