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Girl on girl action in the washroom and in the movie theater.

But then a few of our friends had an idea, they started popping the balloons while we were on stage. We half heartily fought the attackers off, until they realized we were about to be clad in only clear plastic bags. As our tits came into view we tried to bring the balloons in the back to the front, and before long all the balloons had been popped and we were left with our hands to cover their tits, what we didn't realize was that now not only were our butts in clear view, but so was my neatly trimmer bush and Kathy's hairless crotch. We made a dash for the table to sorta hide. We ended up wrapping our tits in the bags by rolling them up and tying them in the back with the help of my husband. But with both of us being a bit chesty they continued to flash everyone now and then, because a plastic bag is not a very good top to wear when dancing, it just wouldn't stay in place, but because of the tequila I didn't care and neither did Kathy apparently. Some of the fuddy duddy old ladies were starting to make rude comments about us, so we figured it was time to head across the bridge to the clubs downtown.

After we parked he had to walk several blocks to where we wanted to go, seems everyone was downtown for the party. We passed several other clubs and the partyers and doormen tried to get us to party at their clubs, but we had our favorite and that was where we were heading. We passed a lot of people on the street who commented on our outfits, our asses, and our almost naked tits. Kathy wasn't paying much attention to her top and had most of her tits hanging out the bottom of her top.

When we got to our favorite club the doorman was so impressed by what was left of our costumes he let all three of us in for free. Once inside Kathy and I went to the bar to get a round of drinks while my husband went to the restroom. A guy at the bar bought us both a shot and commented on our outfits. We told him "this is what is left of our very cool costumes", he said I couldn't have been any better than what we were wearing now. Our tits were for the most part covered but from there down we were pretty much on display as the tights showed everything. We giggled and agreed with him and headed for the dance floor with 3 beers in hopes of meeting my husband on the way. When we got to the steps of the dance floor, he was no where to be found, so we drank down most of our beers and set the bottles down on the railing and started dancing.

The music was loud and fast and the more we danced the more trouble we had keeping of tops up and tits covered. I was still looking for my husband and noticed, we had become the center of attention as there were a large number of guys now watching us very intently, on the dance floor, off the dance floor and from the balcony above. I also noticed that a few other girls were in some sort of undress or see thru as well, but nothing even close to us. Then I look up, I saw my husband looking down at us from above. He just waved and smiled as he watched us putting on our show. He pointed down at me and I didn't understand what he was trying to tell me, then he grabbed his chest like he had tits and then pointed back at me.

When I looked down both of my nipples were spilling over the top of my trash bag.

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