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Kids, home for Christmas, with parents at the family cabin.

The rain was still lashing down outside the shower block, its tin roof made each drop sound like a ball bearing and the force of the wind was causing the door and window to rattle violently. I looked at Anna as she stood in front of me, her useless five dollars in her hand. She was probably used to getting whatever she wanted from men, merely by pouting her lips and fluttering her eyelids. No, I thought, for once I'm not going to be swayed by blonde hair, a sexy smile and a perfect figure. I needed this bloody shower. I deserved it after that drive. I glanced at her ankle, encircled by the little silver chain. The heavens and wind combined to apparently hurl another load of shotgun pellets at the flimsy roof.

"Shit, I'm really sorry Anna, I've only got this one," I said, taking the coin from my pocket.

She looked crestfallen. A little frown spread across her forehead and her bottom lip came out a little. For all I knew she'd had as bad a day as me. I felt genuinely sorry but she was a stranger and I was in need. OK, she was an extraordinarily attractive stranger but I really had no obligation to help her and put myself out.

"Sorry, I feel bad," I said again, a little sheepishly.

Her expression brightened and she lifted her head.

"Oh it's OK, don't be silly." She slapped me playfully on the arm. "I'll just have to stay stinky!"

"Why do I find it hard to believe you could ever be stinky?" I laughed.

Anna looked at me, her head cocked to one side.

"Oh Sam, you're so sweet." There was a playful tone to her voice, or was it just her accent?

I made to move past her, towards the shower cubicle but Anna stepped to her left, blocking me. She put her hand to my chest.

"There is a way round this, you know."

"Umm, is there?" I said dumbly.

"Yes, silly!" She gently slapped me again. "We could share?"

For the second time in five minutes I was rendered speechless. Had this Norwegian goddess really just invited me to share a shower with her? I looked at her, my mouth opening and closing like an idiot. Anna grinned at me.

"We'll be saving water," she laughed as yet another tidal wave of rain crashed against the window.

My mind was racing. Was this an innocent proposal that would mean we both could have a shower or was it something more? I'd never been the sharpest when it came to picking up sexual signals from girls. Visions of all the opportunities I'd missed over the years flashed before me. I couldn't let this chance go begging, even if Anna had nothing dirtier in mind than getting clean. At the very least I'd have some amazing mental images to wank over for the rest of my life.

I took a deep breath. "Err, Ok then," I managed. "If you're sure?"

"Of course I'm sure silly," she giggled, turning towards the open door.

The cubicle was small, as it would be, having been designed for one person. There was a hook on the back of the door and a shelf above it. Anna slipped off her anorak and hung it on the hook, then locked the door. She kicked off her flip flops and unzipped her shorts, wiggling her hips to help her pull them down. I stood gormlessly in the corner, transfixed by her golden, shapely legs now only encumbered by a plain pair of black knickers.

Anna looked at me as she stood up, having folded her shorts and put them on the shelf.

"Come on Sam," she laughed, "stop being so English. British, whatever you are!"

I muttered an apology and told myself to get it together. I reminded myself that we were there to shower, it wasn't a big deal. I began to undress and tried not to stare too hard.

By the time I was down to my boxer shorts Anna had lined up a row of bottles on the floor of the shower and was taking off her watch.

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