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Trudy turns to father-in-law for a wild time.

I'll sleep right here."

"You don't have to sleep on the coach, let's just go to bed." Ok, we'll just go to bed. We went to the bedroom, I brushed my teeth, she did something in the bathroom. I stripped to my shorts and t-shirt, she got in beside me and removed her skirt under the sheets as nonchalantly as she could manage. She giggled nervously as I brushed up against her trying to turn the light off. Finally, it was dark, but then I could hear her breathing next to me and it just hit me, this wave of desire ran down my body.

"Danny, I'm freezing, is your AC on?" The way she said it was as perfect as any of the experienced invitations I'd heard from her sister or any other woman. But hers was virginal and had that note of innocence to it--that maybe she didn't know how much her saying she was cold in my bed might turn me on.

"No, it's off. I could get you another blanket or one of my sweatshirts if you want?" The test.

"No, that's ok..." A second invitation. God, she was aware of her power as a female and she was the one casting the line. I moved to her, put my arm over her side, held her middle as she spooned to me. She accepted, holding my right arm with hers. I put my left arm around her shoulders and held her against my chest. Her breathing became heavier. I kissed her cheek and we lay still for some time.

"Danny?" I was half-asleep, feeling out her flat tummy over her tank top, stroking her naked shoulder.

"I thought you were asleep?" She moved, at first I thought she was trying to get away from me, but really she was just turning to face me. She moved back toward me, put her arms around me pushed her A-cup boobs into me, head against my chest.

"I sleep better on my right side." It was dark but I could see enough to know she was wide awake. I put my right hand on her lower back.

"I sleep better with a proper goodnight kiss." She kissed my chest. I moved her chin up toward me and planted my mouth on hers. She sucked on my lip and then on my intruding tongue. I let my hand wander toward her panties, played with the edge in my fingers, pulling up a bit.

I ran the pointer of my other hand over her pantie covered slit, she shivered and kissed me harder. She rubbed my stomach under my shirt as I explored her more, slipping my hand under her panties from the back, cupping a cheek, rubbing her thighs, tippling her pussy. She was a carnival of small noises and didn't shy away when I finally put my hand down the front of her underwear and cupped her furry mound. I probably would of been bummed if she shaved, it wasn't coarse hair either, it was downy and didn't seem that thick.
Her lips were small, oozing moisture, incredibly warm. Actually the more we kissed the hotter she felt, almost burning. In my exploration of her cunny I'd managed to pull her panties down about half-way on her ass and just enough in the front that my hand had easy access to her. She finally found my cock after an agonizingly long movement by her hand from my chest to stomach to shorts, and finally she grasped it as I was hard and poking through the opening in the front of my shorts.

"I wish I could see, it's too dark." The first thing she says.

"Want me to turn the lights on?" I was joking but she paused like she was considering it.

"Oh, no, this is good." When she figured out what I was doing with her top she obliged and helped me get it off. She hadn't been wearing a bra and the first grasp of her breasts in my palms was mind numbing. Her little nipples poked my palms. But her breasts weren't the missing kind of small, they were just large enough for fondling. I had to break away from sucking on her neck and earlobe to suck on her nipple. Her hand was still feeling out my package, I got my boxers half-down, enough that her hand could get in and stroke a little.

"Danny, take your shirt off, please?" I kissed her other breast then took my shirt and boxers all the way off.

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