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Stephanie shows why making love to a transsexual is special.

You're supposed to make charity appearances in your crown for that one, aren't you? Do you think they'll let their crown be worn in public by a little tramp who likes to lick cum off of her face? And let's not forget Tyler's parents, and your mother, who all think you're such an angel . . . you know, the nicest part about these pictures is how you can't see Tyler's face in any of them. It's just the back of his head in one picture, his chin in another, and in the rest he's only shown from the waist down. Why, you could be screwing anyone in these photographs - maybe five different men, for all anyone knows. Your reputation won't stand a chance."

By the time I finished that speech, Ashley was collapsed on the floor in tears. "Please Uncle Gary, don't. I'm begging you! I can't go to college without those scholarships. Mom spent so much money over the years putting me into pageants that we don't have ANY savings! And I've never had a job because I was too busy with pageants."

"What about all your pageant prize money?" I said coldly. "You can always use that."

"Mom used it all to help us pay for this house!" she wailed. "My dad never sends us any support money, but Mom is terrified people will find out that we're poor! She uses my prize money to buy furniture and fancy clothes."

"Then you don't have much of a choice, do you?" I asked softly. Ashley shook her head. "And you'll do everything I say, won't you?" After a slight pause, Ashley nodded.

"Then get up, and come stand in front of me."

She got to her feet, wiping her tears away at last. There was a look in her face that was determined, if nervous. She knew what position she was in, but she was willing to face up to it. I respected that, but she still had to be taught a lesson.

As soon as she was in front of me, I slapped her across the face. She stumbled backwards, stunned, but didn't fall.

"That's for calling me a pervert. Don't you dare call me any name ever again, except Uncle Gary-for now. Later on, you'll have some new names to call me by, but we'll get to that later." She looked disgusted, but stood her ground, trembling. "Now, go close all the curtains in this room. I don't want anyone peeking in here while we're busy."

She sighed, but did what I asked. As she went around closing the curtains, she had to stand on her tip-toes and stretch up to reach the strings, since their windows were so high. She was right, this was a ritzy house in a posh neighborhood. My sister must be breaking the bank to make the payments. But she had always told us that Ashley's father's child support payments made it all possible. Now I knew she was lying to cover her pride.

Then all thoughts of their financial situation went right out of my head as I realized that Ashley's skirt went up when she reached to pull the curtains shut, revealing an inch or two of rounded butt-cheek to my widening eyes. I could feel my little guy start to stir, but I forced him down again, unwilling to start the party until I was good and ready.

Finally, the room was darkened and Ashley was left standing across from me, biting her lower lip in a way that was so cute I wanted to kiss her. But not yet.

"Come over here," I said in a soft voice. I wanted her to feel relaxed, and at ease. I hated the fact that she thought of me as a slime ball, because I had always thought of myself as a nice guy, and I genuinely wanted her to like me - but I also wanted her to pay for what she'd said and done. These conflicting desires fought it out in my body even as she got close enough to me for me to smell her shampoo.

I sat her on the couch and turned her chin so that she was looking once again at the pictures. "Now, let's start where we left off. Tell me about what you're doing in the first picture."

Ashley closed her eyes briefly, but began talking in a monotone. "I'm having sex with my boyfriend, Tyler."

"What kind of sex?"

"Doggy style sex."

"Do you like getting fucked from behind?"

Ashley swallowed before answering.

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