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Female doctor dominates her male patient.


I open my mouth and obey, though my jaw will ache if it stays there too long. The smell of it is so delicious, it is hard not to bite down and eat it!

You stand back, admire your creation, and nod. Then you go out to the living room to collect your guests.

As you all return to the dining room there are little gasps and giggles from your guests. I can see them standing around the table, admiring what you have done to me. Then you invite them to begin and everyone picks up a spoon.

At first all I feel is the cold metal of the spoons removing the food from my body, but it is not long before one of the guests bends down and sucks some off my belly. Someone else bends down but this time sucks in one of my nipples with the food and gives it a sharp bite before pulling away. Soon there are mouths and tongues all over my body, removing the food and then just tasting my skin. My nipples get very hard as they are sampled again and again.

My cock is very hard by this time, but I remember your instructions and struggle to distract myself. This becomes harder when first one, then two mouths begin to work on my balls, sucking and licking them. I almost lose it completely when the mouths begin to work up my shaft, licking off the cream, caressing my skin, sharing with each other the fruits of their labors.

Talia is standing over my head looking at the strawberry in my mouth.

"Go ahead, enjoy it!" You offer.

She bends down as though to kiss me but instead begins to nibble at the strawberry. The juices run out and drip into my mouth. I can taste the sweetness and it is hard not to swallow or moan. When about half of the berry is gone, she bends closer, covering my mouth with hers completely and removes the rest with her tongue. But she does not get back up. Instead her tongue begins to explore the insides of my mouth. Even as she does this, I feel one of the others take the head of my penis into her mouth, having pulled back the foreskin (yes, I am uncircumcised). The urge to ejaculate is overwhelming! I have the greatest difficulty not moaning. I look up and there you are, watching me, looking into my soul through my eyes.

"It is hard, is it not?" You ask.

I almost say "yes", but catch myself in time. You had not given me permission to speak. So I nod, as much as I am able with your guest exploring my mouth still.

"Aah, very good-you do not forget!" You smile, but I think that your pleasure at my obedience is tempered by your desire to punish me. I begin to suspect that you will find an excuse to do that before the night is through.

At last my body is clear and everyone has eaten enough. You invite them all to return to the living room where coffee will shortly be served. As they leave, you untie me. My arms and legs ache, but I stand carefully until full feeling returns to my limbs. You reach down and take a strong hold on my cock.

"You are doing well, but the night is yet young. Do not relax just yet, mon cher." And with that you go to join your guests and I go to the kitchen for the coffee.

As I enter with the coffee, I find the four of you gathered around a card table dealing the cards for poker.

"Tonight's game is a little different," You say. "We are not playing for money, but for higher stakes! The game is strip poker and the loser will get to join my slave here in serving us. The winner will, of course, get to direct the action! Let us begin."

And so, as I keep the coffee coming, the hands roll by. It is pretty obvious that Talia has been "set up"-she is so obviously a bad player that you must have intended for her to lose. Indeed, while the other three of you have barely exposed your underthings, she is down to her bra and panties.

When she loses the next hand, you stop her from removing her bra and call me over.

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