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How I met Steve and fell in love.

This is signaled publicly by the colors red for the one with the sore bottom and blue for the one whose hand is callused. I might wear a red flower when we've decided that a period of correction is in order while my husband wears a blue tie or handkerchief.

Spanking before intercourse is unusual, I know, but most of the ladies I know seem to enjoy it, receiving and giving. The community believes it enhances the satisfaction inherent in the sexual act. The physical act of punishing and being punished closes the odd sin inside relationships and who do not have these? A culture of practice has developed around spanking that ensures variety in practice and the catharsis that derives.

As an example, below I detail a recent encounter with my husband, with his permission, of course.

We watched a cute young couple have sex in the picnic setting down by the river. We, the ladies of the community, had prepared the setting with fresh flowers and scented herbs and with a basket of refreshments. The gentlemen, a young man of nineteen, is short like his father and had long dark brown hair. He is muscled from helping his father at the forge and the ladies looked forward to observing his prowess in pleasuring his courting partner as they are expected to marry. The young lady is of a stature with the gentleman, with light brown hair streaked with blonde shining in the morning sunlight. Her figure is slight, petite, and feminine, however, she is renowned for her large brown areolas and large nipples. Her gown for the occasion was in white and yellow with a mixture of opaque and diaphanous fabric that alternately revealed her pretty curves and hid them. We watched as the couple walked down from the town square, hand-in-hand, nervous with what was to come but excited about making love together. They paused and kissed several times on the way, their eyes lit with anticipation and the joy of their feelings for one another.

Upon reaching the picnic cloth, which was padded by quilts beneath (one was mine!), the couple kissed briefly before the young man knelt before his partner. She smiled and held open her gown to reveal the hair of her sex, colored exactly as that of her head. "Kiss," she commanded and the gentleman began making love to her with his lips and tongue, licking about her sex, kissing and sucking the soft flesh which her mother and I had helped prepare with scented oil just that morning. (After preparing her, we each did the same to one another, knowing what was coming.) The young lady, stimulated by the man's attention, caressed his head with love and care, stroking the long dark locks while closing her eyes.. "Take your cock out and stroke it for me to watch, darling," she commanded and without ceasing his oral administrations, the young man did so, the difficulty of removing the stiffened organ engendering some good-natured comments. The large size of his penis surprised some who'd not watched these before and there were a few quiet gasps and giggles at the sight. The girl's mother nodded and whispered to me, "Like his father," as she'd courted him before marrying her husband.

"A pleasure to hold between one's thighs?" her husband asked her and the gentlemen around us sniggered. She smiled at him and responded, "Not as much as yours," and the ladies giggled. The woman was famous for her ability to orgasm frequently and consistently every time they made love, oh, and noisily I might add. She walked over and removed the blue kerchief from his breast pocket and replaced it with her red carnation. She tied the kerchief about her neck and the community laughed soundlessly so as not to distract the young couple from their labors.

The young woman had pushed the gentleman down on his back and as we watched, she pressed herself, lubricious and hot with desire down on the stiff prick.

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