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Dominance, submission, showering and showtunes.

Lilly watched as his perfect smile teased her and finally she smiled back.

"You will get every pleasure soon my Angel, lets just finish this visit at your friend's house." Ethan winked at her.

Lilly was about ot say something when she felt her phone vibrate against the seat.

#Beep Beep#

"Oh my phone just got a message. Hang on a sec Ethan."

Lilly noticed Ethan's whole presence changed, put didn't think anything further.

#Hi Lilly! Can you do me a favor? Can you please bring your Ouija board with, I misplaced mine and I really wanted to play tonight. Oh and by the way, Dean just showed up. Somehow he heard that you were coming over and I can't get rid of him. See you soon xxx#

'Oh no why does Dean have to be there? I really hate him and he makes me uncomfortable. Doesn't he get the hint that I'm not interested? I hope I'm never alone with that guy, who knows what he would do to me...'

"Who the fuck is Dean", Ethan shouted in his demonic voice at her, "and why are you so afraid of him?!" She could hear Ethan growling and when she looked at him, his eyes were pitch black.

Lilly knew he was mad, she couldn't hide this from him, he would find out anyway. Nervously she looked up at him, "He is this guy that doesn't want to leave me alone. He always finds excuses to visit Amber when I'm there."

Ethan grew silent for a while and focused on the road again. After a while he spoke again, luckily his voice was calmer, "Just stay away from him and make sure you are by my side."

Lilly just nodded at him. The rest of the ride was quiet, she could see Ethan's eyes were on the road, but his mind was concentrating on something else. She just hope he doesn't blame her for the whole Dean thing. She did my best to stay away from him, but luckily Ethan is coming along this time.

After a half an hour of silence they finally pulled up at Amber's house. Now the car finally stopped and as they got out of the car, Ethan stayed by her side the whole time, not taking his eyes off of her.

When Amber opened the door Lilly couldn't believe hou much she's changed, but at least her personality is pretty much the same.

"Lilly oh my god, look at you! You look great! I'm so glad you came."

Lilly greeted Amber with a friendly, loving hug and walked thru the door and soon after that Ethan was greeting her.

"Oh, well who do we have here Lilly?"

Ethan looked into Amber's eyes and greeted her, "Hi Amber, my name is Ethan. I'm kind of her boyfriend."

Lilly blushed when he said that he was her boyfriend. The word 'boyfriend' doesn't suit their type of relationship. He's more than that, he's her mate and she's bound to him.

"Nice to meet you Ethan. Don't break Lilly's heart, or else you'll have to deal with me."

Everyone laughed except Ethan, he didn't think that was a joke. He glared into Amber's eyes, that made her froze on the spot and said to her, "Never."

Amber snapped out of her trance and escorted them towards the living room. As we walked thru the hall Lilly could feel Ethan tense up behind her. She tried to ask him what's the matter, but he just ignored her and pulled her to his body. When they walked into the living room Lilly knew why he tensed up; there was Dean, sitting in the corner and watching them. She wanted to sit on the opposite couch near Ethan, but Ethan was so protective of her that he pulled her onto his lap and held her there, showing Dean who she belonged to. Lilly didn't mind one bit and she could have sworn she felt a bulge in his pants when she moved a little bit on his lap.

"Lilly! Can you come and help me in the kitchen please?" Amber asked.

Lilly knew what that meant, she didn't want her help really, she just wanted to know all the details about Ethan.

"So, how long have you two been together? Amber asked as she was getting out glasses.

"Just a couple of weeks, we are taking things slow." Lilly answered.

"Agh boring!! Have you had sex yet or are you still a virgin?"

"No we haven't had sex yet, I told you we are taking this

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