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A trip to Charlotte & the unthinkable happens.

Still lost in her alcohol-haze, Rogue nevertheless couldn't help the feelings stirring in her body. The warmth uncurling from her belly, seeping out through her limbs... it was like nothing she'd dared to hope to experience before.

Some small part of her was screaming at her to push the person kissing her away... Her powers! They'd begin draining their life force... their powers... but, there wasn't the usual sensations: the sudden influx as energy flowed into her body... the jumbled, colliding cascade of images as the other person's memories flooded her mind.

Nothing that usually preceded her powers was taking effect. The only thing she was feeling was the unmistakable sensation of a warm body against hers. Even though that small part of her was telling her to stop, she just couldn't.

With a sigh, she brought her other arm around to wrap it around Rahne's waist, hugging her tight. "Oh, my... w-what... are-."

Pulling back, Rahne made a soft shushing sound. "It's all right, Rogue. Dinnae worry. Just... let this happen, please?"

Rogue stared blearily at the short red-haired girl, trying to make sense of this situation. "But..."

Moving closer, Rahne kissed her once more, running one hand along her hair in a sensual caress. This, plus the sensation of the smaller girl's body molded against her, made her protest melt away. Without further words, Rogue parted her lips and was at once surprised by the feeling of Rahne's small tongue slipping into her mouth.

Oh, mercy... this, can't be real! Rogue thought to herself. Still... even if it's just a dream... With that, she closed her eyes and ran one hand up into Rahne's hair, threading her fingers into the short, red strands.

# # #

Down the hallway, Scott and Jean had paused outside her bedroom door. Having returned from Duncan's party a short while ago, they were somewhat reluctant to part each others company.

"Some party, huh?" Jean smiled up at Scott, leaning against the wall next to her doorway.

Scott nodded, "Yeah, Duncan really threw a big bash." He ducked his head slightly. "So... got any plans for tomorrow?"

"Dunno... we'll have to see what the Professor has planned," Jean offered. She reached up to give Scott's cheek a pat. "But, if there's some free time... and, if you'd like to-."

"Just say when," Scott replied, looking at her with a soft smile. He gave her palm a brush with his hand, then he straightened up. "I'd... I mean, we'd better... you know."

"Yeah, we'd better." Jean nodded. "See you in the morning."

"See you," Scott said, giving her one last look before turning to head back down the hallway towards his room.

Jean watched him go for a moment, a small, happy smile on her face. When he rounded the corner, she sighed and turned to enter her room. Placing her hand on the doorknob, she turned it...

~... oh, man! ~

She lifted her head, puzzled at the brief touch to her mind. "Hm?" She paused, trying to focus on whoever it was that had let out that mental burst. When nothing more came, she shrugged and shook her head. "Girl, you need to get to bed..." With that, she opened her door and slipped inside.

# # #

"Ohmy... geeeez..."

Rogue lifted her head, looking down at the sight that met her eyes and groaned softly. By then, she'd long since lost all will to protest, and was just letting things progress as they would. The result: she and Rahne were now down to just a pair of panties apiece, and the Scottish mutant had her soft lips wrapped around one of Rogue's turgid nipples. The electric sparks racing down her body from the moist contact made her squirm underneath the smaller girl, making the front panel of her underwear rub against the patch of skin just at Rahne's navel.

With a light smack, Rahne lifted away from her sucking to smile dreamily at Rogue. "Are ye feelin'... all right, Rogue?"

Rogue dropped her head back on the mattress, one hand caressing Rahne's shoulders and neck. "Don'... stop, please!" she sighed.

"Aye, as ye wish," Rahne smiled, moving to the left to continue working on the o

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