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Josh and Alice receive their answer.

' She opened her eyes and said, 'I really would like to play with myself'. I lowered her feet for a moment and as she lifted her lovely rounded bottom I hooked my fingers in her knickers and slid her knickers off. I noticed instantly her dark black pubic hair. It was also very damp as her pussy juices had been seeping out.

I said to her, 'Jenny, I hope you don't mind me mentioning it but we do offer a shaving or trimming service and I would be happy to do it for you.' She thought about it and said, 'yes let's go for it, just a trim, not shaven, although I'm sure Doug would love me to have it all shaved off so that when he went down on me he'd get the full benefit and taste of a bare pussy.' I got the scissors and started trimming her bush. As I got near her I could smell the wonderful aroma of her pussy juices and could clearly see the moistness on her pussy lips. I was now fully hard as I took in the sight of a sexy woman on heat. I wanted to finger fuck her or suck on her clit. She was making me so hard. I wanted to taste her cunt juices on my tongue, but I was unsure about that at her first visit. I could now feel the wetness of her pussy juices as I carefully trimmed her hair into a perfect V shape.

As I finished I got a mirror and held it in front of Jenny letting her admire her now perfectly trimmed pussy hair. I had been detracted from my original task and got back to giving Jenny the attention her feet needed. I again lifted one of her feet to my mouth and her sexual excitement had caused her feet to sweat slightly. I licked in between her toes and adored the slightly salty taste on my tongue. Jenny was still naked from the waste down and while one hand was stroking a pair of stockings her other hand had wandered down to her pussy and she was slowly stroking herself. She had her eyes closed and was nibbling her bottom lip again. I soon finished licking both feet and was soon ready to put her stockings on but first I wanted to rub some moisturising cream into her feet and legs to help preserve her tan.

I squeezed some cream out of the tube and rubbed it in carefully making sure I rubbed it between her toes and all around her ankles. The look on her face showed me she was loving it. The movement of her hand on her pussy also showed me she was loving it. After I had finished massaging the cream into her feet I started concentrating on her legs, gently rubbing it in and generally giving her legs a relaxing massage. As I worked higher and got to her thighs I was prepared for Jenny to tell me to stop but she didn't. I carried on higher until I was almost at her pussy. I took her hand and smelt her fingers. Her fingers were covered in her cunt juices. I put each finger into my mouth and licked it clean just as I had her toes. How I wished her toes smelt of her cunt juices too. When I had finished cleaning her fingers I decided she was ready to wear the stockings.

Although I sensed that Jenny was happy for me to finger fuck her or to make her cum with my tongue I decided that she had to be wearing the stockings she had chosen.

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