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Monster attack with a surprise ending.

He turned to wave goodbye to Michelle, but she was too focused on taking another shot with a group of friends to notice. We headed to the door anyways.

"Goodnight, boys," a girl said from the kitchen flirtatiously. It was Raquel. She was waving with just her fingers.

"Bye, Raquel," Jackson said and rolled his eyes.

For the third time now, Jackson insisted on walking me home. We left the building to find that it was raining. It was coming down hard too. We exchanged looks as we stood under the awning of the apartment complex.

"You wouldn't happen to have an umbrella on you, would you?" Jackson asked. I didn't need to answer.

"This is gonna be a fun walk home," I said, pulling my jacket closed. He did the same and took a deep breath.

"If we huddle, we can probably keep warm," he suggested.

"Or do you just wanna be close to me?" I accused. He grinned wide, and I held out my arm. We interlocked our arms and braced ourselves.

"Here we go!" Jackson called out.

With that, we took off. My apartment was quite a ways away. Honestly, one of us should have probably checked the weather, but I guess it slipped our minds. We carefully jogged down the sidewalks. Almost everyone around us had umbrellas. We seemed to be the only ones in the whole city who weren't prepared. The raindrops beat down on my face as we splashed through puddle after puddle. My socks were soaked in a matter of seconds. I've always hated the feeling of wet clothes clinging to my body.

Not only was Mother Nature out to get us, but the walk signs at all the intersections seemed to be working against us too. It felt like forever when we were waiting for them to turn. Jackson was right about one thing though; My right arm was pretty warm, and I'm sure his left was too.

The bakery finally came into our line of sight, and we pushed our pace a little faster to get there. We slid to a stop in front of my door, and I quickly fished through my pockets to get my key. I pulled it out, and it hit the ground with a jingle.

"Bobby! Get it together!" Jackson yelled jokingly as I bent down to pick it up.

"I'm sorry!" I called back. I got up and unlocked the door, and we huddled inside.

Once we were in the cramped hallway that led to the stairs, we could breathe. The rain had no mercy on us, and we were absolutely soaking wet. Our hair was matted down to our foreheads, and the water had beaded on our faces. We definitely didn't have any alcohol left in or systems after that.

"It's the middle of winter! Shouldn't that be snow out there?" I asked rhetorically. Jackson giggled as he caught his breath.

"On the bright side, we got our cardio in for the day," he pointed out.


I jumped, and he laughed at me. Lightning had struck right outside the door it seemed like, and thunder began to roll. Not even two seconds later, the rain started to come down even harder. I could barely see into the streets.

"You can stay the night if you want. Probably not a good idea to walk through that," I said, pointing towards the door.

"I'll take you up on that offer," he replied, and I led the way up the stairs.

"Fair warning though; My apartment is pretty small," I said, stopping halfway up the stairs.

"So is everyone else's in this city," Jackson replied. I shrugged my shoulders, and we approached my door. We entered, and I watched as Jackson took it all in.

"Okay, So you live in a closet," he commented.

"I make do with it. Make yourself comfortable. There's a bathroom right over there," I said. I could give him the grand tour of my home with a couple arm gestures. We both shed our soaking wet jackets and set them on the counter. I walked over to my dresser, and found some pajamas to change into.

"Could I steal something for the night?" Jackson asked.

"Nope. You have to sleep naked," I said in a matter-of-fact tone. I shrugged my shoulders and closed the drawer.

"I mean, fine by me," he replied and took his shoes and socks off first. I opened the drawer again and threw some clothes at him.

"Go change before you catch a co

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