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At first he loved her, but now he just wants to fuck :)

" I frowned. I had a date. A nice sexy guy. I saw him standing at the bar, talking to a dark haired woman. "Cara will take care of him. Come on." I blew out my breath, and went out the door with Ed.

He drove to my apartment. I had to keep my fingers laced together to keep them from touching him. My palms itched with the desire to feel his skin against them. God, was I wet. My breath was coming in short pants. My heart was pounding against my chest. He took the keys out of my shaking hands, and unlocked the door. He laid his suit coat over the back of a chair, and took me into his arms. His lips found mine, and again, I was transported. I turned into some gelatinous material, and found my bones would not support me.

He laughed as he picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. He set me down, and began sliding my dress off my shoulders. He smiled when he saw I was wearing no bra, and a black thong. His mouth traveled from my mouth to my breast. His tongue teased my nipple into a hard peak. He nibbled lightly, then a little less lightly, causing me to gasp out loud. My hands were in his hair, pulling out the leather tie that held it back, letting the blonde locks fall over my hands, loving the silk feel of it against my skin.

I raised his head, and caught his lips in my teeth, I sucked them into my mouth, and nibbled on his tongue. I groaned, I wanted him. His hands were full of my breasts, squeezing them, molding them as if to memorize the shape, and heft of them. His thumbs rotated in circles around my nipples. I sighed and started to unfasten his shirt. I pulled the tail out of his pants, and let my hands lie flat on his chest. I loved the feel of his muscle and skin. I found his belt and unbuckled it. I pushed his pants to the floor, along with his boxers.

I kissed him once more, then let my mouth trail down to his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his belly....letting my tongue and teeth suck and bite a little here and there. I started to go down on him, when he stopped me. "Uh-uh" he said, then he picked me up, laid me on the bed, and got on top of me, in the sixty nine position. His tongue found me, as I found him in my mouth. Stroking, stroking, and sucking, while he licked and lapped and sent be over the edge. I was moaning around his dick. His fingers were probing as his tongue danced on my clit. Sending wave after wave of desire through me. He knew my buttons, and he knew how to push them. His tongue plunged deeper, and his hands moved faster. He stroked in my mouth, faster, and I sucked harder, letting my tongue glide over him. I could feel his dick tighten, as he felt me tighten around his fingers and tongue, and together, we let our fluids loose, his gliding down my throat, mine exploding on his tongue and over his hand.

I laid there sweating as he came up to lie on a pillow next to me. He raised up on one shoulder and grinned at me. "Miss me Tammy?" I laughed and said, "As much as you missed me Ed." He kissed me then and got out of the bed. I loved watching him walk naked. His body was a work of art. Strong, and formed so well. He moved like a dancer. Fluid grace. I watched as he went into the bathroom, coming out with some of my oil. His eyebrows raised once as he waggled the bottle at me. "Wanna have some fun?" I sat up and said, "Of course." Wondering what he had in mind.

He stripped the sheets off my bed, revealing the rubber mattress cover I had.

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