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Jake takes her shopping...sort of.

Strangely, all of these sensations stimulated his orgasm, making him spew his juices longer than he had ever had.

With a grunt, Butch slouched as the last drops dripped from his piss slit. His head hung slack-jawed, arms dangly against the sides of the chair. He stared as Mark's foot, sock wet with cum, was pulled out of view and revealed the state of his crotch. The bulge had vanished as his cock softened. He was soaked. The cum had soaked through the entire pelvic area. He couldn't help but marvel at this. He had cum before in his boxers, wetting only the crotch. Fuck, he thought.

To Butch's shock, Mark's foot reappeared in his downcast view. The foot rose up slowly toward his face. For some reason, he couldn't react. He couldn't pull back his head or close his jaw. He could only watch as the foot neared, his eyes bulging. Even as the toes entered his mouth, he remained frozen. He could taste the salty wetness of the sock as Mark wriggled his toes against Butch's tongue. That undescribable, organic scent of cum filled his nostrils.

What the fuck are you doing? he screamed to himself as he started sucking on the toes, sucking the juices from the sock. He panted. He licked his tongue from toe to heel. Desperately he kissed, licked and sucked Mark's foot. His mouth followed as Mark pulled his foot back and lowered it to the floor. Butch was down on his hands and knees, Mark's upraised toes firmly in his mouth.

Mark stared down on Butch, amazed at what he saw. Butch freed himself of his wet pants and boxers as he sucked Mark's foot. He reared back on his hunches and stuffed his own boxers in his mouth, sucking on the juices, frantically jerking his fat cock with a thumb and index finger. He did the same with the crotch of his pants. He shot another load on Mark's foot. Butch threw his pants away and dove for Mark's foot, licking and sucking up his second load.

Mark had enough. He raised his wet foot and pushed the side of Butch's head, kicking him away. Butch lay panting on his side, staring up at Mark, mortified. "We suspected you were a pervert." Mark spat on Butch, who remained still, eyes frozen in disbelief. Mark pulled out his cock. Even soft, it was longer than Butch's hard-on, though not as fat. "You like the taste of cum? I got a good load but you'll have to work for it."

Butch crawled hastily over to Mark, mouth agape. Mark held out his arm. "I think we still have an arrangement to make, don't we?"

"You could have Wednesday off, Mark. Ok? Now, let me have that load. I gotta have it."

"Put it on the calendar right now. I want you to write a note stating you approved this leave and sign it. I want a copy of it." Butch motioned Mark to step aside so he could access his computer. Mark sat down on Butch's chair. He watched as Butch typed away, his shirt and jacket hanging over his buttocks. Butch grabbed a printout and signed it. He turned around and handed it over to Mark.

"Good. Now take off your shirt and jacket but keep your tie on."

"I kept my part of the arrangement. Now give me the fucking load!" Butch yelled.

"I don't think you understand our arrangement. You still believe you're the boss, that you're in charge. But you see, I'm in charge now. You do what I say and you get what you crave." Mark stroked his soft cock and then pulled out his balls for Butch to see. They were fine balls. Mark tapped his balls and said, "It's been a few days since I last came. I'm sure there's a big load waiting in here."

Butch groaned. He couldn't believe himself. He stripped off his shirt and jacket. His paisley tie hung around his neck like a collar and leash. Butch was a naked snowman, round head, round torso, and round legs.

"Now, hold out the end of your tie to me.

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