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A young woman's night of drama and discovery.

"Cuz I don't give up my pussy to just any boyfriend," Ms. Swift replied.

"seeing as how your songs aren't about your divorcing people, may I assume you haven't given it up ever?" I inquired politely.

"No Peter for me until marriage," she replied with a wicked smile.

I just let out a long sigh.

"Why the long face!!?? Were you hoping to marry me and pull down my panties and use that baseball bat in front of your pants to satisfy me for life, til death do us part??" Taylor asked.

"Yes something like that. Except we are skipping the I do and the til death do us part of your pretty little equation you have in your head," I said.

"Now if your very tightly wrapped around your beliefs, Taylor, you aren't going to want to jump off a bridge if you accidentally had a little pre-marital sex are you?" I asked with my own broadening smile.

"Exactly what are you talking about and who the F are you walking in here talking to me like that?" Was her retort.

Her eyes narrowed to slits, taking one last look at my my two man pup tent before looking me directly in the eye.

"I'm Chris, my pretty lady, and I'm going to give you some instructions now that your going to follow to the letter. So, as to make my day a happier one! Understood Blondie locks?" I wanted to know.

She reached her long arm all the way back to slap me I assume.

"Ms. Swift, freeze! Your every thought, action, movement, and word...just freeze!" I commanded.

Her hand had started making a forward motion to reign down violence and fury, Pulp Fiction style, and she suddenly stopped. Only the fan was blowing her long wavy hair across her very angry visage.

"Stop, relax, have a seat in your chair and just listen. As I have suggested, so shall you obey," I stated matter of factly.

"I bet your not used to having anyone tell you what to do are you miss singer girl? Nobody tells the mighty goddess Taylor what's up without a quick lightning bolt thrown from her heavens above." I guessed.

"First of all, you will repeat after me, and then do as you've repeated everyday that your around me or in my life, forever more," I said, barely whispering now.

"I, Taylor, will never raise a hand or weapon or try to hurt my good cousin Chris again ever," I asked her to repeat.

Her eyes fell down to the floor looking for reason or willpower to break away from her mad spiraling descent into my world.

"Look up baby, into my eyes, and you will do exactly and whatever it is I tell you to do. With the best of your ability, without inhibitions, and using all of your womanly sexual prowess to please me, your Master, in whatever manner I desire," I said.

Taylor repeated it verbatim....her hands were shaking badly and her tears were coming down freely.

"I won't ever tell a single soul of my escapades with my hhmm, little slut, I believe is a good term. And I also won't sully your name or stardom with lewd acts of copulation popping up on the internet like wildfire," I told her reassuringly.

She choked while saying Master and I made her repeat it five times. She was aware of her every surrounding. Yet helpless to do anything about it.

"Taylor Swift, for the next few days, I literally and completely own you and you will be my hot little bitch in heat? Understood?" I asked of my captive.

I will be your bitch in heat she stuttered and I could see all the fight leave her body for good and for ever.

"Stand up my sweet, and slowly finish getting your body nekkid and then come stand before me," I said to Taylor.

She slowly and sensually slid every last garment off and took four steps that were between us so as to present herself as I had told her to do.

"Spread your legs apart until they are past your shoulder blades, clasp your hands together behind your head, chest out, back straight, and look down at my feet while I see what door prize I've won," I authoritatively told Taylor.

Ms. Swift quickly obliged. She had turned her pale body into a shade of red colored embarrassment. She was defeated, she knew it, and I knew it.

Her perky little tits were standing at attention much as

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