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The Date! Josh and Carrie's first date.

Then he leaned in closely to her ear and barely louder than a whisper he told her, "These nipples belong to me." To his amazement, she sighed deeply and gave the slightest of nods in affirmation. Her lovely lips parted a little as her breathing grew slightly heavier and her legs rolled out just a tiny bit more. Seeing this sent a flood of need through him he had to fight down that he may continue with restraint.

He knew he could not manipulate her mouth without waking her so he chose to turn his attention back to her cunt and wait patiently for the day when he would find her sleeping on her stomach. Her lips glistened in the light of the lamp and he thought that he could see an occasional contraction at the opening of her womb, a grasping for want of more. He would give her more. He carefully inserted his middle finger in her pussy seeking that coveted point of pleasure that he had made his own. Tonight he would reinforce that lesson.

Gently, he massaged the tiny egg-shaped spot that he had grown to love so. He dared not try to insert two fingers for she would surely wake, so he set about the task of manipulating the spot inside her with one. The first stroke found her wet and ready and the spot inside full and eager. He was puzzled at first and then remembered he had allowed her no release earlier. No wonder she hesitated when he told her she could sleep. He smiled again when he realized she had not questioned him on the matter. She'd become so skilled in her submission that she was sure that he would give her what she needed eventually and did not question. This pleased him so that he decided to reward her in some special way the next day. For now, she could have her release.

Jenna's chest had begun to rise and fall more rapidly and he knew that he would have to slow her down or release her quickly or she would wake so he leaned in close to her ear again and whispered softly, "This cunt is mine. The orgasm that builds inside you belongs to me. You may have it, but only because I wish for you to have it. Cum for me jennaslave! Cum for your Master!" And with that her back arched until only her bottom and the back of her head were touching the bed.

Jenna's orgasm exploded in a release so powerful that she gushed in his hand. He reached up with his other hand to remove her mask when, startled from her sleep, she grabbed his hands which he thought at first she sought to remove but quickly found her holding them in place. "That's My Girl," he spoke gently to her, hoping the softness of his coos would explain it all.

He let her drift slowly back down as the first leaf of fall wanders aimlessly to the ground. "Thank you, Master..." She spoke with the hint of a question in her words but still did not ask his reasons. It mattered not to her why he waited until she was asleep to take his pleasure from her, only that he had.

Now that she was awake he would use her well. Watching her submission in sleep had made him raging hard and this was looking to be a long night. He retrieved her cuffs and bound her hands together with them before hooking her to the swivel that she installed to the back of the headboard. Blindfold back in place, she was ready. "Open your legs." She obeyed. She always did. "Wider." Again, without hesitation, she obeyed. He stood stroking his long cock at the foot of the bed... looking at her... taking in the sight of her bound and waiting. He watched as her pussy grew wet with excitement... as the urge to close her legs to put pressure on her clit had her nearly jerking.

Her wet pussy pulled at him until he could restrain himself no longer.

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