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Rose's encounter with young Cory climaxes.

realised he was making me cum so quickly that it was embarrassing!

I was now half sitting on the arm of the sofa and my legs were spread as wide as I could get them with my skirt bunched around my waist.

Suddenly, he stopped! His fingers withdrew from my pussy and his teeth came away from my nipple. "Noooooo! Please don't stop" I breathed

John withdrew his fingers and licked one before putting the other two in my mouth. "It's only fair that we both taste our own juices!" smiled John

I licked his fingers gratefully and the tingling and aching in my groin and nipples continued.

"Please let me cum! I was so close" I said

"I know" replied John with that evil smile on his face

He then pulled my thong down and instructed me to step out of it. He put the wet material to his nose and inhaled deeply. "You are going to spend the afternoon with nothing to cover that pretty pussy and when the time comes after work, you are going to beg me to stick my cock in to satisfy the urge that is building inside you and is so desperate for release!"

"I am going to be the tease this afternoon" John continued "I am going to take every opportunity to brush up against you and remind you that your pussy is wet and open and waiting to be fucked as it should!"

I said nothing and he knew I was putty in his hands. This guy was everything that I wanted in a fantasy lover and I think that the whole illicit nature of what was happening made it even more intense!

John made me return to work without going to the toilet, 1) so I didn't finish off what he started and 2) so that my pussy was still wet and swollen from his fingers and with the cool air blowing up my skirt, it was a constant reminder of my exposed sex.

John was true to his word as he kept touching my ass and legs every time he passed close by (which was much more than usual!) On one occasion when I was explaining something to a customer, John joined in the conversation whilst standing behind my shoulder and for the next few minutes, he kneaded my ass flesh surreptitiously.

When home time came, I was a wreck! I knew I had to go ahead with John's demands, and in any other circumstances I would have been a totally willing participant! But the thought of John fucking me where no-one other than my husband had been since we were married, hurt me deeply.

And, also there was also the trepidation that I could go along with his demands and STILL not get the tape! All I could do was hope in that respect!

We all said our goodbyes and I walked off in the direction of the bus as usual. I had been walking for 5 minutes when a car drew up beside me with its' window rolled down.

"Need a lift pretty lady?" said a voice from within.

I opened the car door and sat inside without a word. I fastened my seatbelt and a hand reached across and squeezed the flesh of my inner thigh gently.

"Where are you taking me?" I enquired

"I am taking you to the tape" replied John

We arrived at his house without saying another word. John had his hand on my inner thigh the whole journey. It moved slowly from the top of my stockings, then almost but not quite, to my bare pussy lips, and back down in slow circular movements. He was deliberately keeping me on a plateau of pleasure but would not allow me to go over the top.

We went inside and John took my coat and led us straight upstairs to the master bedroom. He sat me down on the edge of the bed and moved over to the TV and switched it on. He then pressed play and a grainy CCTV picture started to appear on the screen. He had obviously paused it at a point when I was lying forward on the counter with my legs spread apart and John had his head buried in my ass and his hand was moving rapidly in and out of my groin. It was incredibly erotic and I wanted to watch more but I said:

"Can you turn it off please?" I asked "I don't need to see it!"

"But it's coming up to the best part!" Said John, "Unfortunately the angle of the camera is not so good and you can't actually see my cock going in and out of your tight asshole, but it is obvious that you are getting a

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