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It's Sara's turn to get her kit off.

I am working not to narrow it down for Uncle Miles."

The introductory shot of Ada was an interview at her desk where she talked to the camera. Jerri's voice had been edited out. "Well my area of expertise is in historical mapping. I do pure research then transfer it to real world applications. This project is fun for me since I get to see the results of my mapping. Louise and I combine our two maps of the area to pinpoint the most likely spot to dig. Miles said we throw chicken bones like a couple of witch doctors, and he may prove to be right. It's the best we can do."

The next scene was Miles again. Sitting by the campfire and talking to the camera. "This whole summer has been dedicated to finding the best place too seriously dig for gold." The scene switched to Miles and his make shift sluice. "I use this half ass gold trap because I didn't want to pack in a gold pan. I probably should have packing in a small pan instead."

The scene was Miles washing sand and cursing for a while. Miles couldn't really remember the sequence of events. He knew the pitching of the miner's tent was the night before he finally found the one flake of gold.

They had completely edited out the night in the primitive camp site. They did show the cold camp the night after the find. They even showed the hike out with one gold flake.

They obviously were holding out the speech about being careful. Not careful to avoid snake but careful to avoid law enforcement, landowners, and moonshiners. He supposed that would come later. They had to have something for the future episodes.

Overall Louise was depicted as a nerdy geology Grad student. There were a couple of sequences of her with the fancy equipment doing her scientific stuff.

Jerri actually was shown with her as they went to dinner and then clubbing. There were shots of Louise drinking and dancing with Jerri.

There was a strong hint of Louise being bi sexual, at least to Miles' warped mind it seemed that way.

"Well that was certainly not flattering," Louise said. "She makes me look like a flake."

"In all honesty that might be my fault. I suggested that they try to make us less one dimensional. The is a docudrama, so there has to be some drama," Miles said.

"Did you suggest she make me look like a lesbian?" Louise asked seriously.

"Of course not and you don't come off that way. What isn't fair was how she made it look as if you party a hell of a lot more than you really do."

"I'm afraid to see what they did to me," Ada said.

"You don't get to watch them mistreat us and walk away woman. You have to take your lumps as well," Miles said.

Ada's first film sequence was sitting at the computer screen when she got a phone call supposedly from Miles. Miles recognized it as a call he made early on. In that call he had asked her to try to limit her research to the mountain streams. The sequence was her end of the conversation.

She rolled away from the computer and everything about her body language was combative. If it had been the way she looked when she spoke to him in person, he would have found a way to cut her loose immediately.

"I go where the research leads me. When the map is done all gold discoveries will be mapped from the first to the last, but in order of creek not the time line, that you will need to work out for yourself."

Miles remembered the conversation, but not at all like it sounded on the show. Ada appeared to be adamant and demanding on the tape, but not nearly so intrenched in her thinking in real life. He remembered her asking if he would like the data listed by date or location. But again it was a docudrama.

"Well it seems to be harmless enough," Miles said.

"I'm sure it does to you. You came off looking like some kind of hero figure, while Louise and I came off as trolls," Ada said.

"You know they need the drama or no one is going to watch the show," Miles said.

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