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An attempt at swinging comes with a mmf twist.

Jim was happy. The table was a pleasant vision and so was Eric's wife. She was a little taller than Eric, slender, pretty. Her wispy dirty blonde hair was cut short. Her cotton summer dress was worn as if she were in her usual t shirt and jeans. The dress though showed off the subtle curves of her body, her small firm high breasts and her narrow hips and her lovely peach shaped ass. Her movements were boyish more than girlish. She had a direct, honest presence, an outdoor, rural, warm and gregarious demeanor.

Connie had the plans set. She talked to Eric over the phone. He was a little nervous about having Connie stay in the house in Miranda's presence. He didn't tell her about his nervousness, but she had anticipated it. She told him to spend the day seducing his wife, doing everything he could to turn her on, to intensify her need, to make her almost cum as often as possible before Connie and Jim arrived. Cook up dinner for the four of them and make it romantic, candlelight, lots of wine.

When the four got back to Eric and Miranda's house, Eric shooed them out to prepare his feast. In the yard behind the house was a large wooden shack. Miranda led Jim and Connie inside. It was her pottery studio. Unfinished pots surrounded them, waiting for the kiln off towards the back to gain their gleam. In the center was her wheel and stool, clay and a bucket of water.

Miranda gave a full tour of the facilities, Connie asking many questions. What got Jim hard was the way Miranda looked at Connie. Jim could tell Miranda wanted his beautiful little vixen. He could see her awe when she looked at Connie's face. He spotted the sly pleasure she took studying Connie's stunning, sexy body. And her glances his way were warming up when she spotted his club. The wonderful day was looking to be a thrilling night.

"Show us how you make a pot," said Connie excitedly.

"Eric will kill me if I...What the fuck.," said Miranda as she hiked up her dress, plopped some clay on the wheel and sat wide legged on her stool. Connie and Jim sat across from her on the floor. Jim enjoyed the view of her strong thighs and he could see her white panties hiding her pussy. He saw the light of the room sparkle off the dampness of her loins, her nectar seeping through the crotch of her panties. When he looked up at her, she gave him a sexy smile. He had been found out. He gave her smile back, neither embarrassed nor leering, just warm.

She got into shaping the piece of clay into a bowl, dabbing her fingers occasionally in the water, which was white with sediment.

Connie was rocking back and forth with excitement. She was making Jim even more horny. He wanted her rocking on top of his lap, his cock embedded inside. When the clay became clearly a bowl, Connie said to Miranda, "Let me try." Miranda smashed up her work to return it to a lump and added some more clay. "You didn't have to..."

"It takes time to create a plate. I was just playing. Go ahead," said Miranda. Connie took her place on the stool. Miranda showed her how to spin the table and how to form the clay. It was hands on instruction. Jim could see the amount of pleasure she took from each touch. Once Connie got a basic handle on forming the clay, Miranda kept close, rubbing herself subtly against Connie's back.

Connie was thus made aware of Miranda's attraction. She had never been with another woman sexually. She stiffened up a moment, sitting straight on her stool. Looking at Jim, though, she realized she was being silly. Jim was glazed, in a state of arousal. His legs were spread out on the floor to give the most room to his rising cock. She wanted to unzip, and open it up and give it a lick. Why couldn't she? Propriety. She worked on the clay, proving her ineptness at it.

"It takes practice," said Miranda hotly into Connie's ear. "I'd love to teach you. You seem interested."

"I'd love to throw pots," Connie said unsteadily, not used to being seduced by another wo

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