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A story about them.

Paige never had her mouth stretched so wide as she never had anything so big being crammed down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down his juicy fat cock while keeping a firm stroke at the base.

"Ohhhh si! Ohhhhh, si mami," The delivery man moaned and cried out, feeling his dick being devoured by the mouth of this virgin 22 year old. She released his cock from her hands and rapidly bobbed her head, gobbling more of his enormous cock down her throat. His large hanging balls jiggled and bounced off his thighs. Her humongous jugs were swinging back and forth on her torso with small dribbles of her saliva rolling down their quivering flesh.

Paige hadn't taken a breather since sucking his cock. Her gagging reflexes started kicking in, watering her emerald green eyes behind her big glasses and she immediately dislodged his huge cock with a pop and a wad of saliva.

"Need to wet my throat a bit," Paige announced, which caught the delivery man completely off guard.

Paige took a few sips of her still hot tasty soup. He stood there watching, hot, hard and horny and ready to get his dick back in her mouth. Paige sat the soup down, then took a drink of the lemon ice tea that she had gotten by mistake.

"Feed me that dick!" she told the Mexican man. He grabbed his fat cock and steered it into her wet mouth. Paige took over and resumed sobbing him down and taking as much of his dick between her lips as possible. He placed his strong hands behind her head and pulled her adorable round face closer into his crotch which in turn allowed his swinging balls to slap against her narrow chin. He ran his fingers through the strands of her soggy auburn hair while feeding her is thick manmeat.

For her first time giving head, Paige was loving it. She kept sucking and licking his meaty shaft and slobbering wetly all over the head of his cock and dangling balls. In response, the Mexican man moaned and grunted incoherently. "Ohhhhhh si. Si mami.. Ohhhh mami, si. Ohhhhh," he cried.

She pulled his cock from her mouth and needed to wash the salty taste of his pre-cum down with some of her hot spicy soup and lemon ice tea. She careless allowed the lemon ice tea to slip from her lips and dribble onto her fat hanging tits. The Mexican man watched as the ice tea rolled down her big chest and onto her colossal protruding melons. His huge dick was becoming harder and bigger. Paige's pussy soaked the entire first of her panties and it was throbbing for a taste of its first real live cock.

Paige enjoyed alternating between sucking on his massive fat dick and swollen balls and savoring her delicious soup and ice tea afterwards to wash down the salty taste of the pre-cum that spewed from the head of his cock with each sucking session. The Mexican delivery man wasn't going to stop her fun as he was over the moon at his luck. Paige wasn't the hottest girl he had ever gotten head from or the best but she had the largest pair of soft tits and ass he ever came across and he was going to love every second fucking her once she got enough of his cock in her mouth.

Paige stood up, just in her sobbed panties and socks, and walked over to the long couch in the living room. She laid flat on her back, spread eagle, with one leg hanging off the back of the couch and her immense milkers laying in mass heaps off her sides.

"I think its time I got some meat in my taco..." she said. Paige knew it was a cheesy line but it fitted with the moment... The moment some complete stranger with a huge dick was preparing to take her virginity.

The Mexican delivery man was all smiles with his blistering throbbing cock pointed right at her. He started doing some hand signals indicating something.

"You want me to turn over?" Paige guessed.

"Si! Si!" he said with immense joy.

Paige didn't give his request a second thought and turned over on her hands and knees with her big round ass up in the air and monster boobs hanging heavy on the couch cushions.

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