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I looked up at the stars in the black sky and felt my insides melting into a flow of hot lava. It gathered in my core, rushed in from every corner of my body, joined forces somewhere deep in my groin, and shot out into Patty's mouth in a violent explosion. It was the orgasm I'll remember on my death bed, and Patty had a deeply satisfied look on her face as she swallowed my cum and saw how thoroughly she had rocked me.

Carrie and Jenny had stopped their exploratory love-making to watch, their eyes big with a mix of lust and surprise at what was happening.

"Well that was hot!" Jenny said quietly, and she took another gulp of her drink.

"Scootch over honey," Patty said to Carrie, and she sat down between Carrie and Jenny which put them next to Bill and me. I slid back down into the warm water, and my hand went onto Carrie's thigh. When she felt it she exhaled hard and swept her body across mine, straddling my lap, and she kissed me hard. I could taste her drink as our tongues danced together, and the deep, all penetrating lust of the black night guided our hands wildly across each others bodies. She leaned back when I got two handfuls of her soft tits and ground her bikini covered pussy against my bare, quickly hardening cock. She threw her head back when I pinched her big nipples, and I pulled her toward me and sucked a big tit into my mouth. Her hand went behind her and found my balls, and I groaned loud. She was grinding wildly and nearly hyperventilating when my hand slipped into her bikini bottom and onto her pussy.

"Fuck me Bobbie!" she said breathlessly as she pulled her bikini bottom aside and guided me into her. She lowered herself down with quick, stuttering exhales, and a deep moan when she bottomed out. The furious grinding of a few moments ago was replaced with a slow, circular up-and-down that felt incredible. Having just cum ten minutes ago, I was in for the long haul and we fucked long and sensually. I was able to glance around and saw Jennie with Bill's big cock in her mouth and Patty's hands all over her.

Carrie leaned forward and embraced me with her arms around my neck, and fucked me slowly with her hips in the hot bubbly water.
"God you feel good!" she whispered in my ear between short breaths. We kept at it for what seemed like a half-an-hour, both of us loving every minute of it, and gradually, with no increase in speed, just a nice, slow fuck, she built an orgasm. It overtook her slowly and she sat up straight as it started to roll through her, her hands on my shoulders for support. Sweat dripped down her face and neck, goosebumps erupted across the rosy red blush on her chest and beautiful tits, and a deep moan escaped her mouth. I thought she was finished, and then it rolled through her again.

"What the f-f-f-fuuuuck!" she stuttered as her body convulsed quietly for the second time, and then the slow circular fucking ceased.

"I never get tired of watching people orgasm," Patty said to us. "That was so beautiful sweetheart."

Carrie laughed a little as she gathered her wits and slipped off the side of me to her seat. "That's the first time I've ever been watched," she said, a little embarrassed.

"Oh, isn't it fun? I guess I've always been an exhibitionist. I think it heightens everything. I'm sure we're being watched right now, or at least listened to," Patty said, looking around at the other lit up windows and balconies just as Jenny came hard and loud on Bill's lap.

"Holy shit!" Carrie said, looking even more embarrassed as her eyes scanned the other balconies.

"Oh, don't worry honey. This kind of thing is expected in a place like this. It's not like we're doing it on the front lawn or anything," Patty laughed. "We're all adults, and sex is beautiful."

"Yeah, you're right I guess," Carrie said, looking a bit more relaxed.

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