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The morning after...

He sucked the salt off Kim and drank his shot. He pulled Kim close and sucked the lemon wedge out of her mouth. The fire in eyes told Kim everything was going to be just what she planned.

With the crowd still cheering, Kim grabbed the salt again. She glanced around as found a guy she thought would be the one help elevate this entire experience. Finally, she got a knowing glance from someone who just seemed to know what Kim had in mind and was OK with it. Kim walked up to him and pulled him into the center with her. This time she lighted sucked her left tit and salted it up. The guy teased Kim a little by looking like he was ready to lick the salt off her sensational tits, only to pull back a little at the last second. Finally Kim grabbed his head and pulled it to her. He sucked her tit and got every grain of salt. After slamming his shot, he almost kissed Kim deeply as he sucked the lemon from her mouth.

Kim pulled back and other couples continued the body shots. Kim felt a tapping on her shoulder and turned to see a girl standing behind her. She introduced herself as Lisa and explained that the guy who did the body shot with her was her boyfriend. Kim was about to apologize if she went over edge but before she could, Lisa told her it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. She asked if Kim and her husband would join them for dinner.

Kim eagerly expected and soon they found themselves sitting in one the restaurants getting to know each other. They had a lot in common and were hitting it right off. Kim knew this had real possibility. She almost died when Lisa suggested that they all retired to their room for a while. Her heart was pounding. Here was Lisa, obviously suggesting taking things to another level, and her husband, who had never indicated that he would even consider that, all coming together. If she could have thought about it, she might have tried to lessen the situation, but she was too flushed, too aroused and too much in shock to say a word. Her jaw nearly dropped when her husband agreed to go.

They quickly left the restaurant on the resort and headed towards the room. On the way, they went to the bar got a pitcher of Tequila Sunrises and were soon walking into Lisa and Keith's room. Lisa immediately stripped out of her sundress while noting that she wished even the restaurant was nude.

For the first time, Kim really noticed Kim's body. She was a brunette with beautiful, pale skin. The smile seemed to light up the room. Her breasts were firm and slightly upturned. Kim immediately thought that Lisa had great tits and knew her husband was noticing the same thing. Then Kim's eyes slowly drifted down to Lisa bush. It was covered with a sparse expanse of light brown hair. It seemed a little close cut and Kim wondered if she had shaved recently and was growing back out or if she always kept it cut a little close.

The rest quickly followed and soon the four sitting naked drinking and enjoying the night. Soon the subject of the body shots came up.

"I thought Keith would get hard right there when you pulled him out. He had been staring at you and your husband. I got aroused just watching it", Lisa admitted. Then with a laugh she said "At least you can't see it when a girl gets wet."

Kim looked over a Keith and noticed that just conversation was having an effect on him. He was getting very hard but trying to hide it a little. She knew this was her chance. Her chance of a lifetime. Who knew if it would even happen again. She decided to take the plunge.

"Looks like just thinking about it is getting the reaction you expected earlier", Kim said.

Instead of hiding it, Keith opened up and let his cock bounce free.

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