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Her boss gets a little more than friendly.

The cameraman had me standing and bending over for a few shots then sitting on the arm of the sofa with my pussy on display.

Handing me a vibrator he said

"Put that too good use!"

"Why not a real cock? There are two perfectly good ones here"

The cameraman looked over at the Doc and asked.

"Do you have any objections to being photographed?"

"As long as there are no face or head shots I suppose it will be ok!"

"No problem at all"

The Doc removed his clothing in record time. His already erect cock standing proudly, he began walking toward me on the sofa.

I leant forward and kissed his cock delicately as I slid his length in my mouth.

Cameraman started clicking away, closing in on my mouth, full of cock.

Doc brushed the long hairs of the blonde wig away from face as I continued sucking cock lasciviously.

"Try for a sixty nine position" cameraman instructed.

Lying with my back along the length of the arm of the sofa, the Doc put his cock back into mouth. Holding my shaved pussylips open, he darted his tongue along the slit of my cunt then circled my clitoris. I came instantly.

As my come slithered into the Docs mouth I looked at the camera with Docs cock in my mouth, I moved it to my lips and smiled at the camera.

"Fuck her in the pussy now" the cameraman ordered.

The Doc took to his new role like a natural.

Standing between my opened legs he grabbed the base of his dick and slowly slid his cock into my hungry pussy.

The cameraman clicked away, as the cock filled me to the brim, making me catch my breath when it reached my cervix.

The Doc began to play with my breasts and tweak my pierced nipples.

The cameraman stopped clicking and began to remove his clothes.

"You don't mind do you?" he enquired.

We both nodded to him to continue.

Doc continued fucking me as cameraman picked up his equipment again and began clicking away.

"Set it up for auto and join in. Just make sure you get the come shots" said the Doc

"I want the come shots on my tits and face" I interjected.

Cameraman delved into his bag and placed the camera on a tripod and attached a long wire to the camera.

I assume this was some sort of remote workings.

The Doc happily fucking away at my pussy as the cameraman offered his cock to my hungry mouth. Taking his cock between my lips I sucked the length into my mouth.

Swirling my tongue around the glans and rolling my lips up and down the length.

The camera kept clicking away as both guys positioned themselves in such a fashion that nothing impaired the cameras line of sight.

Sucking the cameraman's cock and being fucked by the Doc, I held my own breasts and began to massage them seductively.

Riding back at the Doc I salivated all over the cameraman's cock.

I could feel the Docs finger slipping in my ass, sliding in and out of my tightest hole.

My pussy juice was running out of my slit and meeting the Docs finger as he used it as a lubricant on my ass.

Widening my ass with a second finger, I knew that he was about to invade my ass with his cock. If this was the plan I'd like a DP.

Taking the cameraman's cock out of my mouth I took control by instructing the cameraman to fuck my pussy and the Doc to fuck my ass.

The cameraman sat on the sofa as I straddled his cock and lowered myself on the length. Arching my back, I invited the Doc to fuck my ass.

Holding my spread ass cheeks, I could feel the heat of the Docs cock as he slowly plunged his cock inside my ass.

The only sounds were my panting and the clicking of the camera.

Both guys remained perfectly still to allow me to adjust to sensation of two cocks in my holes. Taking things in hand I began to slowly gyrate my hips and fuck both of the cocks.

The heat inside my ass was sensational.

I could feel both cocks almost touching through my thin anal walls.

Both cocks were almost rubbing against each other as they sawed my holes in unison. Inevitably a powerful anal and pussy orgasm flooded through me as I began to scream profanities.

"Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Take my pussy!" I panted.

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