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Thatcher makes the decision for her.

Shortly after entering the fairly spacious apartment, Embeth tossed me a towel that I used to dry off as well as I could.

"You really should get out of those wet clothes," Audrey said.

I nodded and began to undress, leaving my clothing in a pile on the living room floor. While I was busy stripping, the girls moved into the bedroom. My erection preceded me into the bedroom where both Audrey and Embeth had assumed provocative poses on the king-sized bed.

The blonde, Embeth wore a Teddy that was so sheer she might as well have been naked. Audrey hadn't bothered with anything. Her pussy hair was trimmed into a downward pointing arrow, as if I might attempt to go in the opposite direction. Both fixed on my throbbing erection, Embeth actually licked her lips.

I reached Embeth first and leaned in to kiss her. Her hands went directly for my hair, gripping it in a vise-like hold that made the kiss last longer than it should have.

While our tongues were getting acquainted, Audrey's hands were busy on me. One gripped my erection and slowly stroked it. The other cupped my balls, teasing and tickling them.

I couldn't believe my luck.

Ending the kiss, I found my way to Embeth's breast's and studied them. The brown circles around her nipples were slightly raised kind of like they'd been added on like icing on a cake. I traced one of the circles with my tongue.

"Oh yeah, that's good," Embeth moaned.

I pressed the whole circle of brown flesh into my mouth and sucked.

It was as if I'd said, "Open Sesame!" for a second later her legs parted like the Red Sea. I, playing the part of Moses, dove right in.

She was bucking into my face the moment my tongue touched her outer lips. It took me a minute to realize that Audrey was lapping at my balls, juggling them with her tongue while keeping a firm grip on the base of my cock. I sensed that this wild woman would take both of them into her mouth and do magical things to them. I also knew that I would enjoy it.

I lifted my head briefly, located Embeth's clit and worked it over until I thought she climaxed. In retrospect, I can say that her labia were thicker and longer than Audrey's, whose pussy was smaller and definitely tighter than Embeth's.

Satisfied that Embeth had cum, I wriggled around until Audrey's twat was inches from my mouth before attacking her cunt. With my tongue working overtime, Audrey's scent began filling my nostrils; it was a powerful aphrodisiac, and with Embeth jerking me off, I came quickly.

"Bad boy!" Embeth chided me as she licked my sperm from her fingers.

"I'm sorry about that," I said apologetically. "No problemo, Embeth said with a smile. Look you keep eating Audrey; I'll get some massage oil and give you a prostrate massage. That'll get you hard again in no time at all. After all, we have plenty of time."

My response was muffled because my face was already buried in Audrey's twat.

A minute or so later I felt her hands on my ass, rubbing the oil into my cheeks and then tickling my asshole with an oily finger, and then two.

It certainly felt good and I paid special attention to Audrey's pussy, licking and sucking her clit while using to fingers to bring the juices oozing from her tight snatch to a frothy boil.

"Close!" Audrey gasped.

I intensified my fingering.

I also got the impression that Embeth was squeezing and rubbing in a way to separate my cheeks. I thought she might be trying to get a look at me there. That was a turn on to me, that she might have such a kinky little desire. I raised my ass off the bed for two reasons. One was to allow me to adjust my growing cock. The other was to see if I was right that she was really extra interested in my ass.

"Ummm," she grunted, rubbing me harder as I held my ass up off the bed.

"Feels good," I murmured before returning to suck on Audrey's labia and wringing a series of shudders from her.

I moved my ass under her hand, encouraging her to take greater liberties if she wanted.

"You're liking this, huh?"

"Oh, yeah

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