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Ryan tries to hold off his feeling for Joel.

"No, I was imagining you in that," he half-lied, stepping up behind her to kiss her neck, and press his cock against her protruding back-side. The truth was, he wasn't thinking about the ping-pong show, or Olivia in her little black dress, but the waitress from lunch - her firm little body, her sun-soaked skin, and whatever she has hidden underneath her tiny jean shorts.

After a quick dinner at the hotel, the couple took a 40 minute taxi ride through the dark, lightly developed country-side, past dogs sleeping in the middle of the roads, around tuktuks and motorcycles, to Patong.

Patong... it's just crazy.

"Oh my god... we've arrived in white guy heaven," Olivia quipped.

After a few steps up Soi Bangla, or Bangla Street, simple rowdy ex-pat bars began to mingle side by side with go-go bars. Barely clothed, and likely barely legal Thai girls danced on tables right at the edge of the street. Large night clubs with pounding music, Ladyboys and tamed primates to take photos with in the streets, throngs of drunk tourists cavorting under blinking neon signs, and that's all just the surface.

"Damn, where to start?" Roland said, eyeing the drinking options that lined the street.

"Let's hit an expat bar, then find a ping pong show -"

"Shouldn't be too hard," Roland said, handing Olivia a flyer for one he just picked up from the street at his feet.

They entered a noisy expat joint, music, televised American and European sports, and the sounds of raucously-played bar games created an atmosphere for drinking without much conversation. Neither one would have liked to admit it, but both Olivia and Roland were content to just take in the surroundings.

After a couple of beers, Olivia excused herself to use the restroom, taking the opportunity to get a closer look at some US navy guys she scoped at the back of the bar. Meanwhile, Roland was finding it impossible to keep his eyes of the go-go girls right across the street.

"Ok, wanna go?" Olivia said as she returned, wrapping an arm around Roland's waist.

"Yeah," Roland replied, and out into the wild street they went.

Next, they located a suitable, free, ping-pong show. It was in the basement of a go-go bar, which Roland found to be disappointingly misleading. The young, sexy dancers on display at the front of the bar bore no resemblance to the well-worn-looking ping-pong show performers.

The show...well, if you don't know or can't guess what a ping-pong show is, look it up. Briefly, Roland and Olivia nursed criminally overpriced beers while a series of 'experienced' entertainers performed trick after trick with their vaginas. This circus included: sharp objects, projectiles, cigarettes, and various live animals. The couple left quickly after the finale - 'I love you' written on a sheet of paper for one lucky spectator.

"I feel pretty gross after that," Olivia said with a shiver.

"I'm with ya...but at least now we can say, 'yep, did that', right?"

Back in the streets, they made their way to one of Patong's massive night clubs, where Roland and Olivia partied on. Roland, awkwardly did his best on the dance floor, and Olivia at least appreciated the effort. By midnight, Roland, tired and sick of the music, was ready to go. Olivia was just getting started, but ever the good sport, she agreed.

"I just have to use the restroom. I'll meet you down stairs by the big bar," she said, and kissed Roland, who was already heading for the door.

For the next thirty minutes, Olivia danced her way to the restroom and back, getting groped, grabbed, and grinded up on along the way. The dark dance floor offered many, many men of all shapes, sizes, and shades.

Olivia enjoyed herself with some of them - guys who could dance, who knew what to do with a girl like her, guys who would party all night and disappear in the morning - is that what she wanted? Her brain said no, her wet pussy said hell yeah, and her heart was disturbingly silent.

While Olivia was upstairs, Roland had a couple of beers at the bar, with a young, scantily clad bar g

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