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Mandy has another adventure as Nikita the classy hooker.

She afforded his eyes to feast of her lingerie. Smiling, tilting her head and looking up into his eyes she swore she could see his soul. Her heart beat raised a few beats. His hand reached over and touched her slender fingers. He covered hers with his. They sat there each drinking the other in, not speaking but were speaking volumes with their eyes and touches.

"Grant, you need to change as I do. Martin, show Grant where to go." Mariah leaned into Grant's waiting lips.

They went different directions. Mariah slipped her red sequined dress which was just long enough to cover her garters. Low cut, with a flirty skirt, four inch heels would make them eye level. She placed a head dress on it was of ostrich feather in ruby red and a tight satin skull cap. Turning around she seen her firm ass as she shimmied her hips.

Grant broke into a smile when he saw the white suit. No chains, but the Saturday Night Fever came to mind. The fit was like a glove. He could see that his crotch was full. Then he heard the sound track of Saturday Night Fever. Walking out into the ball room he saw Mariah in the center with the light making a halo of her body. His breath caught in his throat. She smiled broadly reaching out for his hand. They danced with every movement letter perfect. He twirled and lifted her to only bring her down between his legs. She was his perfect dance partner, every small motion mirrored his.

They danced with no inhibitions, touching feeling the other's muscles. He loved when she twirled away she was such a breathtaking sight. When the last note played he brought her into his body and kissed her fully on her lips. His hands held her into his body then came the song Luther VanDross sang The closer I get To You. They were in full body motion. His hands traveled to her womanly hips pushing her into his crotch. They seemed to be swaying not moving. Mariah reached up to his lips kissing him with a mind blowing kiss. Slipping her tongue into his mouth, he felt like soaring from being so enthralled by this enchanting lady.

They moved without moving their feet. He massaged her ass in his hands. She kissed and nibbled his ears. Then their eyes met not speaking they told one another this was something they hadn't felt. Song change was Lovely Day with Busta Rhymes it was a slow hip moving sensual dance. Mariah danced for Grant moving around him coming close then moving just out of his reach. She had foot work that made her thighs and calves look so sleek. Grant just stared at this angel in motion. She went around his body putting her hands on him like a butterfly. His hardon came on with a vengeance, she made sure she backed up and shimmied her ass onto him. He was thrilled with this erotic dance she was gorgeous to look at. She was making him know he was the only man that she ever cared for. He closed his eyes so his sense of feeling was heightened. Moaning with anticipation. She slid her hands down his body, leaning into kiss him she was soo sexy he was blown away.

Luther VanDross came on again with Dance with my Father. Grant brought her to him this time he showed her his foot work. He commanded her attention. His body was taking hers to the heavens. They didn't seem to know they were in the ball room. They were without boundaries. They were dancing amongst the stars. Tears came into Mariah's eyes misting over because her heart was so taken by his tenderness. They swirled around the floor without one wrong move. Grant sang the song to Mariah as they gazed into one another's eyes. The dance ended they stood in the still of the night and he gently kissed her. His hands seemed to move touching her all over at once. She wanted him, yet their evening was still young.

The sound track for Dirty Dancing came on.

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