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Then, I heard her footsteps approaching and my eyes got wide from shock. She'd changed out of her uniform to something that she felt was more appropriate for the situation obviously. Tight spandex pants framed her lower half nicely while the leather bustier accented her already naturally deep cleavage. The tattoos, one of a rose that went all the way up her left arm and the other a dragon that went down her right, were on full display. Her face was etched in lust, a sneer on her mouth and hunger in her eyes. And she was walking towards me with a purpose. My body reacted instinctively and I tried curling into a ball as she stepped in front of me, hands on her hips.

"Time for your punishment, Miss Perkins." she said, grabbing me by my hair and yanking me to my feet. I let out a yelp of pain as she sat down and pulled me across her knees. "Scream as loud as you want, honey. Nobody to hear you out here." Still having a firm grip on my hair, she pulled my panties off me, totally exposing my backside. I tried kicking my legs up but my captor just yanked hard on my head which stopped my struggling rather effectively. "Let's see. You were going 20 miles over the speed limit, as I recall. That seems like a good place to start."

"Start?" I asked out loud. The only answer Officer Owens gave was to slam her hand down across my ass, making me scream out in pain. Oh God, that hurt! I started struggling again, just wanting to get off her lap when she brought her hand down again. A large, resounding "SMACK" echoed throughout the house, followed quickly by another scream. Then she just started wailing on my ass. My voice went hoarse after number twelve or so. Tears were streaming down my face and I was quietly sobbing by the time she was finished. I didn't even realize that the last blow had fallen until my senses came back and I felt her hand rubbing my ass. I calmed down a little, thinking that it was over but I didn't comprehend that Officer Owens wanted a little more. She continued rubbing my ass until I'd stopped crying for the most part. Then, she began to move her hand a little lower.

I gasped as her hand traveled to my inner thigh. I tried clamping my legs shut but a yank on my hair and a slap on my sore ass convinced me to not resist her advances. Officer Owens brought her hand directly to my pussy and began rubbing it. "Mmmm...Miss Perkins. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were kinda liking this." she said as her fingers traveled through the wet folds of my pussy. I didn't even realize just how wet I was until she slid to of her fingers in easily and began to pump my pussy. My reaction was purely instinctual. I moaned a little and spread my legs more as she picked up the pace. My breathing became ragged as my orgasm approached. Closer and closer, I was so near to cumming. That's when Officer Owens withdrew her fingers from my hole and slapped my ass hard. I screamed out again, in frustration and pain as she quickly gave me three more whacks.

Officer Owens then stood up which caused me to fall hard on my shoulder and back.

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