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Sex in the morning and toy shopping with aunt.

Her arms were also pinned down in a similar fashion.

"What is the big idea, Red?" Asked Harley as she finally came fully awake.

"Your obsession with men has grown tiresome and you have not given me enough of your attention of late." Answered Poison Ivy from where she lurked in one of the corners, hidden in the deep shadows. When she stepped out where Harley could see her, the other villainess' swallowed her next retort and gasped at the sight.

Ivy was all natural - that was her thing - but tonight she had shed her leafy costume. The one light on the bedside table illuminated the pale green tones of her skin causing it to glow. She had combed out her long red hair and made it sprout a variety of flowers in contrasting hues. Even the thatch of red hair between her legs had grown a blood-red lily to disguise the lips and slit of her pussy. Her petite frame just screamed sex and Harley found herself reacting to what she was seeing!

"Men are weak Harley." Taunted Ivy as she swayed across the room. Her gently undulating hips inviting Harley in. "They need us more than we have ever needed them. Yet they dare refer to us as a 'weaker' sex. Without us those pathetic meat sacks would have died out eons ago!"

"Speaking on behalf of my fellow meat sacks," gulped Harley. "I kind of enjoy Men. Not that what we do isn't a joy, but I sort of like letting Mother Nature take her course and... well... um... yeah. You get what I am trying to say? Don't you?"

Ivy strolled to the side of the bed and traced a single, inquisitive, fingertip down the length of Harley's naked body. That single digit paused to tease each of her nipples and then continued on until it had combed through the growth of her pubic hair, and slipped between the folds of her sex! Harley groaned! Arching her back as much as the restraining tree-bed was going to allow in her best attempt to get more of that finger between her lips! That damn dream had left her turned on and in need of a release. She and Ivy had fooled around before as well...

"Oh!" Gasped Harley when that fingertip found the very edge of her opening.

"Hmm." Offered Ivy. "For one that has voiced a preference for Men you seem to have no qualms about where you find your pleasure?" She flexed her powers and caused a single, slim, vine to sprout from one of the flowers woven into her hair. With a little more Ivy caused it to grow into a form more to Harley's voiced preference until it had become shaped like a male penis.

"You... oh... try... uhh... having a boyfriend that is... mm mph... bonkers! You... uhhn... learn to... ohhh... take it when... uuuhhhnnn!" The last of whatever Harley was going to say dissolved into a long groan of released pleasure as that vine probed her opening, swelled to something the size of Ivy's wrist, and then slipped between the other woman's teased and swollen pussy lips!

Harley groaned and bucked as one of Ivy's vines slipped into her cunt, swelled to stretch her to a point where it almost stopped feeling good, and then sank inside of her to the opening of her womb! Her ass bucked and twitched as her eyes rolled back in her head and a throaty groan echoed into every corner of the room in which they were hiding out. The restraining bands of bark retreated once she was lost in the throes of her pleasure and Harley thrashed about. Ivy was not done with her yet though.

The bed came alive and rolled Harley onto her stomach even as Ivy came and sat down in front of her face.

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