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She develops an intimate affair with her father-in-law.

But my God- when he finally relented and that beautiful cock plunged deep into me, making me come as it slid home... it was the greatest feeling in the world. I rolled over on my stomach then got my knees under me, my dripping cunt facing the tent flap as I imagined him taking me hard. He would pound into me, grunting and asking me what I wanted. Each moment built until finally I would explode powerfully, just like

"AAAAAHHHHHH FUCK!! YES YES FUCK YES!!" I squirted powerfully as it finally happened. I tensed up a few times, letting my hand drop as my poor pussy was so sensitive right now. God, what a weekend! I was pretty sure he would help me to another couple when he returned, and I smiled into the pillow as I imagined his man gravy pouring into my mouth for breakfast.

I had almost dropped back off to sleep when I heard the tent flap move. "Hi Baby, did you have a good run?" I kept my eyes closed, imagining what he was seeing as he looked at his little slut of a girlfriend. He didn't say anything, but suddenly I felt him take a long lick from the bottom of my wet slit all the way back to my dark star. It felt great, but weird- his tongue was really long and wide, then this cold nose touched my clit and I jumped and twisted around.

I froze when I saw it. It wasn't Doug. It was the biggest fucking wolf I'd ever seen and its teeth were out and its slobber was falling onto my stomach as it moved closer to my face. I wanted so bad to scream but I couldn't move. This thing was huge, big as a Newfoundland and those were like small horses. It was hung like one too, the red head was out and bouncing around beneath his belly as he moved. He sniffed around at the packs and the sleeping bag, then came back to sniff me again. I decided that I'd just stay still and hope it went away.

It didn't. It stood between my legs, the cold nose sniffing around my body and lingering around my sex. Then it plunged its tongue between my legs again and took a deep lick that went all the way inside me. I screamed.

I tried to get up, but this thing jumped forward and pinned my shoulders down with its big paws. The nails scratched my chest as I struggled to get away; I pushed at its chest until it bit my arm. I screamed again, it let me go but dropped its chest on top of mine. I could feel that hot, sticky cock sliding around my hips as I frantically tried to kick it off. Its claws were raking my legs, I screamed in pain as I tried and tried but it just kept poking until it finally found his goal.

I screamed in agony when it drove itself into me, at least until it grabbed my neck with its jaws and started to shake. I closed my eyes and let my body go slack before he tore me open. I was crying, trying to ignore the pain and the blood and the pounding I was taking as this wild animal sated its lust on my body. When he let my neck go I poked at his eyes. It might work for sharks, but it just pissed him off and it was too quick for me to hit my mark. He slashed at my forearms, cutting my right one to the bone before going back to my neck. He never stopped driving his cock into me as he took hold of my neck again, squeezing tightly and breaking the skin. I tried to fight, but I was rapidly weakening. Doug, where the hell was Doug? Was I going to die on his stupid camping trip? He'd never know his baby... I started to cry as I couldn't fight any more.

It was then that I started to feel weird. It was like my skin was on fire, and ants were crawling under it. Shooting pains wracked my body as I screamed until I was hoarse. I think I blacked out.

Then it got weird, like a bad dream.

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