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Widowed woman keeps the farm in good shape with her body.

Donnie got to ask a question to Stace. She looked shyly at him, impressed by his physique.

"So, um... Viky. What do you want? Truth or Dare?"

"I'm gonna say... truth again"

"Aw come on!"

"I say Truth. Ask me."

"Fine," a disappointed Donnie answered. "Have you ever blown a guy?"

Stace froze up, her face turning beet red. It made the guys laugh. I didn't think it was so funny. Viky, however, goaded Stace on.

"Come on. Did you?"

"Well... um... no."

"You've never seen one," right Viky replied.

"I have too! In... movies and stuff..."

"Never live then."

Donnie reached for his zipper.

"I'll show you one," he began to fondle it.

"Keep your pants on!" I called out to him.

He mumbled incomprehensibly and sat back down, faking pouting.

"There's no shame in it," I told Viky. "I hadn't seen one until a few months ago."

"A story for another time," Manny interrupted us. "Let's draw."

We picked again. This time, Manny got to ask something to Viky. She smiled at him, biting her lower lip.


"All right... so... are you willing to kiss Maria?"

"You bet!" she replied.

"Hang on," I cut in, half-jokingly. "I think I have a say in this."

"Yes you do," Manny replied. "Do you?"

I stared at Viky across the room, sharing a smile. We leaned in and locked lips. Nothing fancy, and we didn't exchange tongue, much to the boys' chagrin. I could tell that Stace fell left out, especially after her previous truth, so I winked at Viky and she agreed. We moved towards her, pulling her in into a three-way kiss. Her eyes lit up. We knew from before she had also kissed girls before, but this was something new and exciting.

When we pulled away to return to our places, Stace was panting, and Donnie was fake- howling.

"All right, pretty girls kissing."

"You know that means we don't need you, right?" Viky squirmed at him.

He froze up. We all laughed at him, then he joined in.

"Funny. Who's next?"

I expected it to be me and I was right: I got to ask Manny what he wanted. He chose 'Dare', unsuprisingly.

"Well, given your record," I told him, "we know there's not much that challenges you."

"True," he confessed.

He had done a lot, and several sexual situations as well. In that light, he was much more experienced than any of us. Besides, I didn't feel confident enough with him to go that route. It occurred to me that after years of playing this game, I was slowly running out of original ideas. I could always escalate to 'sexual dares' but I preferred not to.

The others watched my internal struggle as I pondered what dare to give our host. I stared long and hard at him, and a notion I had visited before came to mind.

"This is a... complicated one, Manny, so if you can't do it, I won't hold it against you."

"Spill it," he insisted.

"All right..."

The others listened quietly to my convoluted dare, half-confused, half-impressed. They knew that anything was on the table since someone could always refuse, but they never imagined that someone could come up with such a different and unique dare. Manny looked away for a moment, considering what I had dared him to do. It took him a moment to realize that it was beyond his capability.

"You know what? I'll strip..."

"You won't do my dare?"

"Nope. Can't. It's not for me."

I wasn't shocked. This wasn't the first time I had tried this dare on someone, and they always refused. I had never entertained the opportunity of asking a girl though, so I wondered if their reaction would be different. I didn't think it would be.

True to form, Manny stripped off his t-shirt and showed off his pecks and burgeoning beer belly. Everyone got a kick out of exposed flesh, even just a tummy. The game resumed, and about an hour later, with almost everyone naked or close and many bottoms spanked, we called it a game. Stace got to say that she had not only seen one dick but two, and she had held one in the palm of her cold sweaty hand - much to Donnie's discomfort. If he had expected more, he left disappointed.

Stace and Donni

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