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The belle of the ball.

He likes me to suck it slowly, ever so slowly, and all the way down my throat. "Show me what my pretty little mouth can do" he instructs me. I first wet my lips then I cover my teeth with my lips so I can apply constant pressure all the way down his shaft. Next, I slowly suck it on the way back up. After a little while of this, he lets me come up for air and smacks my face with that loving cock as I gently lick his balls and suck on the top of his thighs. Finally, I gently take first one of his balls then the other into my mouth and suck on them. "Oh yeah, that's it, you know what Daddy likes" he says as his cock starts throbbing.

Just knowing this pleases my master has me dripping in anticipation. When he hears me moaning as I go down on that big stiff cock, he takes pity on me and takes me by my hair as I crawl on all fours to the bedroom. "Where do you want it slave?" "Wherever pleases you master." "You know you want this shoved in that hot pussy don't you, whore? Your my little cumwhore aren't you?" "Oh god yes!!!" is all I can manage. I have the most generous master in the world.

Once in the bedroom, he bends me over and pays extra attention to the ass he loves. First, a few well placed smacks and he rubs in between untill he has me bright red and on fire for him. Next, he starts licking and sucking on my thighs and ass and especially the place right where my [his] legs meet the asscheeks. It is unbelievably erotic. When he knows I am completely aroused, he shoves that big cock inside of me doggy style. Very gently -- almost hesitantly at first for a few thrusts, then he rams the full lenght of it inside me and warns me not to come until he says so. "Don't you dare come whore until I say so." It is such sweet agony to want to come with the man I love, my master, fucking me for all I am worth and not being allowed to come. Then when he knows I can take no more, he asks me "What do you want whore, you want to come don't you?" I answer with a resounding "YES", and he tells me "Go ahead my baby, come for me, come all over that cock so you can lick that sweet pussy juice off", and with that i come over and over again.

After I thank him for allowing me to have such a wonderful orgasm [I must never forget to thank him or it will result in him punishing me by denying me another orgasm], I then go down and greedily lick all that sweet pussy juice off his throbbing member. Only his cum tastes better to me than my own and he knows this and gets off on it.

Sometimes I get so carried away, his cock looks raw after I am done sucking it. It is covered with marks almost like hickeys all over the head. Before I can finish his cock off in my mouth though, he orders me on my back and rams me again, this time from the front with my legs spread wide apart so he can get every wonderful inch of that stiff hot rod inside of me and he can feel every inch of his pussy wrapped around that cock. This whole time I play very gently with his nipples. After putting some spittle - and maybe some pussy juice - on my fingers I very gently circle his nipples. "Look at me, I want you to look at me when I am over you. Don't look down, I want to see you, I want to see you proud to be my whore, my little slave" he orders me. "Yes Master" is all I can manage to say. Then I lick his nipples with just the tip of my tongue at first and then hungrily suck on them until my master is on the edge of explosion.

"What do you want, slut? Tell me what you want, you cocksucking whore! You're my whore aren't you?" "Yes, Master, I am your whore, only yours, all yours" "That's right, whore, and do you know why you are mine?" "Because you say so, Master.

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