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My idiot husband was taught a lesson.

She just is not going to have a desperate need to suck your cock. But isn't it nice to imagine!

Gary imagined himself apologising for his erection - and its smallness - and perhaps the lad trying to be complimentary by commenting upon its remarkable girth. So nice to have the two young persons looking at it. The young girl perhaps saying she was sure she could not get her hand around it and then Gary inviting her to try. The girl looking at the boy for permission and with a nod it being granted.

The wonderful thought of standing there with the girl reaching and, of course, taking the boy in hand as well at the same time. She smiling and looking from one to the other, now with a penis in each hand and working both. Might she and the boyfriend copulate whilst Gary watched, the couple having become comfortable in Gary's presence; might they copulate whilst the girl worked Gary; might they instead walk on together with the girl holding both penises for a while or might she bring them both off by hand? Perhaps even both on that footbridge - two jets of semen falling. The girl perhaps both giggling and exclaiming as Gary produced copiously; even the boyfriend looking wide eyed and amazed at the prolific 'shower' Gary's little cock could produce. The girl goading her boyfriend with a 'go on, match that' and despite his best efforts his ejaculation just not being up to Gary's - by a mile! Lovely suggestions of 'we must do this again.'

Such a thing so unlikely but it remained a favourite fantasy. It came again and again, as Gary did to it! Even recently Gary had sat in his shed with the thoughts of the couple from long ago. Had thought pleasantly back and enjoyed his fantasy once more.

Zara liked walking and had walked before with Gary. One afternoon Zara had telephoned and suggested they walk again. Gary had been delighted the teen had thought of him rather than going walking with some of her young friends. Not a naked walk of course. Perhaps if it had been the lonely moors then... but it was not and there were indeed other walkers out and about. Walkers who no doubt thought young Zara was out walking with her father or even grandfather. More than a few no doubt admired the girl's long slim legs under her short skirt and above her walking boots. It is unlikely they even looked at Gary.

The walk lead to the bridge, the self same bridge Gary had wanked at all those years before and, as the ritual demanded, Gary needed to expose himself. He was pretty sure sex with Zara featured in her plans for the afternoon but he was not sure when or how. He did not even know if she was wearing panties beneath her skirt. To just unzip and get out his penis would seem a little odd. Gary thought he had better explain.

He paused at the start of the bridge, "Zara there is something I need to tell you."

She had clearly thought it some terribly serious revelation and when he had actually explained she had burst out laughing. "Gary - what a story! You didn't, not really, not on them! A...mazing! And I love your cock ritual. Where is it. Let me get it out."

Delightful to have the young girl fumbling with the fly of his shorts and dragging his immediately erect penis out. Not very far of course but the stumpy thing showed, its big thick knob poking out of the material.

"Should I hand you my panties? Would that satisfy your ritual?"

There was no need at all, nothing in Gary's rule book about what accompanying girls should do. Zara reached down and Gary soon had a scrap of cotton in his hand: but Zara had his cock. Lovely to walk onto and half way across the footbridge like that. They turned and leant over the rail looking down.

"I see," said Zara, "quite a way down. So that's the old railway track."

"Yeah, the track bed in a cutting. Pretty overgrown. Not much of a path down there though you can get there." His hand reached up and into her skirt.

It is not many men in their late fifties who have the easy opportunity of playing around under a nineteen year old's skirt - without payment that is!

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