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Lady of the house seduces hot and sweaty stable boy.

He than ran his hands over my stockings and garter straps, his touch making my pussy drip. He than took his fingers and pulled and stretched on my narrow fuck lips as his mouth sucked on my aching clit and his tongue explored the walls of my scorching pussy. After we both came, he fucked me from behind, pounding his fat, tireless 10 inch cock into me as he pulled on my garter straps, guiding my wild ass over his huge shaft in ways that had us both moaning in lust filled pleasure.


"God your father is so sexy," the girls were murmuring to Kate when we were changing into our evening gowns for that portion of the competition.

"Yeah he sure is," she said smugly, which surprised me, because she was thinking the same thing.

"Hey can you give him my number," one of the girls said, then the rest chimed in one after the other.

"Trust me, he has more numbers than he knows what to do with and a daughter that thinks he's really sexy too," she said with a sly laugh that caused a few girls to say,"UGH GROSS," but most to say, "Fuck, who wouldn't want to be his daughter."

Kate was absolutely right about Mr. Travers having an surplus of young teens, because like that night at the rehearsal with the Asian teen, he always had a different young girl on his arm, sometimes two, and they were always dressed up in an outfit designed to advertise they wanted to fuck him. Micro mini skirts or skin tight mini dresses and always in stockings and high heels.

Two days before the pageant I got a call on my cell from Mr. Travers. When I saw his number come up I got instantly excited, and told my boyfriend, who I was talking to, that I had to take the call, saying something about my College. My pussy was so wet and I couldn't push 'end' call fast enough.

Mr. Travers and I made some small-talk about College, the pageant, my boyfriend and after a two minutes he got right to the point telling me I was the sexiest girl in the pageant.

"You've been coming to my house for years now Allison, and now that you are 18 I'd like to take you to dinner at one of my private clubs and really get to know you better," he said in a tone that had my nipples instantly hard.

"Dinner sounds great Mr. Travers, and I especially like the part about you getting to know me better," I said in my most flirtatious voice.

"That's real good Allison, because I thought you might be a little hesitant, being that you are my Kate's best friend and especially my son Bobbie's girlfriend."

" Are you kidding. I've been hoping for a long time that you'd asked me out," I said in a eager sounding voice.

"Wonderful Allison," he said with a sly laugh.

I told him I couldn't wait and he arranged to meet me at the pageant rehearsal in his private limo. That day I told Kate and my boyfriend that I had to do some shopping after the rehearsal and that I was going home for the night after that.

The way Mr. Travers and I talked, I had a very good idea that we were going to be doing a lot more than just go to dinner. I was going crazy at the thought of fucking him. Seeing him at the pool all these years and at the pageant, had me lusting for him. I knew one thing and that was I was going to look absolutely sexy for him. I wanted to highlight every inch of my body to really show him how sexy I could be. I wanted to turn him on like crazy.

He told me that he would be at the rehearsal with a new intern he had hired and that he would leave with her before it was over, than return to pick me up after his son and daughter left. His new intern was a high school senior who was Hispanic. She just turned 18 that day and stood about 5'3" tall and weighed about 100 pounds. She was dressed in a sexy black mini skirt tat came just below her ass.

She wore black open toed high heels and had on white thigh high socks that made her look real naughty.

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