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Jimmy gets a surprise visit from his mother and half sister.

I returned to the room and found the girls kissing each other on the bed. My cock was stiff again in no time. "Would you gals like for me to watch you two for awhile and join in a little later or shall I join you both now," I asked, not sure how they wanted to play it.

"Would you like to watch us James?" Allison asked, lifting her beautiful mouth off Rachel's neck, making her moan ever so sexily. "Yes, I'd love to just watch you guys enjoy each other and when you like I'll join in." Allison and Rachel looked at each other with eyes full of hungry lust and began a deep kiss. As they kissed, they began to massage each other's tits and then rubbed their bodies, now unclothed, together. I heard moans and in response.

I began to rub my own cock that was lewdly sticking out of my boxer shorts. So much for being unwrapped, I thought to myself. I could see both of their pussies now, Alison's with a neat brown trim and Rachel completely shaved. They were both drenched with fragrant womanly juices that I could inhale from the chair I which I sat.. I inhaled the steamy air in the room again, and to breathe it in made me intoxicated and made me want to wash my face in both of their pubic mounds. As I stroked my cock, I watched as Rachel devoured Allison's cunt first.

Rachel didn't just eat Alison out; it was as if she made love to her pussy with her tongue ministrations. "Ohhh fuck yes baby, please don't stop," moaned Alison as her long beautiful hands pushed Rachel's tongue deeper into her twat. Good Gawd, I thought to myself. It looked so lovely to watch them go at it. I remained silent however; I didn't want to disturb their flow.

Soon Rachel's face was awash with Alison's free flowing goo now and from how she sounded, it was evident that Allison would climax soon. I noticed Rachel was really turned on by doing this to her girlfriend because she'd put her hand between her legs and started diddling her shaved pussy. "Ohhhh honey YESSSS", Allison screams out from deep within herself. When Allison came she looked so stunning and almost as if she drew her last breath.

For the second time that night I'd come close to coming myself. Unbelievably, I still held myself back, painful as it was. I needed to do something to one if not both of them soon or I'd climb the walls. When their orgasms had subsided, Rachel looked up at me with hungry eyes and then cast a sideways glance at Allison "Yes" said Rachel, "Our James here, has been such a perfect gentleman don't you agree Ali?" As Allison came down from her climax, she agreed and added: "Yes honey, we shouldn't torture poor James here any longer, he's more then proved to have staying power."

"Well" said Allison, "one good turn deserves another, I'd love for James to eat me again from behind while I go down on Rachel from the front, then we can both take turns sucking your cock, how's that grab ya baby?"

That sounded just fine to me so as Allison bent over and ate out Rachel, I got on my knees and licked Alison for everything I was worth. After she'd came she tasted spectacular, very tangy. Her personal fragrance; I could kiss up to God. Allison thrust her butt back into my face as if she wanted my tongue to go its whole length inside her. I started alternating holes and ran an entire circle from her twat to her anus. "Ahhh fuck yes, James, you bastard, give me that tongue. I'm so close now, don't you dare stop," Allison groaned audibly, that is when her face wasn't muffled by Rachel's hot cunt. Soon after Allison had said this, I heard a series of oh's, and felt her shudder uncontrollably. She thrust her head back and slammed into my face that was now drenched in female come. "Oh honey that felt so fuckin great" purred Allison as she kissed me deeply.

Rachel again spoke up. "I dunno about you Ali but I think it would be such a turn on to share that beautiful cock of his." There is certainly enough for both of us,

I certainly wasn't going to disappoint now so I stepped up to the plate and said "Voila, ladies," I said

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