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I knew who she was from school. He was right, she was pretty messy. At that point I was only wearing my bra, and my jeans were unzipped. He was still fully clothed so I pulled his t shirt off. His arms were so big, I didn't realize he was in such good shape. Then, I pulled his wife beater off. He had the body of a god. Everything was toned. I was surprised he never walked around with his shirt off like those other guys. I slipped his belt off then unzipped his jeans. As I pulled them off of him his semi hard cock flopped out of the slit in his boxers. It was so thick. It had to have been 8 inches and it wasn't even completely hard yet. With a hurry I pulled his boxers off.

I told him it was time to get him completely hard. I took off my bra, and my tits bounced right before his eyes. I could tell it was the first pair he had ever seen up close. I was pleased. Then, I slipped my thong off. I threw them at him and spread my legs wide, so he could see my entire pussy. He was fully erect after that. While I was sitting down I told him to come over to me. When he did, I took his cock into my mouth. As soon as I did he blew his load. Not expecting him to cum so quick, I started to choke on it. I guess guys are just like that their first time.

After washing the cum off my face, I told him that we're going to try this again, and to concentrate, because the longer you hold off, the better its going to feel when you cum. He listened. I took his cock into my mouth and moaned from the taste. I started sucking his cock hungrily, like I needed to taste it to survive. He started to gyrate his hips and fuck my mouth. I was jacking him and playing with his balls as I licked the sides of his cock. He surprised me when he grabbed my head and started pumping his cock into my mouth again. He was getting aggressive and that was getting me so fucking wet. As I felt his cock swell I took his dick out of my mouth and jacked him until I knew he was about to cum, then I took his cock into my mouth again and swallowed every drop of his cum.

He was moaning and grunting so loud when he came that we didn't even hear the front door open or close.

By that time, my pussy was hungry for his cock. I was about to ask him if he could get it up again when I saw him stroking it back up. I was impressed. He climbed on top of me, softly kissing my neck and blowing in my ear. I told him to stop. I told him to stop trying to be romantic, because I just wanted to fuck. I just wanted some hard rough sex. Trying to be romantic right now would be such a turn off. I'm pretty sure he didn't like what I said, but he still wanted some pussy.

So with that I spread my legs and told him to fuck me senseless. He didn't even try to guide his cock in. he rammed it into my cunt as far as it could go. It hurt but it felt so fucking good. He just lay there for a few seconds, while my pussy walls hugged his cock. Then he slowly slid his cock out, everything except the head, then rammed it back in. After that he was fucking me furiously. Through my screams and moans and his grunts, we both had our eyes closed. We didn't notice anyone standing in the door way.

I came with such a thunder. I was praying that he wouldn't cum too fast again. His grunts and the sounds of his big balls slamming up against my wet pussy definitely helped me reach a better orgasm. It wasn't until I was on the verge of my second orgasm that I looked at the door way.

Jacob's sister, Tiffany, was standing in the doorway, watching her brother fuck my brains out in her bedroom, on her bed. Talk about a fucking turn on. I winked at her as I reached my climax. As my breathing calmed down I could tell Jacob was about to cum. He still hadn't noticed Tiffany.

"Did you know your brother has a huge cock?" I smiled at her.

When Jacob realized who I was talking to he seemed terrified.

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