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Your workplace fling ignites...

Kayla looked down at the picture now lying on their bed and gasped in realisation.

"Jake! .... Oh shit Jake! .... It's that one with me holding my legs wide open. Not only can you see both my tits but you can see right deep inside me as well -- my pussy's wide open to the camera! And look how my nipples are standing out. Oh hell Jake, I'm so fucking embarrassed I don't know what to do!"

She shuddered and looking down again, seemingly completely transfixed by the image. Jake took it from her and gazed at it for a few seconds. He decided to push things even further, now knowing that what he was about to say would almost certainly get Kayla even hotter for the moment, even if she got pissed about it later.

"Yeah, I know. He'll really have loved seeing that Darling; and if he did see it - and I reckon he did see it - then if he's anything like me, he'll have started beating off to the thought of you all lovely and nude for him like that, just as soon as he got home. And what's more, I reckon he's probably beating off to it again now, as we speak!"

He sat down on the bed and put his arms around his young bride. One hand slipped around her back and he reached under her arm to take a nipple between his fingers. Suddenly, he became aware that her bra' was missing and that through her top, he was holding a naked breast in his hand, its nipple as hard as it could be. This was a turn up,

"Hey Kayla .... darling .... you've taken your bra' off! When did you do that, you wicked little wife you? And don't deny it, 'cos I know you had one on just before Peter arrived!"

If it were possible, Kayla blushed even more and began to stutter,

"I .... er .... well, it was quite warm wasn't it Honey and I er .... well, I ehm .... oh fuck it! Look, I just took it off .... all right? Anything wrong with that, is there? I mean, it's not as if he could see anything and after all, it is bloody hot isn't it!"

The last bit came out emphatically, as if she would brook no further discussion of the matter. Nonetheless, she did moan slightly as Jake's fingers began to roll her nipple with a little more urgency.

"I think you took it off because you wanted to taunt Peter. I can't believe I didn't notice it before. I must have been so pre-occupied with setting up that photo in the right place and trying to make sure Peter saw it. Wow! I didn't even notice your bra' had gone .... unusual for me, don't you think? I bet Peter noticed though - it must have made his evening seeing your nipples thrusting hard at your top like this! Look down your front darling, they're hard as nails even now and you can't miss their outline against your shirt .... oh fuck darling, they look .... you look just so bloody sexy!" Then he added as a rider,

"Particularly after seeing that photo down there on the table - just look darling and see how incredibly sexy you are, completely bared for his pleasure!"

Kayla looked mortified for a moment and then, as if giving in to the tension of the moment, she reached down and took a hold of Jake's hardening cock through his pants.

"Well now, will you look here Jake, who's getting hard then? I guess all this is beginning to turn you on isn't it?"

She undid the top button of his pants and unzipped him until she could slide her hand into the opening and grasp his naked cock. She slowly slid her hand up until the foreskin gathered loosely in her palm; and then slid her hand down again in a long motion which left the foreskin drawn right back and the sensitive head of his penis open to her ministrations.

"Well Jake .... does it turn you on?"

Jake undid her top very slowly and exposed both her breasts. He lowered his mouth and still not answering her question, he suckled at each nipple in turn, hearing her delighted moans of pleasure as his tongue swirled around their ends -- nibbling gently with his teeth and humming deeply so that the vibrations excited her even more.

"Oh Jake, tha

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