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It's the next day and Matt learns it's really happening.

She had to be at Heathrow by 7:30am and her flight to LA was scheduled to leave at 10:30. It would be a long haul and she only had economy tickets. Still they were free and paradise awaited her, so it was hard to complain.

Mollie showered and before long felt awake. She had packed her stuff the previous evening and C4TV had arranged for a car to pick her up at 6:15. So she just had to get showered and dressed and then she was ready. Mollie wanted to look good for her first impressions and so took care to wash and dry her hair, shave her bikini line and underneath her arms and then she was ready to get dressed. She had packed a fairly big case with most of her decent clothes, including the 6 free bikini's but she had left out a grey vest top, a blue button blouse to go over it, jeans and Mollie intended to wear her North Face jacket and long boots to cater for the London Winter. It would be Summer in the South Pacific and she couldn't wait.

Mollie had at one point thought that she and Neil would travel out together but now realised that they were to be kept completely apart until they met on the island beach for the first time. This was so exciting Mollie would have butterflies in her stomach all the way out there.

Taking her luggage into her hand she took a last look around her room, said a whispered goodbye and was about to leave when the door to her room burst open.

"Byeeeeee Moll!" It was Veronica and Rosie.

Their sudden appearance at this early hour touched her and Mollie sensed her eyes watering.

"Oh girls, come here." Mollie released her luggage and held them both in a big hug.

"We'll miss you honey, but have a great time, you hear us?"

"I will, don't worry. And I'll be back soon full of stories to tell you. Look after each other while I'm gone."

Mollie pulled herself free from the embrace and started to make her way to the front door and the waiting taxi. Veronica moved towards her again.

"Here Moll, take this and think of me." Veronica slipped something into Mollie's hand and gave her a light kiss on the lips. Mollie smiled and said,

"Thanks V, I love you."

"I love you too sister."

Mollie looked down and saw the small furry bear on a key ring with the engraved word, 'Don't forget me Moll, love V xx'

As Mollie left the house she was crying.


The flight was long, cramped and largely uneventful. She ate, slept ... kind of, and watched 3 movies; a couple of uneventful flicks on the way to LA and then one of her favourites, 'Love Actually' on a TV Gold channel on the Tahiti leg. It took an unbelievable 22 hours to fly to Tahiti and so by the time Mollie had spent that amount of time on the plane and taken into account the plus 11 hours difference between Tahiti and London her body clock was shot to pieces.

After staggering through her disembarkment and waiting for what seemed like an age for her luggage, Mollie stumbled into the arrivals hall at Tahiti's Faa'a international airport and was greeted by a C4TV card being held up with her name on it.

"Welcome Mollie," said a smiling face. Despite feeling like shit Mollie smiled back and even managed a little wave.

"Hi," the Asian student replied in a tired voice.

"Welcome to Tahiti! Here let me take your bags."

Mollie was on Autopilot and if she had heard the order to undress in the middle of the airport she would probably have obeyed, which was worryingly unlike her. But soon she was sitting in the back of a very comfortable Mercedes being taken to the Tahiti Hilton.

"You okay back there, Miss Chu?"

"Oh, erm, yeah sure. Where're we going did you say?"

"The Tahiti Hilton Miss. You're gonna meet my boss Tricia Gayle one of the C4 documentary producers in charge of Shipwrecked."

Mollie just nodded. She was almost asleep.


"So tonight you can unwind, but you should try to stay awake until at least 9pm that way your body clock will adjust and then tomorrow you will be taken out by boat to Potoma, okay?"

The word okay had pretty much woken Mollie up, and so she just sort of nodded befor

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