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Ashley breaks the rules.

After she came down and he had figured out how to turn the vacuum off, he began pulling things from the bags that he had brought in. He pulled the tank top off over her head, taking care not to pull off the mask and guided her into what she took to be a new bra- a half bra, nipples exposed. Next he pulled a thong up her legs, taking care to snug it into her bare lips with delicious, languorous strokes of his fingers. Stockings of some sort. Heels. Then over the whole some sort of huge shirt? Dress? Whatever it was, it was voluminous and came down to midthigh.

"Go Vikings!" he said cryptically, when this was installed on her body.

Next he turned his attention to the mask. She would later learn that it was a white sample bag, made of a sort of cloth that was translucent-she found that she could discern shapes, but not features through it. She smelled the distinctive solvent odor of Sharpie and felt him tracing around her lips with the marker..."Now don't move, sweetie."

He cut a generous hole around her lips with surgical scissors, and chuckled when he was done.

"What?" She asked.

"You are going to be a walking glory hole. A glory 'Ho." He amended, pleased with his wordplay. She had heard the term before, but didn't have a clear idea what it meant...Again a frisson of fear, and sexual excitement passed through her...

Angelo's next task was to secure the mask in place so that the hole would stay over her mouth...he solved this problem by fastening a clip at the base of her neck and by using hair pins to attach it to her hair. Experimentally, he thrust his finger through the hole. Dutifully, she opened her mouth and sucked it deep into her warm, moist mouth...

"That'll do pig," he said dryly. "Sit tight. I'll bring you another Stone..."

She was aware of him leaving her then, and a few moment later felt him lightly tracing a cool line with the bottle over her lips. She drank greedily, the strong ale the exact medicine she needed for pre- performance jitters.

He hid the vacuum in the closet, and laid out the snacks that he brought. Then displayed an array of condoms and lubes on some of her bright fiesta-ware plates, pleased with the effect...

He had decided to leave the music on, and with her guidance was ultimately able to figure out her fucking television. Jesus. Like 8 remotes to simply turn the goddamn thing on, volume off. No was going to give a shit about the game with this treasure in the room, he thought. It simply was there as a prop,a timer.

"Listen, If at any time this stops being fun for you, for WHATEVER reason, shout 'Cacao!"'

Alexandria giggled. "Someone's been watching 'Portlandia,'" She said.

"Seriously. If not fun, the party ends, everyone goes home. Even me if you want"

"C'mere. " She groped for him, and they were enjoying another long deep kiss when

the boys arrived. He stepped over to where he had set up a video camera, discretely placed under the TV, and turned it on.

It ended up being a party of four, plus the host and hostess.

Angelo announced the ground rules once everyone was equipped with a plate of carnitas, guac and a cool one...

"Chicos, meet 'A!' "

"Hi 'A,' "everyone chimed in.

" A has graciously been volunteered "...laughter..."to host this momentous contest between the Minnesota Vikings"-he waved at her, resplendent in her purple mesh Viking jersey,.."and err,some other team," he trailed off...More laughter.

"There will be no insertion, no penetration of the hostess before halftime. You are encouraged to kiss, feel, fondle, stroke, and enjoy, as much as possible before then. Be generous. Give her as much pleasure as you want to be given..."

Alexandria shivered at his words.

"At halftime the rules will change. All penetration will be encouraged as A performs as the Mobile Minnesota Glory Hole." More cheers and laughter.

"Anyone not wearing a condom will be sent home.

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