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She welcomes men, rich and poor to campus.

She was smiling excitedly and walked toward us.

"I see you've already met Pete." Then turning to Pete she offered him a look at her work. "You're never going to believe what Katrina did this morning. Take a look at these." Before I could say anything she handed over some of the prints and waited for him to take in the images. Pete whistled as he looked though the photos.

"Geez! These are great. Outside your apartment aren't they Monica? Whew, bloody brilliant work." He leaved through the prints, placing each one in front of me on the counter as he studied the next one with an astonished look on his face. Monica stood beside me with a satisfied look on her face and I had my first opportunity to see the photos myself. They were excellent, starting off with my naked emergence from the apartment building, clearly showing every detail of my body and the surprised reactions of those in the street nearby.

It was obvious that I had attracted more interest than even I had been aware of at the time. It was the first time that I had seen the overview of my experience from a spectators standpoint and I was almost as thrilled as Pete as he eagerly examined each print. I looked a lot more relaxed than I remember feeling at the time, almost as though I had been fully dressed, strolling through the crowds with heads turning in all directions. Monica had captured aspects of my demonstration that were impossible for me to have enjoyed at the time. My body experienced almost the same state of sexual tension that I had felt during the walk, just looking at Pete's reactions to each print. His eyes lingered over each photo before he passed it over to me.

"Wow! This one is dynamite!" Pete paid the print that he was holding special attention, almost reluctant to pass it over to me. It showed me waving toward the camera in the midst of the group of professional people that I talked to after I had crossed the street to the next block. Every detail of my body was crystal clear. I was stretching upward, waving happily and the print really captured the results of the delicious adrenalin charge that I was feeling at the time. Monica had zoomed right in, almost as if she had been standing only a few feet away. Even the goose-bumps on my breasts were clearly visible around my engorged nipples. All my piercing jewelry was captured in fine detail although I knew that Monica was well over 100 yards away at the time. It truly was a masterpiece of photography. Pete was looking through the rest of the shots until he reached the first few that Monica had taken when I turned back onto the main road on the right hand side of the apartment. His lower jaw dropped as he noted the crowd that had gathered outside the apartment.

"Did you go right around the backstreets as well? He looked at me with unconcealed admiration written all over his face. "How long were you out there?"

"Oh, about forty minutes or so, I imagine. I didn't keep---"

Monica interrupted.

"Forty seven minutes outside the apartment, in the middle of the day, without a stitch of clothing on. I timed her." Monica seemed prouder of my achievement than I was. She went on to tell Pete the whole story while I pretended to look at the photos again, keenly aware of admiring eyes directed at me. It was evident that Pete wanted to know everything about me and he was amazed that I had only met Monica today. He was envious that I was sharing Monica's room and we had already decided that I would be working with her exclusively from now on.

"I'm sure Katrina would be amenable to working with all of us from time to time. I have to tell you that she doesn't come cheap though." Monica winked at me. "A top nude model with guts, like her, can cost a lot of money you know." She thought for a minute. "At least $200-00 an hour I would think."

"Just depends on the degree of risk." I confirmed Monica's assessment. "Maybe more if I'm likely to get caught by the cops." I quickly added. "Plus any fines paid for me."

"She did this one on the cheap for me.

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