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A trip to Charlotte & the unthinkable happens.

She would endure this episode of being screwed and scrutinized, but it wasn't one of her shining moments.

The coach tutor huffed to a peak and released the pressure in his prostate, pumping his fluids inside her womb. He withdrew his softening erection, stood and paced away from the bowed female. It was his body language signal of disappointment with the blonde's performance. Nicki slouched on her elbows and knees, recovering her composure. She eventually stirred and rose; whipping away her tear-stains.

The four couples reconvened, watching the sunset, sipping drinks in small conversations, somewhat satiated, waiting for dinner to be served. The table gong sounded and they arrayed themselves, still nude, in alternating genders around the circular table of eight. As the meal progressed, so did the refracting of ardor and lust. Hands not busy with eating were busy in their near companions' laps: caressing inner thighs, tumescent flesh and soft vaginal lips. The playful males occasionally toyed with neighboring boobs and nubs.

Over dessert, the disaffected coach tutor mentioned Nicki's feeble blowjob attempts. She again flushed with embarrassment as her earlier sex-mate described his disappointment. Sir Stephen rose to her defense, acknowledging differences in technique but saying diversities had their place.

The two other coach tutors were ambivalent but tended to agree with their cohort. Deep throat was the best. Sir Stephen proposed a cocksucker contest, a blind taste test of sorts. The octet moved to the lounge where the three nude coach tutors were seated on the same long sofa. Hazima invited the female guest guides to take their stations. Each knelt at the feet of a waiting man.

Hazima directed the men to sit on their hands unless they would prefer handcuffs to exclude interference. They unanimously chose the hand-sitting alternative. She blindfolded them.

"Ladies, you may start at the sound of the gong. When the gong sounds again, shift one man over and continue. Use your favorite and most practiced cock-sucking technique. The men will judge the best. Ready?"

She tapped the suspended metal disk, producing a melodious tinny signal to begin. The girls commenced their oral stimulations of the soft cocks before them.

Kaduna and Amara licked and kissed the shafts from beneath to set off the stiffening. As the meaty tubes thickened, the swelling knobs lifted into the air.

But Nicki leaned in and took the soft knob into her mouth. Her tongue glazed the tip as she lightly held the upper shaft with her teeth. The knob sprouted growth and her bite widened in sync with the engorging of the shaft. A minute passed too soon and she heard the gong. Releasing her man, she shuffled to her next partner and found his cock less solid than the one she had just left.
Kaduna and Amara bobbed their heads on their next targets. Sucking deeply, they slid their lips up and down the semi-rigid penises, even though the shafts were too short to touch their tonsils. Meanwhile, Nicki continued her half cock tonguing and toothing method. Her current man apparently found it pleasurable; he swelled quickly to almost full size. Nicki let two fingers cradle his scrotum, her other hand gliding along the hairy inner thighs and lower abdomen. The gong sounded and she shuffled to her next fellatio subject.

Again, Kaduna and Amara bobbed their heads on the cocks in their mouths. The shafts were stiff and they pushed the long meat into their throats. Sucking hard, they mixed bobbing with swallowing. Nicki repudiated the deep method. The large pliant knob filled her mouth. Her jaws were wide and her teeth just touching the sub-coronal ring. The flat of her tongue flickered on the knob vee, her lower lips in contact with the thick main vein felt the man's blood rushing to his heartbeat. She expected him to orgasm soon but instead she heard the gong and eased off the throbbing man-meat. She heard him whimper at her retreat.

Nicki was now back with her first cock of the contest.

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