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A look into the sin of a bloodthirsty monster.

Terri had never been felt up by anyone but Nick before, so having Jordan fingering her was a wickedly new experience. The sheer taboo of messing around with someone besides her husband was driving Terri's passion to the max. Jordan pulled his fingers out and started massaging her between her lips, and he ventured onto her love button. She gasped out, "Um, ah! Right there Jordan, rub me right there!" He did.

In less than a minute, Nick watched from his hiding spot in the hall as Jordan fingered his wife into a spectacular orgasm. She was writhing and twisting all over the carpet. Jordan, surprised by her reaction pulled his hand away and asked with real concern, "Are you okay?!"

Terri giggled and gasped out, "Oh yeah! Oh my gawd, Jordan, you made me have an orgasm! Tease me some more!"

Jordan's hand went back between her legs and started rubbing that swollen button again. He knew that gave her the most pleasure and in 30 seconds, she was rolling around the carpet again, obviously getting off once more. He really wanted to get between her legs and fuck the woman, but Nick would kill him if he came out and found him fucking his wife.

So Jordan just sat back in frustration and watched Terri have her orgasm. He was fascinated watching her writhe. He had never seen a woman get off before and he was almost jealous that she could feel so much pleasure. It happened way too fast for a guy.

Seeing that Jordan wasn't going to take the bait, Nick came back into the room. He chuckled and said, "Wow, it looks like you two have been having a little bit of fun." Jordan blushed and Terri giggled.

Nick suggested, "Okay, why don't we watch a movie. Jordan, it looks like you're done drawing, is a movie okay?" Jordan sighed in his frustration, "Yeah, sure. A movie's cool."

Nick walked over to the VCR and popped in 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves', It was a Kevin Costner movie that was just released on tape. Then he walked over and pulled out the queen sized hide-a-bed so they could 'stretch out' while they watched. Finally, he walked quickly into the bedroom and brought out several pillows to prop their heads on. Knowing Terri, there wasn't really going to be much movie watching. She had that look on her face when she was ready to fuck.

Laid out on their backs, all three of them were tucked in cozy on the bed. Jordan on one side, Terri in the middle and Nick on the other. Terri immediately started rubbing each of her men on the tummy, and over a matter of 5 minutes, she reached down and had a hard cock in each hand. This was like the most awesome sexual experience she had ever experienced. She was so excited; she was high on adrenaline that her body was producing. She knew one way or the other, she was going to be fucked and really soon. If Jordan blew up on the launch pad, she was sure Nick would move in and take care of her nearly painful arousal.

So for almost 5 minutes, she lightly stroked both men's penises, waiting for one of them to decide to ride her. She could tell that Jordan was starting to get really stirred up; obviously he never had a woman stroke his naked penis before. He was so hard, long and thick that the prospect of him slipping that big ol' thing up inside her vagina was causing her to drip in anticipation. She kept thinking to herself, almost in a mantra, 'come on Jordan, do it, come on Jordan, fuck me...'

Apparently it worked. Jordan was about ready to pop. If Terri kept stroking his cock he was going to explode and make a big mess. He didn't want to make a big mess, and the only other option for him was to put it were a mess could be contained. He moved! He figured if Nick was going to kill him, so be it, after all, it was Nick's wife that was stoking his cock, not the other way around. He rolled over onto Terri, and his dick slipped right into the sweet spot on its own. All he had to do was push!

He rocked his hips forward and with Terri being so incredible hot and wet, all he had to do was slide all the way inside her.

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