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John wants to make a deal...

Her breast squashed against the box. Her head now turned to one side so that it rested on a cheek. Her legs hanging down the end of the box and her arse exposed.

The men let her harms hang down the sides of the box and proceeded to tie each with one of the available ropes. They then moved to her feet that were spread to the fullest width of the base of the box and again fastened by more ropes.

One man then reached into a pocket and removed a large twin headed vibrator. As he twisted the base it started to hum and in turn started to run it between her legs, very obviously running over her cunt lips and down to her clit. Even from a distance one could see that it was getting coated with her juices. She tried to move with it and to moan. He grabbed her hair and yanked her face up. "So you want this, eh, slut?" he asked.

"Yes. Please" she gasped.

With one hand he parted her arse cheeks and then with considerable accuracy he rammed the dual head home; one up her cunt and the other up her arse. He had not been gentle and she screamed. Well she did at first, but soon she was moaning again. Here eyes were closed and her mouth open. He twisted the vibrator up a notch or two and then the two men left leaving her exposed, tied and alone.

The vibrator setting was very deliberate. It would not bring her to orgasm, just drive her crazy. For the next 15-20 minutes she was left alone as her arse tried to buck and her breathing grew frantic. Sweat gleamed off her back and juices slid down the old polished wood of the vaulting box. No matter how she tried she could not cum.

Just as fatigue was setting in and she was starting to become used to the stimulation, one of the men returned. He walked up to her and lifted her head by her hair. He looked into her wanton, flushed face, noting the glazing that was affecting the eyes. Releasing her head so it fell back to the box he reached to her arse and with no preliminaries he ripped the vibrator from her leaving both holes gaping. Again she screamed, but this time it was more about loss; the void she now felt inside her and the lack of driving vibration.

He chuckled. "If you want to cum you will have to perform well."

With that he unzipped his trousers and released a semi-erect cock that he started to stroke. It was soon hard and bulbous and ready to be sucked. He moved her head to face him at the edge of the suede top and bracing himself with one hand on the box he fed his cock to her mouth. Her eyes were closed but her mouth closed instinctively. Her tongue started to swirl around his cock head and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him.

"Go on bitch", he said and "Oh yes. Suck me slut"

This was soon followed by "I'm gonna fill you with my spunk you piece of fuckmeat."

If she could have smiled with her mouth full she would have, instead she just hummed something that sounded affirmative.

He started to move, to fuck her face. Soon his buttocks tensed and his legs stiffened as he shot his load deep into her throat. She took every bit, swallowing with pride and enjoying the taste and the feeling of being used by this man.

As he withdrew his cock, he motioned with one hand and the second man appeared. This second man was no naked and sported a large erection that stood proud in front of him. All he wore was a slave collar.

"Now you may both gain some reward", the first man said.

"Slave, I want you to fuck this meat in front of you. You will make her cum before you do or you will be punished. Understand?"

The slave replied "Yes Master", and moved behind the inviting arse. By now her holes had closed, but as he positioned himself to plunder her cunt she was ready. He grasped her hips and plunged into her. This time she did not scream, but just sighed.

He started to pump her mercilessly.

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