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Two lovers indulge in hot passionate sex.

"I'm going to fuck you there and make you cum so hard you'll be begging me for more."

The words triggered a memory, one I had forgotten. I heard my husbands voice in my head saying, "One day, I will fuck you in the ass" which until this moment had been taboo for me. It dawned on me then that the phone call had been a set-up.

I groaned in excitement, realizing the truth of the situation. I felt my pussy clench in response, and wiggled my totally exposed ass. Fingers dug into my skin, spreading my cheeks even wider. I jumped as a warm tongue touched my slick, swollen lips, following the line to my clit. Lips clamped down, sucking strongly. I almost came then and there, but forced myself to relax against the face behind me. The second I relaxed, the mouth and hands were gone, making me groan again.

For what felt like forever I waited, my breath somewhere between my lungs and throat. I wiggled my ass again, as if in invitation. I jumped when a pair of hands lifted my hips, sliding a pillow beneath my stomach, making my pose more comfortable. Endless seconds later, I felt something warm and sticky drip between my ass cheeks. I clenched my ass as the warm fluid caressed my sphincter and dripped lower, mingling with the wetness of my pussy.

Playing my part to the hilt, I started struggling again, trying to shift away from the fluid that was still dripping, now onto my thighs. A hand slapped down on my lower back, pushing me into the bed. I had no choice but to stop my futile struggling, and wait for what was to come next.

"You can pretend all you want that you don't want to be here. Bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Your sweet pussy is telling me a whole other story. Look how you clench your folds together, over and over, as if to find release...or trying to keep me out." A soft chuckle filled the room. "I will fuck that ass." The statement confirmed my suspicions of the situation. I felt residual fear slide away, and the excitement of the 'stranger game' fill me. "But first...I want to fuck that pussy...watch my cock slide in and out of those swollen lips."

I squirmed at the picture he was drawing with his words, imagining the feel of his cock pounding into me, touching my womb before withdrawing completely, only to do it again. And again. And again.

So caught up in my fantasy, I didn't realize I was humping the pillow, straining to feel something, anything against my throbbing clit. I groaned as his fingers traced circles in the sticky fluid on my thighs, slowly working his way closer to my pussy. A tongue joined his fingers, licking his way up my thighs. The first touch of his tongue on my lips almost made me scream, but I clenched my teeth instead. He licked, then sucked his way up one outer lip, completely bypassing my clit, and worked his way down the other side. When he got to my anus, he traced the outer edge with his tongue, then used fingers to spread me wide.

"Ummm. Does your husband do this to you?" His tongue flicked out, licking the center of my hole. I jumped again, uncomfortable and more than a little turned on at the feel. "I think not." He flicked his tongue out again. "I have to give the guy some credit though. He left it alone for me to be the first one to slide my dick into that tight little hole. All tight and grasping." He squeezed my cheeks and released his hold.

I could feel his hot breath on my ass as he started to play with my pussy, slowly tracing the opening. He played like that for a while, his fingers slick with my juices, never penetrating me or touching my throbbing clit. I was on the verge of an orgasm anyway when he pulled away. I could help but groan in frustration.

Damn the man and his teasing!

Without warning, I felt the head of his cock teasing opening, then sliding down to press on my clit. I clenched in response, tugging at my restraints.

"Fight me." He said in my ear, reminding me that we were indeed playing a game.

I responded instantly, bucking my body and pulling on my bound wrists and ankles.

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