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Her journey continues with a trip to New York City.

For now though, I was going to leave her with her uncertainty.

I had sated my sense of sight and it was time to move on.

First I quickly undressed and threw my clothes over a laundry basket.

I began by inhaling the smell of her hair where it met her forehead. She smelled like fresh daisies. I moved slowly down her face to her cheek and stopped to breathe in. I could feel her breath on my cheek.

She leaned forward suddenly and bit my ear lobe. I pulled away and we were both smiling.

I resumed to discover all the scents of this woman. Under her arms which had a faint smell of perspiration. Down past her breast I decided to jump to her feet and move upwards.

When I reached between her legs I inhaled deeply. I love the smell of pussy. Each one a little different but always that intoxicating "Je ne sais quoi". I blew ever so gently onto her and she tried to move her pelvis up to make contact, but I wasn't ready for that so I quickly pulled away.

Two senses down, three to go.

I went to the garage, grabbed a pair of ear muffs I use while cutting the lawn on my John Deere, went back in, adjusted them to her smaller head and put them on her. Her eyebrows raised in surprise. Next I went to the kitchen, opened a drawer and took out a round, long, thin wooden spoon. From another drawer I got a rubber band and finally from the washroom I grabbed a tissue. I wrapped the tissue around the handle and secured it in place with the rubber band. I went back into the laundry room, stood next to her and waited.

She fidgeted a bit.

I waited.

She opened her mouth, presumably to call out and changed her mind.

I waited.

She trembled a little. Was she cold? Worried?

I waited.

I looked down between her legs and noticed a dark spot on the white cushion. Somebody was excited. Just when I figured the sensory deprivation was about to get to her, I brushed the tissue against her cheek. She jumped so much the chair moved sideways a couple inches. I brushed her other cheek and then down her forehead, nose, lips, chin and throat. She started breathing heavily.

Next I went down her arms and then went behind her. The small of her back was all that was available to me there. I gently swished it back and forth. A bead of sweat appeared on her temple.

Back in front, I traced the backs of her calves but intentionally no higher than her knees. I jumped back up to her tits and started doing 'X's across the nipples. She gasped and then started this very soft low pitched moan. It looked like she was going to break her silence satisfying my fourth sense.

One more spot. I started first with the inner thighs to within a couple of inches of pink heaven. Up and down. Up and down. She was shivering again.

I paused for what I considered dramatic effect and then I passed it across her pussy, so lightly that if it wasn't for her reaction, I wouldn't have been sure there had been any contact. It was as if an electric shock had been applied to her box.

Now she started to whimper more loudly and as I continued, she finally broke down and said in a squeaky voice, "Please."

I continued and words started to pour out, "Please, oh god, please. I need you to touch me. This is killing me." She was speaking loudly but she couldn't tell because she still had the ear muffs on.

I noticed that the wet patch on the cushion covered most of the white triangle formed by her beautiful inner legs.

"Yes, that was good, but now I need more!" she said. She continued with her requests/orders but it hadn't quite reached the fever pitch that I was aiming for so I stopped completely and backed away.

She stopped talking immediately. Without sight and sound she moved her head around and used her nose to sniff to see if she could tell where I was.

I look of determination came over her face and she forced herself to just sit still.

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